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Tyler Perry Succeeds with Good Deeds

Posted by Elaine Carter aka Simpy EL on February 24, 2012 at 11:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Tyler Perry Succeeds with Good Deeds

By Elaine Carter

After the gears of the Lionsgate insignia rotate and the TPS logo is shown, Good Deeds starts off with a treat for all the ladies! Via a steamed mirror, the silhouette of a naked Tyler Perry is seen drying off and dressing after a shower. Hopefully, it wasn’t a body double.

Good Deeds is a million miles away from Madea-land. The scenes aren’t set in the traditional southern homes and Atlanta hangouts that we see in the slick-talking grandma’s movies. San Francisco serves as the chic urban backdrop for Good Deeds. Sophisticated sets befitting the lifestyle of a corporate CEO are elegantly appointed. The whole vibe of the movie is a 360 about-face from the TP norm. This is his first lead role as a man. We even see him throwing a few serious punches, kissing and engaging in some ravenous lovemaking. It’s refreshing to see Perry in a traditional dramatic roll that is a biopic reflection of his life.

The movie takes it’s time in the opening scenes to develop the characters of Wesley Deeds, played by Perry and Lindsey (Thandie Newton). Deeds is peg-holed into a mundane routine of a CEO taking charge of the family business. He gets caught up in sibling rivalry issues with his brother, Walter (Brian White) who is a belligerent, back stabbing hothead. Gabrielle Union plays, Natalie, Deed’s trophy wife-to-be, who is the whole enchilada. But, is their relationship clicking on all cylinders?

Lindsey, is a single parent who can’t catch a break. She’s feisty, brash and speaks her mind. She has a six year old daughter, Ariel (Jorden Thompson) who she must care for despite their ever escalating challenging circumstances to battle. This very young actress was able to portray a great range of emotional heights and depths in this film. The element of a child in this drama really added a heart tugging dimension to the story. Carry some tissue with you for there are several tear jerking moments.

Phylicia Rashad plays a supporting roll as the elegant, opinionated socialite, Mama Deeds (Wilimena)who adds dramatic tension to the storyline. The theatrical talents of; Eddie Cibrian, Beverly Johnson, Rebecca Romijn, Jamie Kennedy, and many others, round out the supporting cast.

The main focus of Good Deeds is on the relationship between Wesley and Lindsey. They have a yin and yang relationship as their opposing dilemmas in life attempt to balance each other out on the road to wholeness. It’s a symbiotic journey towards restoration and liberation. Deeds is empathetic, compassionate and goes the extra mile.

Perry has the heart and guts to give moviegoers a glimpse into the intricate reality of homelessness shining a light on the plight of often overlooked and forgotten people. This is very much tied into Tyler’s humble beginnings during the days when he lived in his car. He pays homage to his past, to his roots.

Tyler Perry movies are his platforms to break away from commercially formulated scripts. His work is written from his heart and experiences which are very reflective of what is real in the average person’s life. Some critics may not understand his prospective because they may have never lived it. But, his storytelling is effective and very relatable to millions who see themselves in the plots. It’s like a movie dialect. The evidence is in Perry’s loyal following who desire to see the lives of average people (themselves) played out on the big screen. There is a level of appreciation for being acknowledged and validated by seeing their struggles being worked out on film.

Good Deeds is proof that you don’t always need massive explosions, gratuitous violence and special effects to bring entertainment value to a movie. Good, old fashion character development and a good storyline with a moral at the end will do. Good Deeds is a film that is entertaining for everyone.

The intent and signature message in all of Tyler Perry’s movies is to encourage, inspire and uplift. However you cut it, there’s nothing wrong with that. After seeing Good Deeds, the moviegoer will walk out of the theater satisfied with some internal questions to contemplate after viewing this movie. What will make me happy in this life and how can I be a benevolent presence to others? One life always touches another.

For the Broken Hearted

Posted by Elaine Carter aka Simpy EL on January 24, 2012 at 9:55 AM Comments comments (0)

A young man was very upset about not being loved back in a relationship. We can all use some encouraging words from time to time. This is what I wrote to him and I'm sharing it so that we can all can learn to mend from our broken hearts.


