Eco-Novel, Bee Quiet! Written to inspire the world to go green!

Chapters 22-24






Chapter 22


The freeing of the Darfuris from their years of genocidal turmoil and the experience of the worldwide future quest left Lily exhausted.  She asked Tuwa for a niterider back home to regroup before she’d have to begin the next phase of her involvement with the Intergalactic Visitors world saving work.


When Lily arrived at home, her family had tons of concerns and questions to spring on her about the future quest and what would come next.  She did her best to give a preview of the world-healing plan to come.  During her time at home, Lily was able to get a few home cooked meals under her belt and a couple of good nights of sleep in her own familiar bed.


On the following Sunday morning, Lily and her family were preparing to go to church.  In fact, all over the world churches would be filled with people seeking solace in the bosom of the houses of worship.  People who had not gone to church in years or who had never ever been to a house of God made beelines to attend.


The King's family church was the South Side Church of the Solid Rock.  It was a traditionally black church, but because of its proximity to Hyde Park, the church was becoming more integrated.  This was very much welcomed by the long-time church members.  It was time to put all color aside and become unified.  The color that all people needed to be now was green


When Lily was younger, the church membership was just a handful of people who met in a small storefront.  In twenty-five years, the church had grown to over two thousand members.  The church’s current structure had been a traditional Catholic church with all of the grandeur of Baroque architecture.  Unfortunately, the Archdiocese had to close down many of their churches in the city due to poor attendance and sold the churches to other faiths and denominations.


Pastor Wesley Franklin, the church’s head minister, was in his study in prayer and meditation.  He was beseeching God to give him the right words to say for the day’s sermon.  He knew he needed to lift the mood of the congregation and to use God’s word to give hope and direction.  The Darfuri people were freed.  That was good news, and the congregation could rejoice in that.  Then the challenge of the new element of alien beings needed to be examined.  It would be the most challenging message that he would ever have to give in his twenty years of being a minister.


It was a rare treat for Lily to be with her family at church.  Now with the uncertainty of future world events, the time was even more intensely appreciated.  Many members of the congregation approached Lily to ask about the events of the future quest experience.  Lily tried to respond to as many people as she could.


The organist took his place and began to play the introduction to the choir’s processional song.  The choir gathered at the back of the church and began singing a very upbeat version of  “Leaning on the Everlasting Arms.”  In rhythmic lockstep, the choir marched down the isles and began to fill the choir loft.  The song was purposely chosen to involve the congregation and to start elevating the mood of the church.  All of the church attendees were standing and clapping.  A few people who had tambourines shook them to the beat of the music, giving an added dimension to the worship experience.  Those who knew the words sang along.  Come what may, praise and worship always had a way of blooming the mood.  The beginning of the service included hymns, prayers, announcements and the offering.


It was time for Pastor Franklin to take to the pulpit to begin his sermon.  He was a tall, dark-skinned, well-groomed and eloquent man.  He was highly educated and well spoken.  He, however, had deep roots in the southern traditions of preach’n.  Sometimes with a deep raspy voice he’d sing parts of his sermon with generous portions of  ‘wells’ and ‘amens.’  At times, he could get worked up into a Holy Ghost lather.  The organist would have to play a little Holy Ghost dancing music for him so that he could work through some of the Spiritual energy that was flowing through him.  The church loved his humor often interjected in his messages and his straightforward style of telling it like it is.  His flock today was waiting and depending on him to soothe their worried minds.


“Lord have mercy!  Where do I start, where do I start?  Much has happened since last Sunday.  The world has been turned upside down.  We have alien visitors.  Where do they fall into what we’ve known about God and ourselves?  And the Darfuri People of Africa have been freed.”


The congregation stood to their feet and began to vigorously clap.


Pastor Franklin continued, “Praise the Lord!  Praise the Lord!  God can deliver you out of any situation.  The Children of Israel were delivered.  Our ancestors who were in the bondage of slavery were delivered, and now the People of Sudan who have suffered for years and years have their freedom now.  We can’t just leave them hanging, though.  We have to reach out to them and help them on their way.  The Internet is an amazing thing.  In less than a week’s time, a new program for churches, synagogues, temples, masques and places of worship from all over the world have organized a program called Each One Reach One.  It’s similar to the One Church One Child program for the adoption of waiting children right here in the United States.  Each place of worship will adopt a family from Darfur.  There is an international emergency amnesty program that is being hammered out at the U.N..  Once that is in place, the Darfuris can leave Africa if they wish, and the church will house them, feed them, provide medical assistance and generally help them to get back on their feet.  Individual families can also help in the same manner if they wish to do so.  Church!  We are our brother’s keeper.  Are we not?”


“Amen!”   “Hallelujah!” “ Praise God!”  Were shouted out from the churchgoers in agreement.


“Yes, yes we are.  Even our poorest of the poor here in the United States have not seen or experienced the type of poverty and stark existence as those of our brothers and sisters in Africa.  For those Darfuris who choose to stay in Africa, which is their choice, because not all want to leave the motherland, churches will support them financially to provide them with the necessities to get back on their feet.  We are putting together a committee to get our church involved in this program and to collect donations.  You can meet Deacon James in Friendship Hall for more information about how you can help with this outreach program.  Amen?  Glory! Glory!  So, that is the good news.


“This week we also have collectively seen the future of our world.  Does that mean Armageddon is upon us now?  We are barely in the 21st century, and I guess our vision of the world’s end is always in some far-off time, but it could be right now.  This very well could be our experience, our burden, and our penance to pay.  Sista Lily is a part of our church family, and she and I have had some very in-depth conversations over the past few days about what she has experienced with the aliens.  You know this boggles the mind that there are other inhabited planets out there.  I think we have been open to the possibilities of that.  I mean there are billions and billions of stars and galaxies out there.  We here on Earth could not have the arrogance to think that we were the only intelligent life in this entire vast universe.  Now, we know that God with all of His creative life given powers has created other life forms.  Even if you think about all of the undiscovered life in the oceans and in remote lands of this planet, God has a very prolific and diverse touch.  So, it’s a fact, no longer speculation that there are aliens that have been visiting us.  They don’t appear to be hostile as depicted in some of the Hollywood movies we’ve seen.  They seem to be very intelligent.  You know what?  Sista Lily, I know that you did not want to come up here and speak, but could you please just share with us just a little of what you’ve experienced first hand?  I know there are a lot of anxious people here who are very unsettled by this situation.  Can you please join me here?”


Lily was a bit battle worn from the past weeks’ involvement, from being abducted, going to Darfur, and trying to calm the public after the future quest.  She really did not want to speak.  She had hoped that she could relax in church and let the words and wisdom of her pastor ease away some of her emotional tension.  But, she knew that she had to rise to the challenge.  Her experience was unique, and perhaps she could calm any qualms that the congregation had.


