Eco-Novel, Bee Quiet! Written to inspire the world to go green!

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L.E. Erickson

Because the author believes in putting planet before profit, she has made it possible for readers to enjoy her book for free online. I read a few chapters and perused a few others, concluding thus far that Simply El’s work of fiction has true merit as a faith-based green action plan wrapped in a very creative, interesting, entertaining novel with a useful eco-guide at it’s conclusion. This is the kind of book my sci-fi lovin’ son-in-law will definitely enjoy reading. 


Samuel P. (California) 

"Regarding "Our" planet, on Cleaning up the Big House.  View this - Only if you and your offspring are Human Beings who intend to inhabit this particular planet in the forthcoming years."


 Mark B. (Australia) 

"I am just starting to read your book..first couple of chapters are good if thats any judge it will be a good read.

Very impressed by your approach to the issue by releasing this free to read."


Amir W. (Egypt)

"I just read the first 3 chapters of your book (Bee Quiet) and I like your way of writing it seems that you are a professional writer "


 Elayne Boosler (California)

 "Wow Elaine, you are wonderful!! I will read your writings soon!"


 Hajjison Lei  (New Jersey)

 "Elaine only a person with a heart as big as yours would ever be so giving to share such a masterpiece in thought put on paper/internet for the world to have... Bless you... I promise to 'bee quiet' ... I'll listen to your thoughts... Thanks"  Hajji 


Calvin Bridges (Chicago)

 "Hi Elaine, thanks for your post and support. I too encourage the world to value the precious resources of our planet. God made it good... let's keep it good, for ourselves and the generations to come!"


Siddhant Sadangi (India)  

Founder- GreenGaians  

 Just completed the book, and I can confidently say that this has got to be the best eco-solutions book ever. The solutions are practical and guaranteed to work if implementad properly. The only impractical part of the book is the future quest, but if humans have the realization, I don't think that we'll need aliens to induce us to sleep before we *wake* up!!
Pity that this book is only available in the States or on the net, I'd request you to globalize this ASAP. People have got to know about this book (and Darfur).
Well done Elaine!! :-)



 Irina  (Moldova)

I discovered your book on the internet and i am reading it right, could not help myself from expressing deep appreciation to your imagination and work to have this novel completed.

i am a vegetarian and an ecologist, love the nature and i am also an atheist, but the book gives me inspiration to reconsider the idea of God. thank you once again.