Eco-Novel, Bee Quiet! Written to inspire the world to go green!

Chapters 13-15




Chapter 13


 The bus driver had a deep, baritone voice with a heavy African accent. “We are almost there.  We have a few more miles to go.  But, look here!  Look up ahead!  Do you see it?  It’s the most fantastic thing ever!”


Those passengers, who were awake, began to move around and position themselves to try and see what the driver was seeing.  The commotion woke Wave from his sleep, and it took him a second or two to get his bearings.  More people on the bus began to wake up as the excited voices around them grew louder.  Wave looked at a lady in front of him who had contorted her head to look up and out of the window at the sky.  He tapped her on her shoulder and asked,  “What’s going on?”


“Look!” She said in a broken voice as she pointed up. 


Wave was now instantly alert.  He twisted his body to position himself to see what everyone was trying to see.  The lady in front of him had a smaller body frame.  He could not press to the glass close enough to get her angle of view.  He decided to get up and go to the front of the bus near the stairs.  There he got his first glimpse.


“It is real!”  His quivering voice whispered.


The bus had stopped as it was stuck in a gaper’s-delayed traffic jam.  People from the vehicles ahead of them had gotten out to sky watch.  Needing to get off of the bus to take a closer look himself, Wave asked the bus driver to let him off.


The bus driver opened the door, and Wave stepped off with others from the bus right behind him.  He tilted his head back as far as he could to look into the sky.  Two hundred feet above him was a long, thin, brown, rusty spiral-looking object fixed still in the sky.  The tail end of it was above the crowd, but the length extended so far ahead on the horizon that they could not see the beginning of it. 


“That is not of this world.  This is an invasion,” Wave exclaimed to himself in amazement.  It took his breath away.


People all around began having their own dramatic reactions.  With cameras filming, Chang and Bob were now off of the bus and had joined Wave.


“Man this is freak’n awesome!  Wooo-hooo! Yeah!  Beam me up, Dude!”  Bob said wildly.


“Come here, Wave, and look at this,” Chang summoned.  Chang had zoomed in the camera lens for a detailed view.  “It’s just a long spiral of rusted metal.”  He panned the length of the craft.  “I don’t see any windows, lights, doors or openings.  It’s weird.”


“How does it stay fixed in the sky like that?  There is nothing keeping it up.  It seems to have a burnt heavy metallic smell to it, though,” Wave observed.


Bob was very giddy, and couldn’t get over his amazement.  “This is sweeeet, man! This is just fantastic!”


“Wave, we need to get a clip of you here,” Chang said, bringing Wave back to the reality of why they were there.


“Yeah…of course.  I’m here on duty to report.  Just give me a minute.  I need to get myself together here a bit and collect my thoughts for how I want to approach this on camera.”


Wave’s mind was boggled.  This was the biggest story in human history.  He took a few deep breaths and tried to center his mind on how he would deliver his report.  A few moments passed. 


“OK, Chang and Bob, I’m ready.”


“Hey, wipe your face, man.  You’re sweating like a pig,” Bob suggested.


“Yeah, I guess I’m not all that camera ready.  We’re going to rough it,” Wave said as he wiped his face with a napkin.


“Wave take about three steps to your left so that I can frame you in with the UFO behind you.  We will have to tape it and save it.  We don’t have a satellite feed yet to broadcast live,” Chang said.


“OK, we’re rolling in five, four, three”…the two and the one were finger points from Chang for Wave to begin his report.


“This is Waverly Thomas.  I am in the middle of the desert in Sudan, Africa about five miles from a refugee camp in Darfur.  Above me you can see.”


Wave’s explanation was cut short as the spiral object suddenly began to tremble.  The sound of the loud creaking metal was deafening.  Everyone ran and scrambled for cover behind the buses.  They were in fear of what the object was trying to do.  Wave, Chang and Bob were behind the bus.  Bob kept the camera rolling and fixed on the spacecraft.  The rumble only lasted about ten seconds.  Then the spiral was quiet and still again.