Every person on this planet has gone through what you are challenged with...uneven love. I know how you feel when you have feelings for someone and they don't match what you feel you should receive in return. You have to value the good person that you are, keep shining your Light. If people don't see your value or appreciate what you're trying to offer them, then maybe it's time to open yourself to your right mate who will appreciate all that you are without your struggling to convince someone to love you.

Sometimes people will take advantage of a kind heart when you are a giver. Then you have to evaluate if this person is just after you for what they can get from you. You are more valuable than that. If a person's intentions slight you, then re-evaluate their worth to you. The truth is, you deserve the best treatment. Sometimes you have to let go in order to receive something better.

You look young and are probably in a phase of growing and maturing into what relationships are all about. I'm older, and I'm still learning. We never stop learning and gaining wisdom for life and relationships. You have to learn to love yourself first. It's not being selfish, It's about keeping your power and taking care of your heart. You'll get to a point when you will realize that everyone is not for your highest good, especially if they bring you down and disrespect you.

One thing you have to learn is that you can't depend on other people for your happiness...meaning people should not complete you, they should complement you. There is a big difference. You keep your power and have more control over your own feelings when you don't look to other people to make you whole (complete). To complement means you're sharing more equally, and the relationship is more mutual with less struggle to be together.

Sometimes people come into our lives for a season to teach us something, and they can give no more after that. You then take from that experience what lessons learned and mistakes or growth experienced, and this will make you more prepared for the next person. Yes, there will be a next person where you don't have to struggle or beg. Rise above that situation and think about moving on.

You seem like a nice person, and a person with a more intact intentions will appreciate you. There is a saying... "if people knew better they will do better."

There are 7 billion people on this planet. The person your fixed on is not the only person on the earth. Open your heart and seek your rightful mate where the Energy will flow much better between you. Remember always, whatever the challenge we face in life, there's always a lesson and a blessing to be had, even in this situation. So, don't feel weak, be strong in the Spirit, for God has made you whole perfect and complete. You have to know this, live it and manifest it. 

Peace and blessing everyone!

I AM ...... Movie Review

Posted by Elaine Carter aka Simpy EL on May 11, 2011 at 2:19 PM Comments comments (0)
I AM Movie Review
by Elaine Carter

After experiencing the challenge of healing from Post Concussion Syndrome, Hollywood directing icon, Tom Shadyac had a life changing epiphany of what’s really important in life.  His near death experience provided a reawakening to a new profound perspective of living, and he detached himself from the hypnotic trance that material things bring happiness. To inspire the world to his revelation, Shadyac wrote, produced and directed the movie, I AM. 

I AM asks the question...  can love, compassion and community (common unity) save humanity from the deep tench of consumption, wars, greed, malice acts and separateness?  The documentary offers very interesting scientific quantum evidence of how our collective thoughts shape our world.  Tangible facts show that we are all literally physically wired to love and be connected.  The film brilliantly illustrates many examples of how the animal kingdom cooperatively work together for the greater good and survival for all of it’s members. The human race can certainly take a cue from our animal brethren and reach back and touch our more natural state of living to cooperate with one another and bring balance to the planet. 

Advanced wisdoms and insights are shared throughout the movie by many enlightened minds of our time. Desmond Tutu, Howard Zinn, Lynne McTaggart and others put the movie viewer in the center of the conversation for solutions to human and planetary restoration. I AM sustains it’s entertainment value by showing numerous clips that illustrate and complement the subject matter presented.  Even though the the movie carries a heavy, thought-provoking theme, Shadyac has a panache for lacing humor throughout, keeping the feel light.

Humanity is at a very serious crossroad in our history of evolution/devolution. Do we keep going down the same road of disharmony, separateness, consumption, war and greed and reap the negative consequences for our collective choices?  Or can we realign our priorities and Energy to be more in harmony with our fellowman, nature and other living beings to bring balance to our world?  The movie reminds us that we are the ancestors for future generations.  What legacy are we going to leave behind?  The world should be working towards finding solutions to these most important questions. 