Lily rose from the pew and walked to the pulpit.  The pastor offered his hand to assist her up the stairs, and she took the podium and began to speak.


“Praise the Lord everybody.”


The congregation gave a customary automatic “Praise the Lord” response back to her.


“I have been on a roller coaster ride for the past week.  I know we’ve all experienced a lot of unexpected things.  It is very good news that Darfur is finally free.  Praise God that the atrocities have finally stopped.  I’ve been to Africa many times and never had a chance to go to Darfur because of the warnings of violence.  But, Darfur was always in my heart and prayers.  I’ve been a part of organizations who have been protesting the genocide there, but to be there on their independence day was actually the most happiest day of my life.  My family and I are actually preparing space in our home for a refugee family.  I would like echo what Pastor Franklin said and encourage you, our church family, to consider doing the same thing.  There are hundreds of thousands of refugees who are being processed to leave Africa in the next few weeks.  They will need the support of the world to assimilate them back into a renewed life.”


The people of the church applauded and said their amens.


“About our alien friends.  Yes, I said friends.  Some of you may have heard my story that I was abducted and visited Azibo an Earth like planet.  It was beautiful.  It had trees and grasslands, crystal clear blue skies.  It was a paradise.  Think of all of the beauty of Hawaii and magnify that a thousand times.  There is order among intergalactic beings.  There, I saw balance and harmony, value systems and ways of doing things that were moral and made sense.  The result was a planet that thrived, and flourished, and it felt good to be there.   Ironically, the hardest part was coming home from Azibo.  We passed planets that destroyed themselves with nuclear warfare.  That was sad to see.  Then coming into Earth’s atmosphere and seeing all of the dirty air was disheartening.  It was like I could really see how . . .I hate to say . . .how out of order we really are here.  But the Intergalactic Visitors are here to help us.  They absolutely don’t mean us any harm.  They too believe in God, and in my opinion they seem far more advanced at being in tune with God than we are.  They truly put God first.  They spend the majority of their day in communion with God through meditation.  Our scriptures say ‘meditate day and night.’  Well, they know it, and they live it.  I know we pray, and we devote ourselves to the Lord, but we also live in a society where our attention is divided between God and what we have to do to live on this physical planet.  Everything here has a price tag, and you have to spend time getting money to get the stuff you want.  There on Azibo, they don’t have any type of money system.  They live off the land.  They barter or simply just give away items because they have come to that point of awareness where giving is more fulfilling that receiving.  That’s crazy to most of us because we are used to operating in a more capitalistic way.”


She paused a bit to collect and refocus her thoughts.


“OK; the bottom line is that God has created everything there is in the Universe.  God created us and our world, and God created them and billions of other worlds.  We humans are just on the threshold of this universal discovery, and are just now being privy and lead to this fantastic opportunity to share with other beings.  They obviously are more advanced than we are in many ways.  But, they are not geared up to use their advancements against us.  They are not here to do us in. We are doing a good job of doing ourselves in.  The Intergalactic Visitors are here with compassion saying, “Hey, look out!  You are about to end it all;” and they are right.  It’s the truth!  I don’t know why we’ve kept on going the way that we have.  How come we can’t stop ourselves from destroying our own planet?  I’m embarrassed actually that someone from the outside sees our dirt and filth and has called us out on it.  It’s like having a dirty house when unexpected company comes by.


“So, I for one am in agreement that we have to step up our game.  I don’t want the future quests to become reality.”


The congregation began to agree via their murmur and applause.


Lily was ready to relinquish the pulpit back to the pastor so that he could finish his sermon.  She returned back to her seat.


Pastor Franklin took his position at the pulpit.  “Thank you sista, Lily.”

He began his sermon.  “Church, I want you to pull out your Bibles and turn with me to Philippines 4:13.  Read that with me. ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.’


My lesson today is, “What would Jesus do?”  What is expected of us from God in this situation that we now find ourselves in?  We have all experienced this week a future quest.  The whole world was given a vision of what could happen to us during the next thirty years or so.  We have a relatively young congregation here.  Our average member is about thirty-five years old.  Some of you are younger and some are a bit older.  It’s an educated guess to say that most of us will be here for our environmental tribulation.  Wait a minute, let me correct that.  We are already in it.


“The future quest has pictured an almost impossible scenario that may seem as though it is too big to overcome.  Let me back up a little bit here.  First of all, none of us can be mad at or blame God for the current conditions of our world.  This is our created mess.  God gave us a bountiful and beautiful world stocked with every good thing to supply all our needs.  But, the needy have gotten greedy and our consumptions are out of hand.  The result is an environment that is rapidly decaying because of the burdens that we have put on it.  So, I for one can’t get mad at the aliens for saying ‘Hey what yawl do’n down there on Earth?  Yawl got some problems that need fix’n.’


“Church!  Can we at least agree on that?  God entrusted us with the Earth, and we have squandered and have pillaged its resources in biblical proportion.  So, now we are reaping what we have sown.


“If Jesus were here today walking the Earth in this, the 21st century, facing this enormous climate problem, what would he do?  What advice would he give to solve this challenge?  I’ll tell you how I think he’d handle it and what he’d say.


“First of all he’d tell us that we have souled-out.  Spelled s o u l.  We have put everything else before God.  We have sold our Soul to the things of this world.  I know what you’re think’n.  Pastor!  I need to eat.  I need to wear cloths.  I can’t just run around here naked.  I need a car to get around.  Yes, God clothes the sparrows too.  But, birds don’t hoard.  Birds don’t exploit.  It’s a slap in God’s face the disgraceful way that we have treated the planet to get it to this dismal condition.  We’ve sold our Souls to the outer.  If we were more in tune with the inner man, we’d be satisfied from the inside out and would need less of this world.  Jesus was humble.  He lived a simple life.  In fact, he moved without purse or script.  He took only what he needed at any given point in time.  He did not live excessively like the governors, kings and Pharisees.  He denounced excess.  From what I gathered in the future quest, it’s our excesses that have gotten us in trouble . . .our western lifestyles.


“Most countries that aren't developed, so to say, don’t contribute much to global warming because they live off the land.  They don’t have the expansion of factories and industries with the big smokestacks cranking out all that polluted smoke.  Nor do they have millions of cars spewing out the CO2 from the tail pipes.  We as Americans consume 25% of the world’s resources, but we are only 5% of the world’s human population.  How fair is that?  Twenty percent belongs to other people in the world, but we got it.  Praise the Lord that Darfur is free, but they and other countries desperately need that 20% extra that we have.  I think Jesus would be shaking his head at us . . .tisk, tisk, tisk tisk.  You’re not helping the poor. You’re helping yourselves.  You’re not your brother’s keeper.  You’re keep’n it for yourselves.  I think Jesus would see there is no balance and no justice.  He would demand fairness.  Don’t just keep for yourself, give to others.  Yes, I know, again you say pastor, we give to the needy.  We have all sorts of ministries here to help others. 