The bus driver signaled to the passengers to all get back to the bus.  They were going to continue their route to the refuge camps.


The traffic had advanced about two miles down the road.  The length of the spiral still had no end.


“This is really getting weird.  This is one long motha.”  The jovial excitement in Bob’s voice had diminished.


The chatter on the bus had subsided.  People were perplexed and growing concerned about their safety, their ability to defend themselves against this behemoth of an object.


One lady got up and walked rapidly to the bus driver.  She began to panic.  “Can you turn back please?  I don’t think I want to be here!  I don’t want to go any further!  Let me off here!”


 “It’s not safe to leave you here.  There are people out there who will kill you, and there is nowhere for you to go.  The only suggestion I have for you is to ask the military personnel to take you back to Khartoum after we arrive to the camp,” the bus driver suggested.


She exploded. “I don’t know what this thing up there is going to do!  I just want out of here!  I want to go home!  We’re like lambs being lead to the slaughter!”


She then went to the bus’ door and began to try and push the door open to get off.


One of her companions got up and went to try and get her to calm down.  He attempted to escort her back to her seat, but she was kicking and pushing to get away from him.  A couple of other people on the bus tried to grab hold of the sobbing woman and managed to wrestle her back in her seat.  Many other people on the bus talked to the distressed woman to reassure her that she was safer on the bus than out in the open desert alone.  The woman continued to cry but gave up her physical fight.  The bus moved on.


The traffic once again slowed down to a crawl.  In the distant sky were dark shadows in various colors of gray, white and black.  A few cameramen put their cameras on their shoulders and tried to focus their lenses through the dusty windshield.  They could see that the shadows were solid and had shape to them, but clear definition still could not be seen. 


Bob got up and approached the bus driver. “We’re not going anywhere man.  Let me off here so I can get a better shot of this.  I can run to catch up with the bus.”


The driver pulled the bar to release the door, and Bob jumped off.  A slew of other camerapersons including Chang and reporters followed.  Bob zoomed in and got a sharper image of the figures in the sky.


“Look at this!  There’s more!  There are others!” 


About a mile up the road, perched over a Darfuri refugee camp were several other, UFOs, parked silent and motionless in the sky.


“How do they do that?”  Someone shouted.


There was a dull gray orb that was about fifty feet in diameter.  It had slick black spots that looked like oil dotted all over the surface.  The spots were randomly moving in different directions across the surface of the orb.  Sometimes the spots would collide and make a bigger spot; some spots spontaneously broke a part to make smaller spots.  Every now and then, there was a thin stream of gray smoke that started in the top left section of the orb and shot diagonally to the lower right part of the sphere.


Next to the orb were small points of bright lights.  They were stationary in the sky and had arranged themselves in the formation of the Big Dipper.  The UFO aficionado community commonly knows these spacecrafts as pearls.


A few yards out ahead of the Big Dipper formation was a huge black chevron.  It was about a mile wide from tip to tip, and it had evenly spaced bright lights on the underside.  It bore a resemblance to the UFO that flew over Arizona in 1997.


Farther back in the distance away from the gathered UFOs were four classic saucers, illumined with the brilliance of xenon light.  They whisked around the sky left and right, up and down.  They cornered right angles at great speed and then would suddenly stop in midair.


Finally, the end of the rusty spiral could be seen.  It was five miles in length.


Bob was overwhelmed by what he was seeing.  He took the camera from his shoulder, plopped his butt on the ground and buried his head in his hands.  The camera was at his side lying on the ground in the dirt.  “This is unreal man!  This is unreal!”  He said over and over to himself.


Wave quickly went to get the camera from the ground and dusted off the dry soil. “You OK, Bob?”  He asked.  Wave hoisted the camera to his shoulder and tried to figure out how it worked so that he could gather a closer look of what Bob saw.  “Hey, Bob, how do you zoom?”


“It should already be focused for distance.  Just look in the eyepiece, man.”