Hollywood should take some responsibility to produce movies that plant the seeds of healing rather than gratuitous violence and the perpetuation of consumption mentalities.  Kudos to Tom Shadyac for being a trailblazer to stretch beyond the status quo to offer the world a very necessary film to help bring about positive change to world conditions. Perhaps there should be a new genre of earth healing, humanity healing, Soul healing movies.  Healing HAS to happen NOW.  We ARE the Earth healing generation.  Who is going to do it?  I AM!  

Five Stars!  I AM is a must see movie!

Happy Earth Day!

Posted by Elaine Carter aka Simpy EL on April 22, 2011 at 11:10 PM Comments comments (0)

Tyler Perry Madeas Big Happy Family

Posted by Elaine Carter aka Simpy EL on April 22, 2011 at 11:06 PM Comments comments (0)
Simplyel’s Review of Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Big Happy Family.

It’s Good Friday, April 22nd 2011.  At a mall in a Chicago suburb, I attended a mid- afternoon matinee of Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Big Happy Family.  The mall was packed with shoppers enjoying the day off. A respectable sized crowd parted ways from the Easter shopping rituals and were in attendance to see the premiere of Perry’s movie.

Madea’s Big Happy Family started off with a colorful, comical animation of Madea and family as the opening credits rolled.  While the audiences attention is held in the comic renderings of a new character Aunt Bam, Dr. Evans educated us about Diabetes, the importance of a colonoscopy and prostate check ups. These subjects are very important to Tyler Perry. Sometimes education via a movie may be the only way some viewers get information about such subjects. Tyler was doing his civic duty to include this information.

The story centers around Shirley, played by Loretta Divine who wants to get the family together.for a dinner.  Divine played her character with passion and sincerity.  She was the calm in the family’s storm of troubles, politics, secretes and dysfunction.  

Of course the star of the show is Madea, and she made appearances in multiple scenes.  Madea was up to her usual brash, tell it like it is antics.  She whips out on us some new Madea lingo...lurnch, denter, perscriptures. Is it me or does Madea tend to swing her exaggerated, pendulous breastesses as part of the comical portrayal of the character?

Lil Bow Wow, may have a new calling as an serious actor.  He portrayed his character, Byron with great emotion and credibility.  The one individual I could have done without was the baby mama who kept going off with her Byron siren that got a bit annoying after the first couple of times.  I guess she gave the audience first hand experience of being irritated with baby mama drama.

The male characters were good role models and the voice of wisdom and reason for trying to smooth out family fragmentations.  So fellas, you can go see the movie and know that you are well represented.  The ladies are treated to some eye candy by introducing Isaiah Mustafa  in a lead roll.  Mr. Brown brings his usual comic style with his crazy mismatched fashions and confused thought patterns. He had on a shirt that looked like the upholstery of a 1970s rumpus room couch paired with red Christmas looking pants. In one scene he had on a suit jacket that look liked the pattern of comic book pages. 

When it’s all said and done, there is as always a lesson and a blessing in Tyler Perry’s movies. Great music and a signature inspirational, uplifting gospel number are always offered and enjoyed.  When the movie is over, don’t leave when the credits start to roll.  There’s another five minutes of funny, bonus outtakes. It’s a funny movie!  Don’t miss it!
By Simplyel (Elaine Carter)

Solar Panels... Woo Hoo

Posted by Elaine Carter aka Simpy EL on March 10, 2011 at 1:16 PM Comments comments (0)
Solar Panels...Woo Hoo!
By Elaine Carter

Recently in Boulder, Nevada, the United State’s largest solar panel electrical planet went into service. Although this plant is located in Nevada, the power generated from this green facility goes to California.  Cali is on a mission to provide 20% of its energy via clean renewable technology.  GOOD for you Cali-for-n-i-a!  Fourteen hundred homes will benefit from the electricity generated.  Good, smart, forward thinking too since the Colorado River which supplies the Hoover Dam is drying up... Cali’s main source of electricity.  Las Vegas...take note!