“I’m looking at the big global, lopsided picture here.  Balance! Relinquish the 20%.  Only take what you need.  The Earth can’t keep giving an extra 20% without there being a consequence somewhere.


“We have souled-out.  We are to put God first and all would be added with just the right balance.  All of our excesses are here today and gone tomorrow into the garbage.  Resources wasted.  All the treasures where moth can eat and thieves can steal we seek satisfaction from them.  Our satisfaction has to come from God not all of this fleeting stuff.  That’s why we need more and more and bigger and bigger stuff to fill that empty spot that we perceive in our Souls.  Jesus would make God the head and not the tail.”


He paused for a moment.


“Ut-oh!  Lord have mercy.  A word just got dropped into my Spirit.” 


He stretched his arms out on the podium and hung his head for a moment of listening reverence.


“Somebody here needs to hear this.  Being souled-out.  Our economy is in trouble because the world has souled-out.  Companies who continually put profit before planet, have souled-out.  CEOs who have mismanaged and taken advantage of loan and investment seekers have souled-out.   People who are trying to fake it till they make it and have lived above and beyond their means by the choices made, have souled-out.  Some want a Mercedes and can’t pay the note.  Then they cry ‘oh mercy me’ when the repo-man comes to take the car away.


“Now as your pastor, you know I’m a tell you like it is.  That’s my job, to enlighten you to help you live better for the glory of God.  See, we seek after our own glory our own satisfaction.  But, even when Jesus was hanging, bleeding and dying on the cross, he said ‘thy will be done.’  Not his will, but God’s will.  Even in the hour of his agonizing death he still knew that God was in charge of his life, of his destiny.  Sometimes we get headstrong in doing what we want to do, when we want to do it and we know better.


“Sitting up in the clubs.  Ah huh!  I know I just stepped on some of yawls toes.  Some of you were probably up in the clubs last night, juke’n, drink’n and trying to get your swerve on.  Huh?  I know what you do.  Then come sit up in church on Sunday morning.  You’ve souled out.  But pastor, Jesus drank wine, and it’s my birthday, so, I just want to go out and celebrate.  Well flock, celebrating is one thing.  Don’t let celebration turn into degradation.  If you got to do your cocaine lines, your needles, your joints and drink till you’re drunk or pass out, then you’ve souled-out.  You’re trying to bring about your fulfillment and happiness via chemical means.  And it will fail you in the long run.  It will compound those ghosts in your head, those problems that you are trying to get away from.  It’s a monkey and extra burden on your back. 


“Come on!  How smart is it that you knowingly and deliberately put a substance in your body, excessive alcohol and street drugs that you know is going to take over your mind?  You’ve souled-out.  You’re not supposed to let something like that control you.  You’re giving away your power.  Those substances then turn into graven idols that you worship, that you live for, that you think about day and night.


“I know I may have hit some nerves out there, but as your pastor, I’m not going to sugarcoat it.  If you have to blame your bad maladapted behavior on something that you put in your mouth, shoot up in your arm or smoke, then leave it alone!  Be in control of your own mind and actions at all times.  We do have AA and NA programs at the church if it’s gone too far and you need help.


“This was just laid on my heart too.  Now!  Ladies, ladies, ladies, ladies!  I can’t tell you how many women I have counseled who come to me with broken hearts.  “He left me.”  “He cheated on me.”  “He used me.”  “He ain’t acting right.”  There are so, so many good men out there who know how to treat a woman with respect and love.  But what do some of you do?  You go straight to the “bad boys,” the guys that you know ain’t gonna respect you in the first place.  They ain’t gonna treat you right.  They ain’t gonna be faithful and who’s intention is to use you to gratify themselves.  You’re disposable to him.


“Ladies, I hate to say, you’ve souled-out.  You have essentially taken your heart in your hand and handed it to a man to take nice delicate care of it for you. 


“Nope!  It doesn't work like that.  First of all, you have to stand on your own two feet, respect yourself and be solid and secure in who you are.  A man is not to complete you.  A man is not to be your all-and-all.  You are setting yourself up to get hurt.  Most men are sporty, so what’s going to happen with that heart when it’s placed in his hands?  He’s going to toss it, try to slam dunk it, punt it and not treat it so delicately.  Your heart is like the physical representation of your Soul.  Your heart belongs to God first.  You can trust your heavenly father to take good care of it.  Seek ye first the kingdom and then the right man can be added.


“Ladies, a man should complement who you are.  That is different from your need and dependence on him to complete you.  Stand firm on who you are.  Know your self-worth.  Have some goals and a solid vision and plan for your life.  Respect yourself and have some standards.  Don’t give your power away to someone else.  Don’t try to sink your claws into a man.  That is being needy and insecure to want to possess someone who may not want to be possessed by you.  That causes a power struggle.  You are trying to hold on, and he is trying to get away.


“Instead, this is the classy thing, this is the mature thing to do.  Hold him with an open hand.  Ladies, that’s a sign of your strength.  It says ‘hey I’m a good woman, and I can stand on my own.  If you want to be with me, be with me by your own free will.  If you’re a butterfly and need to fly away, I can easily let you go, and I’m OK without you.  You were not for my highest good anyway.’  Then you take that open hand, close it up a little bit to snap those fingers together and say NEXT!


“Fellas, this goes for you too if a woman ain’t treating you right.  And you all are not off the hook.”


The ladies in attendance shouted their amens and clapped.


“Now for the men here, I may not be speaking directly to all of you.  But, if the shoe fits, wear it!  Some say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.  You know where I’m going with this.  Some of ya’ll claim to be Christians.  You have the false idea that just because you wear a cross around your neck that it makes you a Christian.  All the while you lead lives that’s anything but Christian.  Some of ya’ll “Christians” still have the urge to be a playa.  You know, have as many women as you want.  Doggish! 


“So, how come if a man sleeps around with many different women, he’s glorified for doing it?  He’s playa-playa, a pimp, big dawg.  If a woman does it, she is cut down, thought less of and is labeled a whore.  It is clearly a double standard.  By the way, all of this pimp glorification has got to stop.  Pimps are abusers and users of women.  There is nothing glorified about it.  That word should be buried just like the “N” word.  By the way, have you all seen that film clip on the Internet by Jonathan McCoy?   He is a ten-year-old boy who gave an eloquent speech on the “N” word.  From the mouth of babes, adults can learn some wisdom.


“Well men, if you want to avoid baby mama drama, stop making babies with so many different women.  You’ll pay when you play, guaranteed.  You’ll have to open up that wallet and pay for all of those babies you’re make’n.  And if you are not taking care of those seeds that you have planted, SHAME ON YOU!