Normally, Wave could have figured it out, but he was flustered and anxious to see what Bob saw.  Wave yanked the camera to his eye, and his vision was filled with the majestic aviation not from this world.  Thoughts flooded his mind.  ‘Wow, they are here!  They want us to see them.  Why here in Darfur?  Why over the refugee camp?  Are they hostile?  What are they going to do?’


Wave’s trance with the camera lens was interrupted by a big announcement from the bus driver.  “We can travel no farther on the bus.  The traffic ahead is completely stopped.  The camp is only about a mile away.  You’ll have to walk the rest of the way.”

                                             Chapter 14


Chang, Bob and Wave had gotten themselves together, collected their gear and began to walk toward where the spacecrafts were perched.  With each step, the details of the UFOs became more pronounced.  The crowds there in the desert sand were enormous.  News crews, government officials and various military personnel from all over the world were present.  The trio came to a point where they could walk no farther because the sea of people and vehicles occupied the prime space closest to the camp. 


 “We will have to take this vantage point for broadcasting.  I’ll set up our satellite feed,” Chang suggested.


Chang and Bob began to get the equipment together for a live satellite broadcast.  Wave prepared his appearance and his words.  He knew his wife, kids and millions of others would be viewing his report.  Wave was a very seasoned reporter, but he was so overwhelmed, that he wasn’t 100% sure how he was going to deliver this story.


“Wave we’re ready when ever you are,” Bob announced.


Wave positioned himself where the spacecraft could be seen directly behind him.  “Let’s roll.”  He was ready.


Bob began the count.  “OK we’re rolling live in 5,4,3,” he finished the countdown with his fingers, and then pointed to Wave to speak.


“This is Waverly Thomas reporting to you live from Darfur in Sudan, Africa.  As you can see behind me, we have visitors from points beyond our Earth.  There are several unidentified spacecraft here.”


Chang zoomed in for close ups of all of the objects.  Bob was at another vantage point and supplied intermittent shots for the broadcast.


“The spacecraft are fixed over a refugee camp.  The refugees are Darfuris who have been forced out of their homes and villages by the JanJaweed regime.  Hundreds of thousands of Darfuris have been murdered over the past several years in civil unrest in this region.  No one knows why the these alien vessels are here over the camps, but there are thousands of news teams here from all around the world covering this story.”


Wave continued with his report.  He interviewed African officials on the scene and other experts who were among the crowd.


Back home in New York, Betty and the children were gathered together on the couch watching Wave’s broadcast.  Betty was very anxious about his safety there.  The kids were quiet as they were trying to process what was going on. The youngest, Birdie, innocently asked, “Mom, are those ships going to shoot Daddy with a death ray?”


Her older brother Sean laughed at her.  “Yeah, they are going to blow up the world,” he teased.


Betty shot him a firm ‘stop it!’ look.


Birdie began to cry.  Betty took the crying child into her arms to try and soothe and reassure her.  “Your daddy is a strong man, and he’ll be OK.  He always comes back home.  I have a feeling those UFOs aren’t here to hurt us.”


“Why do you think so, Ma?”  Her middle child, Eric, asked.


“Because of where they are.  They are in Darfur.  Of all the places in the world where they could be, they are there.  It means something.” 


Betty picked up the TV remote and flicked through the channels.  The story was on most stations.  Even stations that normally didn’t have news programs aired the event via shared feeds from major news broadcasting companies.  Betty peered out of her living room window.  She could see the turnpike in the distance.  Normally, all of the lanes would be flooded with traffic, but there were barely any cars present.  The street was also quiet because everyone had disappeared into their homes and were glued to their TVs.


Wave’s family continued to watch the coverage of the UFO story.  Betty saw Wave take his left index finger and swipe it across his left eyebrow.  It was his personal sign language to Betty.  It meant, “I love you.” 


The cameras continued to keep live visual feeds to broadcasters for the world’s nonstop view of the space visitors.


The boomerang vessel began to slowly move.  The crowd was startled and began to run and duck for cover.  They did not know what to expect from the oversized craft.  The ship lowered to the ground.  A section near the point of the “V” opened up revealing the two hundred human Intergalactic Visitor members lined up shoulder to shoulder along the length of the ship’s rim. 