You can bring some sun powered energy into your life too. There are so many cool solar powered gadgets now to help you reduce your carbon footprint and get off the fossil fuel grid. Not only for that reason, but portable solar panel items are good to have should the power go out.  With the effects of more disturbing climate changes bringing added weather woes, it’s good to have reliable back up source for power.  

Here are some examples!

Portable Solar Panel Generator
These are great for tailgating, camping, backyard parties, emergency home back up.  I want one of these!

Solar Powered Backpack.  
For on-the-go! Take it camping or use it to recharge your laptop.

Solar Powered Address Sign
Let the delivery man find your house to deliver your dinner... instead of to your neighbors home!

Solar Powered Compact Charger 
Handy to use on-the-go for cell phones, ipods etc...

Green Energy Now!

Posted by Elaine Carter aka Simpy EL on March 10, 2011 at 12:46 PM Comments comments (1)
GREEN Energy... NOW!!!!
By Elaine Carter

Gas prices are creeping up again as civil unrest is occurring in the Middle East.  From the late 1800s through the 1960s, The United States had its heyday of extracting billions of barrels of oil from our own country.  Then the oil ran out, and the expensive, energy intensive, high carbon footprint task of importing oil began.

Back in the 1970s, an oil embargo greatly limited the supply of oil to the United States.  Gas prices doubled, long lines were the norm at gas stations and often times gas stations had to shut down because of running out of gas.

Cars waiting in long line for gas, circa 1970s.

The bottom line purpose for burning oil or any other earth damaging fossil fuel is to create heat to run a steam engine.  Come on!  The steam engine was created back in the 1800s.  We are now in the twenty first century, the computer age.  We need to leave that antiquated invention behind us.  There are more modern, earth friendlier ways to create energy that won’t choke the life out of the planet.  There are many GREEN renewable energy sources available NOW that earnestly HAVE to be put into place.

The current, ultimate mode of transportation is an electric car charged by a  public solar station or an individual solar panel generator for the home.  These items exist right now.  They need to be more mainstream.

Totally off the grid!


One hour of sunlight can supply the entire planet with electricity for a YEAR.  The sun is direct energy that won’t be hindered by an oil embargo.  The good news is there are hundreds of solar panel manufacturers emerging.  This competition has allowed the price of solar panels to come down.  

Are you out of work?  Want a job?  Jump in on this green revolution technology.  The jobs for renewable energy are growing, and you can feel real good that you are helping to improve the environmental conditions of the planet.

Hybrid school buses at solar power station. Taking it to the next level for the children.

The movement of  wind turbines blades generates electricity.  There are wind farms that can supply entire communities with electricity, and there are single wind turbines that can be erected for individual homes.  This is a great way to be energy independent and free from electric bills.  A homeowner can even sell the excess electricity back to the electric company.  It’s a win-win situation.

Palm Springs, California, the nation’s largest wind farm.  

The core of our earth is hot.  This heat can be tapped and converted into energy.  The worlds largest Geothermal plant, The Geysers is located north of San Francisco.  The energy generated there supplies enough electricity for over 720,000 homes in Northern California.   Forward thinking!

The  action of waves in the ocean move wave capturing devices  to create clean energy.

(Vortex Induced Vibration Aquatic Clean Energy)
The constant flow of river and ocean currents enables the motion of the VIVACE apparatus to convert this vibrational energy into electricity. One city-block sized VIVACE unit, submerged under water, can provide electricity for 100,000 homes!  New innovative green technology at its finest!
To learn more, please visit their website: 

To completely transition the U.S. or any other country to green, clean energy will take a couple of decades to fully switch away from dirty oil and coal.  This is why the time is NOW to start this switching over process.  We can’t wait until the last minute when the oil runs out or another oil embargo occurs to begin the switch. All it takes is for the oil to stop coming in,  and an entire country can completely shut down.  That is a big thereat!  This is a big point that President Obama is making.  He is seriously trying to push this green energy necessity.  But some backward thinking Congressional and Senate members are still catering to Big oil and manipulative corporations.  By continuing to cower to the big oil agenda, our planet will  become more environmentally unstable and the futures of the children born today will have a less sustainable planet when they become adults.  NOW is the time to pay it forward, and say goodbye to oil and coal.  

