Eco-Novel, Bee Quiet! Written to inspire the world to go green!

Chapters 28-30





                                             Chapter 28


The embarkation of the refit plan left many people around the world worried, frustrated and scared.  The human Intergalactic Visitor members felt responsible for assisting the refit along and to gain the planets full cooperation. 


They met at the underwater alien base to see if they could come up with some type of solution to relax the anxious people around the world while the refit was commencing.  Lily had an idea.


“How about we future quest the world with a vision of our planet that is 100% green? It may inspire more cooperation.  People were future quested to see the result of wasteland Earth if our warnings are ignored.  Maybe we should show the world how the planet could be with all green energy.  It’s not as much of a sacrifice as people may think.  The transition to get there may be a little rough, but the end result would be everlasting.”


Lily summoned Indigo to ask about a worldwide future quest.  His blueness was instant to appear.  You’re requesting a vision of Earth that is green and clean.


 “Yes! Most people are not going to want to go through lifestyle disruptions.  They are not going to want to comply even if it is to save the bees, the environment, the children and even their own lives.  Our governments can enact new environmental laws to make the green switch happen, but many people still won’t comply.  If everyone doesn’t cooperate, it won’t work.  Then we’ll all be screwed,” Lily responded.


You’re on point.  How about we induce a green dream tonight while the world sleeps?  We can show them the vision of a new world that is clean, functional and efficient, Indigo conveyed.


Lily and her colleagues agreed.



Indigo explained what the Intergalactic Visitors could do.  Starting tonight, when a person sleeps, we will induce the green world dream.  We can’t guarantee compliance, but hopefully, the dream will inspire human cooperation.


“We hope so too.  Can you induce the vision with us first so that we can see what the world will see?” Sam asked.


Yes!  Let us adjourn to the meditation room.


The group went into the meditation room. They laid down into gelatinous foam that took away the pressure of gravity against their bodies.  It gave the body a floating feeling.  When everyone was relaxed, Indigo induced the vision.


The vision was from a bird’s eye view prospective.  Each participant was in the air over Catalina Island.  The ocean was blue and clear as they approached Los Angeles.  The murky brown haze that hung over the city for decades had disappeared.  On the breezy mountain tops, were wind turbines capturing the coastal winds and feeding the city vital currents of electricity.  The freeways we busy with the zips and zooms of electric cars.  The cars new aerodynamic bullet form gave a sleek sporty shape.  The round barrel like sides provided superior crash protection.  Emissions and collision protection, two major automotive flaws were solved with the green design.


Further inland, solar panels neatly contoured to the rooftops of homes replacing asphalt shingles.  Homeowners wanting to keep the style and beauty of terra cotta roofing had solar panel gardens in their yards.  The panels were sculpted into flowers and other artistic shapes.  Low profile wind turbines were painted to create moving art.  Each home was independently sufficient with its own source of electricity.  Garages and carports were outfitted to charge the electric car.  Any surplus electricity that a home generated was sold back to the main municipal green grid creating extra income for the homeowner.


Instead of gas stations, there were solar stations.  For those who didn’t have a garage, a small fee could be paid to recharge their cars.


The fertile California valley was green and buzzing with honeybees to fertilize the thousands of acres of crops.  Recycling bins replaced the majority of garbage cans in public areas.  People were more consciously aware of the necessity for recycling and cutting methane gases in landfills by reducing garbage.


People shopped, went to the movies, enjoyed the beach, concerts, designer coffees and all of the pleasantries that they did before the green switch.  Children played and continued with their childhood pattering.  Their future was secured and saved from the burden inheriting an environmental disaster.  The new generation of green living revitalized spirits and health.  The coming together and sacrificing old habits to new innovations created results beyond expectations.  Communities were knitted together and unified after having to hunker down together to make the green switch.  Never again would the natural world be treaded upon so crudely.  Earth is the home of God’s diverse living expressions.  Balance would always take priority over amenities and profit.  Mother Nature in response to a changed renewed green consciousness withdrew her climate driven spankings.  A universal sense of pride and accomplishment welled in the psyche of a generation of environmental crusaders who were able to reverse and avert an extinction level disaster.  Life was no longer taken for granted.  Any farming, manufacturing, building would always be reviewed for it’s impact upon the planet from that point on.  Planet over profit was man’s new-enlightened mantra.


The group awakened from their future quest experience.  They felt renewed with the hope that the world would comply with the emergency energy transition.  For the public to know that in a few short years, life would be even better and healthier than ever would be incentive for individuals to stick to the Green Refit Plan.  The world could have pride for the accomplishment that the children present and not yet born will have a planet to live in that would support and sustain them.