“And with all of the V.D. out there.  I know that’s old school.  OK, with all of the STDs sexually transmitted diseases out there, why are you going down without being strapped up!?  A shot of penicillin does not cure everything.  AIDS has no cure, and it’s running rampant in our community and among promiscuous people.


“For sure, what goes around comes around.  If you use someone, it’s gonna come back to you in one form or another in your life.  So, don’t think you’re getting away with something.  God is omnipresent and omniscient.  He’s everywhere present and all knowing.  Ya can’t hide from God.  He’ll teach you some lessons that you’ll never forget.  If your mama never told you, you’re gonna hear it from me right here and now today.  Men!  You are to treat women with respect!  They are not your possessions to toy with.  Don’t let these songs out today twist your mind towards treating women like your personal doormats and receptacles.”


The women stood up and cheered in agreement.


“See!  Women don’t want to keep putting up with your crap.  Now I know some of you men can relate to this.  When you’re grown up and mature, you’ll realize there is a big difference between having sex and making love.  Sex involves just your body.  But to make love when you are truly in love, involves your body, heart, spirit, mind and soul.  It’s multidimensional.  You are selling yourselves short if you’re not experiencing the whole shebang.  You’ve souled-out if one nightstands and cheap sex is your standard for male female relations.  Jesus may be coming back sooner than you think.  You’ll be caught with your pants down.”


The men in the congregation stood and gave their support to what the pastor stated.


“I know there are some kids here that are not in Sunday school right now, and they just got an earful.  But you know what parents; let your word be your child’s understanding on this subject of sex.  If they learn it in the streets or through some of these songs out here that you know they are listening to, they can be lead down the wrong path to understanding.  Amen?


“OK, OK, I got way off of my sermon for today.  But someone needed to hear that.  So, “What would Jesus do?” is our subject.  For sure he would not be a promiscuous playa and disrespectful to women.  We are to follow him by his example and not after the lascivious vices of the world.


“As it relates to the environment, what would Jesus do next?  Jesus would be ready to go to work to correct that, which needs correcting.  We’ve got a dirty home.  I heard what sista Lily said, and I agree.  If your house is dirty, what do you do?”


He paused and allowed the congregation to respond with, “Clean it up.”


He continued.  “OK, you all have the answers.  You already know what time it is.  Let me throw some questions out there to you.  If you have a sink full of dirty dishes, what do you do?”


“Wash them!” was the congregation's response.


He posed his next question.  “Let’s say you had a pot with really hard stuck on, burnt on food, what do you do?”


“Scrub it.” 


“If you spill a glass of grape juice on the floor, do you just let it sit on your floor hour after hour, day after day, week after week until your floor is a sticky mess and permanently stained?”


The response was, “No!”


“Well, we know to clean up our homes if we have a mess or if something is dirty.  Isn’t this Earth our home?  Why aren't we cleaning up our global home?  It’s decaying, and it’s in disrepair.  It needs our undivided attention to clean it up.  I think if Jesus were here and saw that only 10% of the fish were left in the oceans as it is today, he’d be heartbroken.  If he saw smokestacks cranking out toxic smoke 24/7, he’d be like ‘what are you all doing?!  You can’t find a better way to make your stuff so that it doesn’t kill the planet?!’  If he knew that the bees were about to disappear, he would recognize how our collective environmental disorder has trickled down to disrupt the delicate operations of a highly evolved and very organized species.


“I know on my future quest my cabinets were bear…nothing in them at all.  I had nothing to feed my children because the bees were gone, and food was scarce.  I’m a man, the head of my family, and that hurt my heart that I could not give my kids something to eat. 


“Church!  This is upon us right now.  Jesus would get busy and take action!  If he flipped the tables of the moneychangers, he’d surely be flipping out on all of the polluters.  And that includes all of us.


“Idle hands are the devil’s workshop.  The devil is sitting back eating all this up.  He’s like, ‘He,he, he, he,’ laughing at us. ‘Let all this stuff keep going until the world is consumed.  God gave man dominion over the Earth, and look what man has done to it.  They are disobedient.  They are helping me to get back at God for kicking me out of heaven.  I could not have planned this one better if I tried.  Just let all of this planet decay into hell . . .just the way I like it.  It suits me just fine, and all the grime will be mine, mine, mine in time!’


“We need to make a liar out of that old devil!  We need to rise to the occasion and get busy restoring what God has so graciously given us.  I know the task seems arduous.  But! With God all things are possible.  We CAN do all things through Christ who strengthens us.  Not some things, but ALL things.  We can drive less.  We can drive smaller cars.  We can recycle and reuse items.  We can cut the lights off in rooms that we are not using.  We can use cleaners that are not toxic to the environment.  We can try to live more simply and humbly on our proportioned 5%. We’ll live!  We’re not gonna shrivel up and die.  It’s even.  It’s fair.  God gave us the intelligence to do what ever we put our minds to do, and we have the Spirit of the Lord within us as the power to get it done.  Greater is he that is within me than he who is in the world.  God can fortify us for this challenge that we face.  I know I don’t want to see my children scouring the streets looking for oxygen and food.  You know what?  If we allow it to get that far out of hand, to hell with man.  We are supposed to be new creatures in Christ living by grace.  But, the Old Testament law may be applied to us . . .the eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, meaning what goes around comes around.  The new word for it now is Karma.  People all around the world had better believe, you’d better get right with God.  Get your life right!  Get this planet right for the day of judgment looms sooner than we think, and we have hastened its arrival.


“Church!  God has empowered us to do great things!  We have a giant challenge, for which the world has never seen.  Can we rise to the occasion to meet it head on, or do we cower by the weight of it in defeat?  We are at a crossroad to the future for the survival of human existence.  The steps that we choose right now will be the fate for our children being able to make it and carry on.  Jesus said ‘follow me.’  Follow me to do the right thing.  Follow me to get rid of these toxins and greenhouse gases that are tearing a part God’s good green world.  Follow me in the knowledge that your Soul makes you somebody equal to everybody!  You don’t need to cloak yourself and keep surrounding yourself with stuff to be somebody.  Drop the mental and emotional dependence for the need for stuff to make you happy.  Let the Spirit of God be your happiness.  


“Lord have mercy on us!  God use our hands, our bodies and our minds to do your will here on Earth.  Open our eyes and help us to see what we have done to this planet.


“I’m done with my lesson for today, but we will keep revisiting this subject. The deacons, the church board and myself are creating a new ministry for environment survival.  We need to reconsider our habits.  We can work together to gird each other and our community on this journey.  More information will be forth coming. 


“I’m opening up the doors to the church.  The time is now to give your life over to the Lord.  Let His strength be your strength.  Let the Spirit of Christ aid you on this life's journey.  Not by your might, not by your will can you make it on your own.  You need God in your life to see you through.  He’ll go before you to make the crooked places straight and the rough places plain.