We must be the earth greening generation!  If not us, then who?   Is leaving a dirty, contaminated planet the legacy that we want to pass on to our beloved children?  If not now, then...WHEN?  Wake up world!  We already have what we need RIGHT NOW to make ourselves energy independent.  We ALL have to become active and proactive to make GREEN RENEWABLE ENERGY a reality.

My blog:  Solar Panels, Woo Hoo!

The Power of Persistence!

Posted by Elaine Carter aka Simpy EL on March 10, 2011 at 12:36 PM Comments comments (0)
 The Power of Persistence!
by Elaine Carter

Captain Paul Watson

Personally, my heart is bursting with joy.  I am so happy that Japan is ending their whale hunts in the Whale Sanctuary waters of Antarctica.  Japan has been hell-bent on killing as many whales as possible and all in the name of “research.” Whaling is illegal throughout the free world. This is due to the heavy slaughter rates of past whaling practices that nearly drove whales into extinction. 

Thanks to the tenacious efforts of The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society of the famed TV show, Whale Wars, whales can now peacefully live in the designated Whale Sanctuary waters!  Captain Paul Watson and his crew of the vessels The Bob Barker, The Steve Irwin and The Black Gojira executed their plan of “Operation No Compromise.”  This team of Ocean Defenders gave relentless pursuit to Japanese harpoon ships drastically limiting the whalers intended slaughter quota.  More than 900 whales were saved by the Sea Shepherd via this campaign! 

A grenade-tipped harpoon explodes the insides of a whale during the inhumane, slaughter of the Japanese whaling ship, Yushin Maru.

The anti-whaling voices of people from all around the world, have given enormous support to the Sea Shepherd’s efforts and has put pressure on Japan to end these barbaric whale hunts.  
Earlier this week, Japan’s whaling fleet decided to call it quits!  This is a quote of surrender as reported by a Japanese newspaper:   

“Whaling is over in the Southern Ocean! It is a pathetic dying industry on the life support system of government subsidies – a glorified welfare operation that has no place in the world of the 21st Century. It’s time to retire the harpoons and to bring peace to the Southern Ocean.”

I say Amen to that!  Whales that reside in protected waters can once again live freely about without the threat of being illegally slaughtered. Thank you Sea Shepherd for all that you have done to save these magnificent beings!  Your persistence and relentless courage is rewarded by this victory.  May God bless each and every one of you abundantly!

Animal activist, Bob Barker, donated five million dollars towards the rehabbing of a ship to aid the Sea Shepherd’s crew. The Vessel, The Bob Barker is named in his honor.

There is actually a lesson in this enormous victory for all of us to learn.  It has taken this anti-whaling organization seven years of battling with the harpoon ships from Japan to get to this point of surrender.  It seemed like an endless effort and almost an improbability that the whale-killers would end their practices.  But quitters never win.  The persistence of the Sea Shepherd’s crew enabled them to push even harder. Now a wonderful victory is realized.  No matter what we may face in our lives, however daunting or insurmountable it may be, keep making one step in front of the other until YOU reach your goal. That’s the power of persistence! 

The Sea Shepherd recently added to their fleet of anti-whaling vessels a sleek, speed boat, The Black Gojira.  This boat has been tremendously effective to interrupt the operations of the harpoon ships. 

Globally, never underestimate the power of a few to facilitate big accomplishments!  This has been a David and Goliath situation that proved “the little guy” can come out on top.  The whaling battle has been settled, but we collectively as a planet have many more battles to tackle for the healing of our environment. Let’s learn from this victory that together we can effect a positive difference by changing our individual habits towards living greener lifestyles. This is a mission that should be on the forefront of all who want clean air, land and water.  These are the essential elements to all life. Over 120 species go extinct from the planet EACH DAY! More has to be done to stop this downward spiral. Food for thought and action. More on this in another blog!