The camera crews and reporters regained their composure and positions.  As they refocused and zoomed their lenses upon the human figures standing on the ship, many recognizable faces were noticed.


Wave continued reporting.  “There are many scientists on this spaceship.  But now the question is, why are our well-known scientists and environmental activists on this ship?”


Alarik Müller stepped to the point of the “V” and began to speak.  “I’m Alarik Müller.  Contact has been made!  Here with me are some of the most brilliant minds that are born of our planet.  We have had the distinct privilege to be the guests of the Intergalactic Visitors.  They are represented in the vast array of spacecraft present with us today.  Yes!  There is life out there beyond our planet!  From this day forward, it is no longer a question nor mystery.  In fact, all of us here on this chevron have had the honor of visiting an Earth like planet called Azibo.  We will brief you about that later.


“Please do not be afraid of these spaceships or their owners and operators.  The Intergalactic Visitors are a benevolent group of space travelers who have been observing us and living among us for millennia.”


There was a great murmur in the field of reporters and observers.


“Yes, it is a shocking revelation.  The Intergalactic Visitors have made us honorary members, and we are known as the human Intergalactic Visitors.  The space travelers are here to do an intervention because they are witness to our multitude of uncorrected atrocities.  The genocide here in Darfur is currently one of our prominent human failures.


     “So, we, have chosen to gather here in Darfur to put the world to its bleeding doorstep.  The genocide in this region is the shame of the planet.  There are and have been very dedicated and compassionate organizations here to help relieve the suffering of the Darfuri people.  The aid that has come from donations and hands-on assistance has helped, but more of the world needs to be involved to change the plight of the refugees. This disaster should have been remedied years ago.


“Today, representatives from all around the world have rushed in to see these other worldly objects.  The same fervor should have resulted when the first child was hacked to death by a machete or when the first hut of a village was burned.  The genocide has been happening here for years, going unchecked and barely challenged by the rest of the world.


“We were witness to the horrors of the concentration camps that killed millions of Jews. We said “never again” can something so horrific happen.  Here we are in the computer age, inventing sophisticated electronic gadgets, yet we are unable to figure out how to stop our fellowman from exterminating an entire population of people.  Today, the whole world is here.  The whole globe now bears witness to the thousands of people here in these refugee camps wanting to live life free from the threat of genocide.  The world can no longer hide under the convenience of ignorance.  Today, all of these people will be set free!  Today, the world will come together and stay together to gird the Darfuris safety.  Today, the machine of massacre will stop!”


The crowd was quiet for a few moments; then one by one, people began to clap. More and more began to applaud in agreement.


"Don’t let this just be a hand of ovation, but an actual hand for lending help!"


People clapped more vigorously to confirm their support.


"Now, that was the first objective that needed to be accomplished. Set the captives free.  The next challenge of worldly concerns is our deteriorating environment.”


“You see here before you various spacecraft and beings from other worlds.  Many of them have actually lived here discreetly on Earth observing our planet’s evolution.  Some of them have seen us from the time that we lived in caves.  There are other aliens who are what we would consider tourists who visit every now and then.  We have caught glimpses of them in their spacecraft flying in our skies.  Some of you may have also seen them in bodies of water all around the world.  For the most part, they have been the equivalent of scientists who study foreign worlds.  They have tried not to interfere or influence our natural evolution.


“However, in the past fifty years or so, the Intergalactic Visitors have noticed a dramatic decline in the viability of our environment.  Our oxygen levels are depleting and poisonous gases are increasing.  The human population is increasing while plant and animal species are rapidly going extinct.  The alien visitors have been witness to this and are perplexed as to why the escalations of these detrimental circumstances continue without correction.  It’s like a fire that no one is bothering to put out.


“They can clearly see Earth’s near death fate, and that is why they are here to tell us that the time to change is now.  We are seriously running out of time before our world’s natural resources are consumed and life-giving elements are totally depleted.  Our world is totally out of balance. 