“For those of you who would like to come forward, please come at this time.”


Dozens of people rose up from their seats for the alter call.  The church as a whole would begin to work together to do their part to beg God’s forgiveness by going green for a healthier Earth.  Churches, temples, synagogues, mosques and places of worship all over the world would adopt similar green programs.


The house of God has a long-standing history of being at the center of social change.  The environmental collapse of the Earth would be the most urgent and needed cause of all.

                                                  Chapter 23


The Intergalactic Visitors and their newly inducted human counterparts invited the leaders of the world to join them in a meeting to present the plan for environmental rescue.  Most of the leaders accepted.  The future quest had indeed inspired the world to spring into action.


Out of curiosity, the world leaders agreed to meet at the alien’s underwater base near Puerto Rico.  Some governmental heads weren’t surprised to see the base as they had known about bases for years.  Others were blown away by the fact that the base had co-existed with man for centuries.  Now, the most influential humans on the planet were in the direct presence of other worldly beings.  It was fantastic and history in the making.


The fate of the world needed to be decided.  The Intergalactic Visitors bridged the gaps of language, culture, and religious differences by using the same telepathic method of communication as in their previous meetings.  The human psyche was opened a bit to allow the telepathic free flow of ideas between all attendees.  Indigo opened with a meditative prayer to the one Creator of the entire Universe.  The humans sat in a collective circle with the Intergalactic Visitors seated in outer parameter assuming a neutral position.  This was a human created problem that humans had to come to a unified consensus of how the ruin of the environment would be resolved.  The meeting was again conduced by Alarik Müller.  He would present the options for planet restoration.  He began his speech.


“What a monumental event we are experiencing together.  We have made contact and acquaintances with our intergalactic brethren who are giving us some fantastic out of this world experiences.  We have here leaders from all over our globe.  One world has gathered here together under the sea,” he said with a sly tongue-in-cheek smile.  “We were looking all over the skies for aliens and UFOs, and here they are, some not just visiting, but living in our seas.  Finally, we learn that we are not alone in the Universe.  They have been witnesses to how we have evolved, to our technology boom, to the atom bombs we’ve exploded in our atmosphere and to our methodical destruction of our planet.  And the latter is why we are here today, choices and consequences.  Sounds like a game show with the grand prize being a big hole in our ozone layer and an out of control greenhouse gas machine of destruction.  God’s bountiful Earth has been squandered by man’s games and politics over fossil energy. 


“For those who don’t know me, I’m Alarik Müller.  I’ve been studying the effects of greenhouse gases on our atmosphere for a few decades now.  I’m honored to share my life’s passion with other climatologists, scientists, physicists, environmentalists and others present here today.  We have met with the Intergalactic Visitors, and they have confirmed what we’ve known for a couple of decades now.  The greenhouse gases in our atmosphere are creating an uninhabitable environment.  We have just about reached the point of no return.  We’ve been warning, warning, warning about this for a long time, only to have it fall on the deaf ears of . . . I have to say it . . . many of the leaders of the western world.”


The room was a clamor, as some leaders felt indignant and insulted by the remark. He regained control.


“Listen, the truth will set us free.  It’s undeniable the damage that our Earth has sustained at our own hands.  It’s time to call a spade a spade.  The time for being polite about our environmental crisis is over!  The greenhouse gas impact has negatively affected our climate, oceans, land and entire ecosystem.  The release of greenhouse gases into the air has to stop immediately!  The twenty and twenty five-year plans won’t work now.  They should have been put into place thirty years ago.  The world has been dragging its feet on making real changes to slow down our climates destruction.


Those are the choices that we have collectively made.  Now come the consequences.  Man does not get to choose which species goes extinct.  Most of you are aware of the Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) that is rapidly wiping out all of the honeybees on the planet.  An almost invisible, highly organized, very hard working species in our food chain is about to cease to exist.  One third of our food is dependent on the bee’s ability to pollinate the flowers that make our fruits and vegetables.  Obviously if the bee goes extinct, we are not far away at all from joining the endangered species list and fading away just as other species that have been CO2 d to death.  Do you understand what I am saying?!  IF THE BEES DIE, WE DIE! This is a state of world emergency.  Our populations are growing and food availability decreases because of severe climate changes with droughts, flooding, wildfires and other increasing natural disasters.  On top of that, there already is a wheat virus that is destroying wheat crops all over the world.  Food supplies can start to dwindle and disappear.  And all of the crude oil in the world that we are so addicted to won’t bring it back.  The factory farming of livestock is also creating enormous amounts greenhouse gas via increased methane release.


“We are not sure of the cause for the Colony Collapse Disorder.  We suspect that the honey and other liquid substances in the hive are acting as a carbon sink for carbon dioxide.  That means that carbon dioxide is being absorbed and stored in the honey.  The bees detect the contamination, and they abandon the hives, as they are uninhabitable.  This is happening all over the world to all honeybees.  Their highly organized habits are off kilter because our environment is imbalanced and polluted.  They are affected by it.


“Bees have been around for millions of years.  Now, within our lifetime they may cease to exist, and that’s going to be it for us too.  We need to preserve the bee populations that remain.  For the sake of their survival, we will need to make some stringent sacrifices.  Our children and grandchildren that are here today will be the last living humans if we don’t make a worldwide effort to save the bees.”


Agitation and dozens of conversations between the attendees filled the room. 


“Come on!  There are plenty of foods out there that don’t rely on bees that we can eat: potatoes, corn, carrots, lettuce and many others,” one person blurted out.


Müller was annoyed by the callous comment.  He reflected that people have been all for themselves for so long that they don’t get it that there is an extinction level event silently happening under their noses.  Or they just don’t care about the bees that have been the foundation for the sustenance of man.  He had to make a rebuttal.


 “A bee is every bit a part of God’s order, creation and organization of this world as we are.  We have arrogantly put our comforts and self-appointed importance over everything else.  We have treaded so heavily upon the Earth that we are killing other living species by the thousands.  Just because you think they are not important to your survival does not make them any less valuable to the process of Earth’s natural order.  We have a huge imbalance here.  And! Nature will prevail!  We are not above nature’s wrath.”


He gave pause to allow his words to sink in.  He held a stern stare that dared anyone to refute what he had just said.  He was tired of all the self-serving excuses that he had to butt up against ever since he started beating the drum of warning more than twenty years ago.  Now the world was at the threshold to the point of no return where total environmental collapse was eminent.  He knew that the leaders in the room had to take action as a collective whole for the Earth to be saved.  The time was now to lay down the law.