The Sea Shepherd’s Mission Statement:

Established in 1977, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS) is an international non-profit, marine wildlife conservation organization. Our mission is to end the destruction of habitat and slaughter of wildlife in the world's oceans in order to conserve and protect ecosystems and species. 

Sea Shepherd uses innovative direct-action tactics to investigate, document, and take action when necessary to expose and confront illegal activities on the high seas. By safeguarding the biodiversity of our delicately-balanced ocean ecosystems, Sea Shepherd works to ensure their survival for future generations.

The Sea Shepherd’s Logo:
“The Jolly Roger logo stands for the good pirates (Sea Shepherd) who pursue the bad pirates (driftnetters, whalers, sealers, poachers, etc). Created by artist Geert-Jan Vons and co-designed with Captain Paul Watson. The logo's intricate design includes a shepherd's staff, which represents the way Sea Shepherd guards and protects our oceans, and Neptune's trident, which signifies our interventionist approach. The skull represents the death that humans inflict on the creatures of the sea. It is further detailed with a dolphin and whale "yin yang" symbol to represent the natural balance of the oceans when free from human interference.” 
For more information about The Sea Shepherd and how you can get involved in saving marine life, please visit their website:
Peace and Green!

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A Million Trees for M.J.

Posted by Elaine Carter aka Simpy EL on March 10, 2011 at 12:29 PM Comments comments (0)


A Million Trees for M.J.

By Elaine Carter

(Originally posted on 9/2/2010 On

Michael Jackson’s birthday was a few day ago.  September 5th will be the first year anniversary of his burial.  MJ was very aware of the declining environmental conditions of our planet.  He wrote Earth Song which brings awareness to our destructive habits to nature.  The video is awesome. You can view it on Youtube.

In Michael’s movie, “This is It!” he said “we have four years or less to turn around the declining environment.”  To honor MJ’s passion for the planetary healing, an organization called “A Million Trees for Michael” is striving to plant one million trees. 

For a nominal fee, you can have trees planted in honor of his memory.  The trees will stand for decades as living memorials to the King of Pop.  One million trees will have a big positive impact on supplying oxygen and helping to eliminate CO2.  Please consider celebrating Michael’s memory by helping to green the earth.

We love you and miss you, Michael.  Your music will live forever.

“Take care of the planet and love each other because we are all one.”

~Michael Jackson


Our Green President

Posted by Elaine Carter aka Simpy EL on March 10, 2011 at 12:24 PM Comments comments (0)
Our Green President
By Elaine Carter

How Green He is!  I for one am tired of people harping on our wonderful President.  He has done more for ordinary people in the nearly two years he’s been in office than the eight years of the repubs. Obama realizes that initiating the infrastructure of green energy will stimulate jobs and revive the economy.  The added benefit is that the Earth can begin to heal from the oppressive toxins and greenhouse gasses created from the burning of fossil fuels.

 When Obama was elected, he said that he could not do all that needed to be done by himself.  And he is right.  He called on all of us to help.  We have to remember that we have to be the change that we want to see in the world.

Most people are very upset about the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, and rightfully so. But, if you really look at it, the truth is that when we run car engines, turn on our lights, throw away plastic bottles,etc... that we are adding to the declining environmental conditions of our planet little by little via our everyday activities.  So, what can we do to help heal the land and create a better world of our children to live?  Everyone must do their part to recycle more, drive less, unplug unused electronics and appliances, use energy efficient light bulbs and make as many other green lifestyle changes as possible.  

Our president is leading the way.  Obama realizes that fossil fuels are finite and will run out in a few decades.  To to green the country, we have to start NOW by changing out the old fossil fuel, earth polluting infrastructure and replace it with green renewable solar panels, wind turbines, off shore wind farms, biofuels, wave energy and geothermal.  These items have to be manufactured and installed all over the country.  Think of all of the jobs that will create. With the ushering in of the Green revolution, America can once again be a manufacturing giant, but in an Earth friendly manner.  The jobs that will be generated with the President’s clean energy renaissance will be a labor of love for the next generation.  We can leave the world better than when we found it. Thank God President Obama has the vision, integrity and the audacity to push green renewable energy forward.  It will better our world and the economy.