“Our new alien friends have the ability to interface with our brain waves to induce a deep dream-like state called a future quest.  It is a very intense realistic detailed dream.  The future quest won’t harm us.  Its purpose is for us to see first hand what our world will become in the next few decades if our habits don’t reverse and change.  Due to the intensity of the future quest, only individuals over the age of thirteen will experience this collective dream-like state.  Persons thirteen and under will simply be lulled into a regular sleep pattern.  When you awaken from the future quest, you will remember everything that you’ve experienced.  This is important, for if we all know what is really about to happen in the world, perhaps it can be a catalyst for everyone on the planet to change habits so that the future quests scenarios do not become reality. 


“The future quest will begin in about an hour.  We recommend that you prepare by sitting down somewhere comfortable.  Turn off stoves, extinguish any fires, and turn off machinery or any kind of safety measures that need to be taken for items that require your attention.  All airplanes will need to land, and people should not be behind the wheel of a car.  Don’t worry about others out there pillaging and taking advantage of you or your valuables during the quest.  Everyone will either be future questing or lulled to sleep.  The entire world will be paused for this very necessary event.”


Disbelief and panic ensued from large cities to remote tribal villages.  The world reacted:


“What nerve do they have to take over our minds!”


“They just want to invade and take us over.  I don’t trust it.  I’m not going to sleep.”


“Maybe if I put some compact mirrors all around my head, it will keep their thoughts from coming into my mind.”


“It’s the end of the world!  Oh my god, it’s the end!”


“They are going to make robots out of us.”


“The military needs to shoot those UFOs down now before they get a chance to take over our planet.”


“Leave us alone space people!  We know what we’re doing.  Go back to where you came from.”


Wave wrapped up his live report by summarizing the future quest plans.  Bob and Chang continued their live visuals of the UFOs to the broadcast feeds.


Wave had borrowed a satellite phone from one of his news competitors to call Betty.


“Betty, are you and the kids OK?”  Wave asked frantically.


“Oh my God!  Wave.  What’s happening?  I’m scared!  The kids are scared.  This is like nothing we have ever seen before.  They are going to take over our minds?”


“You know, Betty?  It’s weird.  I know this future quest sounds crazy, but there is a different kind of vibe here.  It doesn’t feel threatening.  It’s hard to explain.  It’s like a layer of awareness here or. . .I just can’t put it into words what it is like to be in the aliens’ actual presence.  I see well-known scientists with these aliens, and they seem very relaxed around them.  I don’t feel like they are here to take us over.  I’m sure that’s what most people are thinking.  I think the Intergalactic Visitors really want us to open up our eyes to what we are doing to ourselves.”


“I don’t know, Wave.  If they have the power to enter our heads, it’s like my mind isn’t my own.  I could end up thinking what they want me to think.”


Wave made a quick analogy.  “Betty, our minds not being our own may be why we’re in the climate mess.  Corporate agendas have been making our decisions for us all along, and we’ve all been lulled to sleep thinking everything has been all right.  So, what’s the lesser of two evils?


“I’ll have to pass this phone back for others to use.  Please make sure the kids are with you and safe.  Tell them I love them, and I love you.”


“I love you too, Wave.”


“Bye honey, I’ve got to go.”


Wave hung up and passed the phone for others to quickly call home before the future quest was to begin.


                                                    Chapter 15


On board the boomerang shaped craft were the human inducted Intergalactic Visitors members.  They analyzed what they thought the world’s reaction was towards the future quest announcement.  The consensus was that people were freaking out, which indeed was the truth.


“Hey, we’ve all been future-quested already.  Maybe if Earth’s population can hear from us, they can calm down a bit and trust the future quest experience,” one member suggested.


“That’s an idea.  This future quest is so crucial to get the world to understand what’s going to happen to us,” a fellow member agreed.


“I think that relaxed or not, people are going to get future-quested right where they are whether they are on a bus stop, on the toilet or in their own bed.  It’s gonna happen,” added another.