“Let’s get down to the order of business for why we are all here.  We have put together a plan.  The production of greenhouse gases has to stop immediately!  We have the technology now to use renewable, non-polluting energy sources to run our daily activities.  This is the twenty first century.  The changes that we propose will be abrupt, sharp and shocking.  But we need to flip the switch to survival mode if we are to have a sustainable world for those children already out there who have six or seven more decades of life coursing through their veins.  We must act now, and I mean now!  All of the things that we think we need aren’t as valuable as the children’s future.  And for the bees, we need to quiet the environment to see if they can make a comeback.  We have a plan for that.  And let’s face it, oil and coal will run out in the next couple of decades.  This green changeover was coming anyway.  It will happen now and not later because of the billions of tons of CO2 released in the air everyday can’t continue.  The bees need to operate in hives that aren’t contaminated with our pollution.  This is real!  This is serious!  Our future and the future of all life are dependent on the actions that we take right now.  People don’t plan to fail they fail to plan.  The world has failed in planning for renewable energy as mainstream energy sources.  If the Middle East decided to impose an oil embargo and our supply was suddenly cut off, everything would come to an abrupt halt.  There is no infrastructure in place as back up.  Most of us would be sitting ducks.  Now, I know there are some of you who are from countries who have already started the green renewable energy switch.  Good for you.  What we are about to do will be less troublesome for your citizens.  Remember that for the United States, less than 1% of the entire population can be sustained independently should all sources of fossil fuels suddenly disappear.


“Our plan is to reduce greenhouse gases by 40% immediately.  This can slow down the cycle of our atmosphere’s destruction and prevent less carbon sinking into the beehives.  If we don’t act, and keep going on with our heads buried in the sand with business as usual, unstopped, unchecked, then we die.  Eons from now, the Earth will eventually heal and purge our pollutants.  But we won’t be around.”


The crowd was actually quiet and contemplative.  They knew what he was saying was true.  The world would simultaneously have to operate from the same plan for the carbon emissions to be reduced.  Everyone knew it.  It would be a great challenge, but the piper had to be paid, and now was the time to pay it forward for the future of man and the planet.  Müller offered the upside to the CO2 reduction plan.


“Our citizens want change.  They want a green choice to the outdated polluting fossil fuels.  The green technology exists.  Since every one will need to get on a green energy grid, this creates opportunities for the creation of new trades and new jobs.  Hundreds of millions of people worldwide have to switch to green renewable energy.  It’s a new energy revolution.  The glass is half full, not half empty.  All cars will have to be refitted with electric power.  If the American car companies want to demonstrate the greatest come back of all time, they need to get out of bed with the oil companies and start cranking out those electric cars again.  Back in the 1990s, they introduced the EV1 electric vehicle.  It was very successful with the public.  It could have revolutionized the car industry and cut our car CO2 emissions about fifteen years go.  Instead, for some unexplainable reason, they took the EV1 out of production and increased the production of gas guzzling SUVs.  What were they thinking?  They created a bigger gas-consuming car to crank out the greenhouse gases even faster and hasten the depletion of finite oil.  We have all the technology that we need to make the green change right now!”


“So, what is the plan that we all have to follow?”  An attendee asked.


Müller pulled out his computer presentation, and action plan manuals were passed around the room.  It would take the equivalent of two full days for the plan to be presented in its entirety.  In that time, the world leaders would gather, meet, separate and discuss, relax and digest the information.  They would go to the sleeping quarters, toss and turn all night ruminating over the logistics and the plan’s execution.


The human members of the Intergalactic Visitors met one-on-one with leaders and created liaison partnerships to help strengthen and support some of the overwhelmed heads of state.  A few people shut down completely being unable to think about the monumental tasks ahead.


In the end, after going through the stages of shock, disbelief, denial and ultimate acceptance, a few leaders were able to leave the underwater base and were ready to go back to their countries and homelands to prepare their staff for the public presentation and execution of the green plan.  The name of God from many tongues was called upon for help.  Human will and carelessness got the planet into this mess.  It would take the collective efforts of the human spirit and a miracle from God to aid the Earth-healing efforts.


                                              Chapter 24


For places in the non-industrial world, the transition to green would be easy and have little impact on daily life since people there used less than 2% of the world’s fossil fuel resources.  Down the road, they would eventually reap the benefits of green energy technology.


The U.S. government ran an ad campaign that preceded every show on all TV and radio broadcast stations.


“An important special news conference will be given by the president and scientists regarding world events and the presence and purpose of the alien visitors.  Don’t panic.  All is in order and under control.  We are asking for every citizen of the United States to tune in to the broadcast station of your choice on this coming Thursday at noon Mountain Time for the special announcement.  The news conference will be broadcasted in public buildings for those who don’t have access to televisions.  We ask employers to excuse workers from their duties so that everyone can be a part of this historic announcement.”


Within the week of the revelation of aliens and the world future quest experience, the public began to grow restless and concerned over what was going on.  The tension was building and citizens were on the verge of mass panic.  The human members of the Intergalactic Visitors were in constant motion trying to calm the public’s fear of the aliens.  As a precaution, National Guard units were deployed to cities as backup to law enforcement to prevent any civil unrest.


The government’s broadcast would take place noon Mountain Time.  This allowed for all of the U.S. to be informed at an hour that was manageable for all time zones.  In fact, the U.S. and all countries around the world would broadcast their announcement for the green plan simultaneously to prevent premature leaks on the instant information highway so that chaos would not occur.


Most people were on pins and needles waiting to hear what the government had to say.  Some treated the announcement day as if it were December 31, 1999.  They dressed up in alien costumes and paraded around with signs that said, “Beam me up Scottie.”  Some held prayer vigils and still others stockpiled supplies and prepared for doomsday.


 People from all around the country made a pilgrimage to Washington DC flooding the streets on the federal plaza.  Every Senator and Congressman was accounted for and seated in place on the Senate and Congressional floors.  All had been briefed.  Committees for strategic planning had been put into place to trouble shoot the challenges after the announcement. 


The president and a group of scientists ran through mic checks and prepared to take the podium.  Rows of seats were placed off to the side where the human Intergalactic Visitor members sat, including Lily.  They served as liaisons for the past chaotic week for the President, Senate and Congress and all were prepared to answer questions.  To cut down on the clutter of hundreds of cameras, a single live feed was streamed to reporters and broadcasters who were staged in nearby rooms and the overflow in corridors.  Wave was among them continuing to cover the ever-unfolding story.


“Ladies and Gentlemen, the President of the United States.”


“Good afternoon, and good morning my fellow Americans.  There have been some very special events that have occurred around the world in recent days.  We have witnessed alien spacecraft and met inhabitants from distant worlds.  And most importantly we have finally seen an end to the suffrage and genocide of Darfuris in Sudan, Africa.”


 He paused as people applauded.


“Yes, yes that is a marvelous accomplishment.  We have troops in Darfur that are working with African and U.N. armies to help maintain peace in the region.  Aid workers from all around the world are helping Darfuri families get back on their feet and are rebuilding burned villages.  The United States has established amnesty programs as well as other benevolent countries to offer shelter and sustenance to the Darfuri people.  They need help from the international community to begin the journey towards the healing process of restoring their lives.”


The attendees gave another supportive round of applause.


“That is the first and very important order of business.  Right now as I speak, Presidents, Prime Ministers, and Kings and Queens all around the world are making the same announcement as the one I’m about to make.


“There are many challenges that face the world today: war, famine, a depressed economy, an energy crisis and climate change to name a few.  We have known for years now that the usage and dependency on fossil fuels is a serious concern for America and the world.  The saturation of greenhouse gases in the air, the rise in crude oil prices and the decline of supply has to make us take a stand and face the facts that transition from oil to renewable, non-polluting energy is mandatory.  Our climate is changing for the worse with each day that goes by. 


“Because of the deterioration of our environment, ecosystems are disrupted and many species of plants and animals are unable to survive the burden put upon them.  Everyday between seventy five to one hundred twenty five species disappear from the Earth.  One species that is vital to our livelihood and survival is the honeybee.  For several years now, all around the world, bees have suffered from a condition called Colony Collapse Disorder.  Normally, bees are highly organized and they take excellent care of their hives. However, with this disorder, bees leave the hives and never come back, causing the hives to die.  Usually, we go on about our daily lives without giving bees a second thought, but our existence is very deeply entwined with theirs.  The honeybee is on the endangered species list.  Without them, our food supplies worldwide will be reduced by 35%, as we won’t have the bees to pollinate our flowering fruit and vegetable plants.  It’s suspected that the pollution in the air is the cause of the Colony Collapse Disorder.  There is a phenomenon called carbon sinking.  The oceans and other bodies of water absorb the excess carbon dioxide in the air and prevent it from being released back into the atmosphere.  The problem is that the oceans are being super-saturated with CO2, and carbon sinking may be occurring in the liquids and honey in the beehives.  The bees detect the contamination in the hives, and they don’t come back.  Even predators of bees don’t enter the hives.  By as early as two years from now, honeybees could cease to exist.  This is a silent crisis.  We are in a state of emergency, as the disappearance of bees will ultimately spell our own demise.  We are one species away from becoming extinct.  The world population is nearing six billion and food is already a struggle to produce as crops fail due to the swings of adverse climate change.  Oil will no longer be the top issue facing us, it will be finding food to eat and clean water to drink.


“We all experienced the future quest that revealed to us that we will soon have an uninhabitable world.


“Our new alliance with the Intergalactic Visitors has confirmed what we already knew about the damage to our ozone layer and cataclysmic climate changes.  The alien visitors are here to be our mentors.  As the cliché goes, they do come in peace.  They are here to help and not to harm.  We have sat at roundtables with leaders from all around the world to come up with the solutions to our environmental crisis that will be disclosed today.  The public should not fear our intergalactic friends.  There have been incidents of people shooting at the spacecraft.  Please don’t shoot at them.  We will soon make it a federal offense to do so with steep mandatory jail time.


“So, the world has agreed upon a plan of action so that we can reduce our pollution to save the bees and at the same time create a more habitable environment for all living beings.  It is called The Green Refit Plan.  I will now turn the podium over to the experts who can give the details of why and how we will execute this plan and begin to join the world to turn around our environmental crisis.  Our first presenter is Faye Jones.  She is with the Bee Watch Scientist Consortium and will speak on the importance of saving the bees and give us some inspiration for why we all need to go green.”


“Thank you Mr. President.  It is my honor to be here to share with you ideas and information for solutions to some of the environmental challenges that we face today.


“Bees have been very, very successful for millions of years at what they do.  These little one and a half inch buzzing working machines are expert spreaders of pollen, the minute essential ingredient to make plants flourish. Bees work ten hour days, seven days a week.  Each worker bee can fly up to ten miles per day, and that is a great distance for a tiny grape-sized being.


“Bees have worked tirelessly, providing the nourishment for billions and billions of agricultural crops throughout man’s evolutionary history.  Because of bees, we are able to go into a grocery store and fill our carts with colorful and nutritionally dense foods from the harvest.  Humankind takes this necessity and luxury for granted.  Now the honeybee is in dire crisis as their hives their perfectly functioning habitats for eons are now blighted because of human toxic gases that permeate their homes. 


“Because bees have stingers, people fear them.  The bee has the wisdom and instinct for self-preservation to only use the stinger in self-defense or to protect the hive.  For when the stinger is used, the bee dies.  The bee basically is very intent about going on its business of pollination despite the possibility of humans getting in the bees’ way.  So in fear, man swats and kills.  People insert firecrackers into hives for destructive amusement.  The fear of a beehive being on one’s property prompts a call to the exterminator to dispose of a perfectly good and useful hive.  We will now ask all exterminators and property owners to allow beehives to remain intact.  With 30-80% of beehives falling prey to CCD, we need all perfectly functioning hive to stay active.


“Some bees that are bred for commercial use have to endure journeys on trucks for hundreds of miles for pollination rotations. Honey must occupy a shelf in every store readily available for human use. Europeans have even banned certain pet flea and tick topical medicines, as the ingredients are highly toxic to bees.  All of these activities and circumstances stress bees and weaken their immune systems making them more susceptible to disease.


“Our habits and demands on natural resources obviously don’t just end with the bee. Living beings can’t take the stress of being industrialized and put on an assembly line.  Animals have their own needs, their own social order, the need for their own space and habitats.  They too have a strong instinct for survival and reproduction.  Obviously all have passed the evolutionary test to be present today.


“So, here is the mirror.  Here is the magnifying glass.  What species in the world has the biggest stinger?  Who has offensively stung the planet the most?  In nature, when the stinger has been used the insect dies.  Mans stinging has left a wounded world. We have not been consistent team players with other living beings.  So now we are on the count down to the bees demise because we are stinging them.


“Ironically, by example, bees have given us the solution to our entire global environmental crisis.  They truly work together in cooperation for the greater good of the hive.  Each bee has a designated job to fulfill, and bees give a 100% of their energy and attention to accomplish what they set out to do. They leave for work to do their part to make the hive function properly.  The bee’s instinct is to keep everything in balance. 


“Our industrial ways are convenient for us but are a big detriment to the planet.   Man represents 5% of the animal population on Earth yet uses a tremendous amount of the Earth’s resources.  The bees work together for the greatest good for their species progression.  At least they were able to do so peacefully before our burdensome encroachments and chemical interferences.  The bees are the example that we need to follow.  Man has to work together earnestly and tirelessly to ensure that this hive that we call Earth won’t fall prey to a World Collapse Disorder.   There has to be an ALL HANDS ON DECK  (AHOD) approach from every continent and civilization of the world to do their part. The world needs to bee quiet from the emissions of greenhouse gases so that the Earth can take a collective deep cleansing breath.  This is the backbone of our Green Refit Plan.