“Lily, you have a sweet and kind face.  Maybe the world can trust you if you tell them about the future quest experience that we all had back at the underwater base?”  One scientist suggested.


“Yeah, that’s a good idea.  Are you up for that, Lily?”  Sam asked.


Lily was able to handle speaking in one to one conversations or speaking at green conferences, but to speak to the whole world was a bit intimidating.  The “invasion” factor made it even more of a challenge.


She took a few moments to try and get the nerve to say yes.  Her passion was to try and change the world to green.  She was smack dab in the middle of the most dramatic and historical event known to man.  The words from her mouth could influence man’s fate into a green direction.


Lily took a deep breath and blew it out slowly.  Her insides trembled.  The vision of the pure clean beauty of Azibo compared to hazy contaminated Earth crossed her mind.  She knew that the environment needed to change.  She mustered the courage to say, “OK, I’ll do it.”


“We will stand with you, Lily.  We can also attest to our own future quests.  Looks like we only have about a half hour left before the world dreams,” Sam said.


Lily, Sam and eight colleagues used the landing discs from niterider saucers to lower themselves down to a level where they could speak to the reporters.  The cameras of the world noticed the group and focused their lenses on them. 


Lily was numb with nervousness, but she began to speak.


“Um, my name is Lily King.  I am human of course, and I am a part of the human Intergalactic Visitors as are the members here with me.  Earlier you heard from one our colleagues as to why we are here in Darfur.  Our inhumanity to ourselves is the issue here in Darfur.  The aliens have not landed here in these refugee camps to hinder the people in the camps but to offer a magnifying glass to focus on what we, as humans need to do to heal some of the ills in our world.


“A couple hundred of us have spent some time with the Intergalactic Visitors, and we are confident that they are not here to take us over or to inflict harm or destruction. We are destroying ourselves just fine without any help from them.  They are trying to wake us up to what we are doing to ourselves.  Here with me are some of the most knowledgeable, intelligent experts who have been warning for years about the impending climate and environmental disasters that are coming our way.  But the world in general is not listening.  Our alien mentors are here to help amplify our voices.  In our meetings with them, they asked us what do we want to do.  They are not here to impose their will or plans on us.  So, this is all to say, we know the presence of other worldly beings is a surprise.  It’s unsetting, and the world does not know what to expect.  But personally, all I’ve felt is . . .this may sound a bit corny. . .but we’ve felt love and concern from them.  They are on a higher level of awareness than we are, and they see that we are in trouble.  They consider us planetary neighbors, and they are here to help.  All of us standing here have been future quested.  We have seen the future of what is coming our way.”


Lily paused.  The events that she witnessed in her future quest made her feel very sad.  Sam sensed that Lily was getting a bit choked up.  Like any good soul mate, he came to her side and finished what she couldn’t.


“Hello, I’m Sam Wiwa.  I am a part of the human Intergalactic Visitors group as well, and I too was future quested.  Imagine your most vivid, realistic dream where you can see, taste, smell, touch and hear everything as if it were real.  That is how the future quest will be for you.  The future quest will show you how our world will look in the years to come.  The experience is very, very necessary because it will make you think about what we are doing to this Earth and will show you very dramatically the consequences.  In the Bible, it says ‘the truth will set you free.’   We have to know the full totality of the truth so that we can all act together to keep the future quest from becoming our reality.  We have to face the facts because time is running out.  We can no longer ignore what is awaiting us.  All of us here have had the future quest experience.  We woke up, and afterwards, we were obviously sad about what will happen if we don’t change, and were left with a sense of urgency to want to change.  We don’t wish to be the last generation of man on Earth.  So, please, don’t fear the future quest.   We should be in fear of our fate if we all don’t catch the vision of our dying world and do something about it.”


Sam ended his comments and wrapped his arm around Lily’s waist.  He gave a wave to the cameras, and all ten walked back into the ship.


Whether the speeches calmed the world down or not, the quest would begin in ten minutes.