“Many of the everyday products that we use for our bodies, in our homes and outer environments have toxic chemicals in them.  When you read the label on your shampoo bottle or floor cleaner, there are words that you can’t even pronounce, let alone know what they are.  We just blindly use these formulated substances, and we don’t really know how they may adversely affect our bodies or our world.  In addition, there are very deadly atmosphere-destroying chemicals that are released into the air, soil and water by industrial operations.  There absolutely can be no progression while living in the presence of deadly toxic chemicals. Man needs to bee quiet from noxious chemical production. There is the necessity to reformulate chemicals from being poisonous, to natural Earth-friendly alternatives. Individual chemical producing companies may make profits on the front end of their businesses, but we ALL are now suffering the backlash from the resulting residues.  The price the planet is paying is death.  How long can we live in a contaminated world without consequences?  We can’t and the results of that are catching up with us right now.


“On store shelves, there should not be a choice between regular chemical formulated products, and then a choice for green products.  We have come to a point in time for all products to be free of unhealthy toxins.


“Nature has borne the full brunt of man’s excesses.  Now we have a huge debt to pay for living high off the hog.  There is no escaping the repayment responsibility.  Humans have been a cancer on the Earth. It’s a harsh thing to say, but it is true. The planet is in critical condition and needs some respite care.  The world needs to take a time out and be quarantined from our habits so that healing can take place.  Otherwise, the Earth will surely die. 


“The human population has been in a deep, deep sleep of denial for too long. Man has procrastinated long enough from assuming the responsibility that we know we must take on.  We as a planet are at an extremely important crossroad where meaningful and effective decisions have to be made.  We were all future quested and experienced first hand what will take place in most of our lifetimes.  The big question that every living soul needs to ask is what can I do to prevent total environmental collapse from happening?  We will have to take the focus off of ourselves and pattern our lives as the bees do for the collective greater good.


“I know!  I know!  I can feel the resistance already.  No one wants to give up personal comforts.  But, this is it!  Every one of us has done our part through our consumer demands and lifestyles to bring us to this juncture.  So, we ALL have a personal responsibility and debt to pay to heal the land.  It’s inescapable.  We either do it and become the generation that revived and renewed the planet.  Or, we can keep going down that same, shameful path to environmental destruction and ultimately our collective death.


“It is man’s turn now to bear the brunt of sacrificing our personal resources and habits for the rebirth of the planet.  We right now have to be the green change generation.  Everyday the conditions for global warming increase.  Who is going to put a stop to it?  Are we just going to keep ignoring what is going on today and pass the problem onto our children? Why are we sitting around waiting for something magical to happen to take all of this environmental mess away?


“Some of you think that our alien friends here will suck up all of our greenhouse gases, take them away and clean our world for us.  Our lesson would not be learned and our habits would not change for such a bailout.  They’d have to bail us out of our smoggy mess every year if our habits remained the same.  But, the Intergalactic Visitors are intelligent.  They know man has to have a change of awareness in the mind, in order for a real climate metamorphose to take place.  If our minds don’t change, then N O T H I N G will change.  The Intergalactic Visitors have been witness to thousands upon thousands of plant, animal and marine life going extinct here on Earth.  They have not interfered or intervened on this deadly outcome resulting from our bad choices and habits.  Now, humans have been qued up into our self-made slaughter box, and we have the gumption to beg for mercy and rescue.  The Intergalactic Visitors aren't buying it, and I for one don’t blame them.  We created the mess that we are in, and we have to fix it.  There will be no free rides and no dramatic alien rescues.  It is on ALL of us to dig ourselves out of this environmental ditch.


“The green plan will be an abrupt, life altering event. However, it is a necessary atonement for all of the inflected pain that we have caused upon the world’s resources. We have to be the sacrifice for the excess generation.  We have to be the people, the minds and the muscle that forges the green revolution.  IF NOT NOW, WHEN?  IF NOT US, WHO?  We have to do it.  The capacity of our human spirit has the fortitude to do it.  The only real thing that we have to lose in the Green Refit Plan is our complacency.  The technology to green our world is here right now, and most of it has been here for decades.  We have just been too afraid and laxed to begin to put the Earth saving technology into place.


“Every antiquated fossil fuel dependent machinery that will be replaced with green renewable energy will be one step in the right direction for cleaning up our planet. It will be one more step in the right direction towards clean air, water and land that are necessities for living.  Not another day can we keep defiling these essential life-giving elements.  Our collective efforts in the Green Refit Plan will constantly and consistently yield a better world.  That is the ultimate reward, a better world for all life.  We need to touch our ancestral roots to learn lessons and lifestyles from the more natural and Earth sustaining ways to accomplish our modern day goals.  Actually, if we look at the Green Refit Plan as the cup being half empty instead of being half full, it will be a drudgery and more difficult to do.  But if we can change our minds on how we view what we are trying to do, we will see ourselves as heroes.  We are the minds, hearts and muscles to change this world for the better.  No change revolution of human history has such a noble quest been so vitally important.  As with all revolutions of the past, sacrifices had to be made for the desired result to manifest.  We are the ones now called upon by our unborn children of the generations to come to prepare a cleaner world for them.  We can and will make it happen.  In time, we can all rest, be proud and enjoy the fruits of our collective labor.  We are the one’s to break those chains of destructive lifestyles and habits to emancipate this world to an absolute definite future.  We are the ones with the power to do it.  AND!  We have proven that we CAN do it!


“What do we do when disasters hit?  In hurricane Katrina, the tsunami of Thailand, the earthquakes in China, India, Japan and in other disasters, what did the human family do?  We acted in unison to help!  We rise to the cause from all over the world and lend a hand to facilitate healing.


“Well, this is the grandest disaster of them all.  We have the spirit.  We have the green technology and resources to get this world fixed.  Green thinking can free us from dull mental ruts and entertain and expand our minds to new green possibilities.  The Green Refit Plan may seem to be cloaked in a dark cloud, but the green lining can be beautiful.


     “The greatest gift that we can give our children right now is the security that they can have a clean world to live in.  They need an environmental insurance policy that will allow them to inherit uncontaminated air, water and land.


“OK, that was a very long-winded speech.  Maybe it’s more like beseeching.  I know that I have been very strong and harsh in my language, but I am very passionate about these environmental issues.  I GET IT! I understand fully what we have to lose if we don’t act, right now. Others from nations all around the world right now are giving similar speeches to their countries people to activate.  It is a global challenge and world participation is mandatory to solve it.


“So, now I will present to you Carl Coleman who will spell out all of the details for the Green Refit Plan.