“Well, Indigo,” Lily said.  “We can only hope that the dream will motivate people to jump in on this.  If they don’t . . . then we can kiss our butts goodbye.”


“Don’t you have any faith in your fellowman, Lily?  I mean, the governments of the world are making the green switch mandatory.  People now know this is a do or die situation,” a fellow member asked.


“I know a lot of people will be in whole-heartedly, but there are many others out there who live for the day.  They don’t care about anybody else but themselves and their own comforts.  They don’t give a damn if bees live or die or even what will happen to the futures of all the children out there now.  Some people have been catered to and have had the privilege to so many luxuries.  To rough it for a couple of years will be totally out of the question.  And on a grander scale, so many corporations have politicians and lawmakers in their pockets.  They have always bypassed what others have had to comply with.  What will be different about that when it comes time to saving the planet?”  Lily stated.


“Yeah, I know the status quo, but their lives depend on their actions too.  It’s suicide by default if all hands aren’t on deck for the green switch.  The whole ship will go down,” he responded.


 As the world turned and night fell, people went to sleep.  The vision of a green clean world was injected into the delta waves of the resting mind and enveloped all of the senses.


Some dreamers woke up in the middle of the night with visions of possibilities and hope.  In the morning, as people engaged in their regular routines, much talk and comparisons were made at the breakfast table, commuter stations, coffee houses and around the office water coolers.  Humans are quick learners, and it made the morning news that all shared a common dream.  Artists by the thousands created paintings and drawings of the new world vision invoked by the future quest dream.  These images were uploaded on the Internet.  It was the dangle of the carrot before the horse.  A few smart government officials brought the rights to some of the graphic art and made billboards and prints of the new world vision so that it could stay fresh in the minds of the pioneer generation who would sacrifice accustomed lifestyles to make the Green Refit Plan a reality.


The majority of people seemed pumped and ready to get started, to roll up their sleeves and do what they needed to do to bring the dream into fruition.  There of course were those downers who grumbled and griped about the impending sacrifices and changes.  The refit experience would be as miserable as their minds allowed.  They would wallow in angst and self-pity riding on the coat tails of the Earth crusaders.


The world had to put aside culture, religious, language and governmental differences and work as one to save the environment.  All shared the same home but occupied different rooms.  If the house is wrecked, there is no place else to live.  Some countries were already well ahead in their use of green energy.  Their journey would be short, and they could quickly resume lifestyles.  Other countries such as the United States, Russia and China, the big consumers of CO2 producing fuels would basically have to start from scratch.  Only time would tell how well the world would cooperate to change over to green energy.


                                                Chapter 29


The Green Refit Plan had been in operation for the past three months.  The United Nations was preparing to give a global update on how the plan was coming along.


Lily and her colleagues were physically exhausted.  They had been all over the world mentoring and facilitating the installation of green energy infrastructure.  They were in New York City getting ready for a worldwide refit update that was soon to take place at the United Nations building.  The big meeting would give them time to rest a bit and recharge their energy before they’d take off again.


The city that never sleeps never really lost too much momentum from its standard activities.  The hybrid buses and subways continued to run.  To keep the city moving, businesses funded a good part of the refits for the taxis in the city.  In three month’s time, half of the cab fleets were fitted with their new electric motors.  Since gas was no longer seven dollars a gallon, fares were cut in half.  The transportation culture had changed a bit in three months, too.  There were more bikers and NYC picked up an Asian flare and added rickshaws to its transportation services.  They were a great option for short jaunts around the city.  New Yorkers seemed to enjoy their novelty, and they were a fun alternative to the horse and buggy rides.  There were even special lanes just for bikes and the exotic pedaled vehicles.  The town moved like never before.


Lily was battle-worn and needed a comfortable bed in which to rest.  She also wanted to lay under some air conditioning and enjoy a gourmet meal.  She once again was dusty and dehydrated from her travels.  Upon entering her hotel suite, she immediately drew a nice hot bubble bath, got into the tub and began to soak and relax.


After her soothing bath, Lily was lavender scented, had clean squeaky hair and was wrapped in the comfort of an organic, cotton bathrobe.  Now she needed some good food, so she called one of her favorite restaurants and asked for a delivered order to her room.


Someone knocked on the door to her suite.  She went to open the door, and it was a few of her world greening friends.


“We’re going out on the town tonight!  We have reservations at a top-notch restaurant and tickets for a Broadway play.  Want to come with us Lily?”


“Oh, guys, that sounds real nice, but I’m exhausted, and I’m going to stay here and rest up.  But you all go enjoy yourselves.”


Her friends were a bit disappointed that she would not be joining them.  They understood though as they too were beat, but the excitement of a New York City night out got their adrenaline pumping.


“OK lily, you’re missing out on a good time!  We will see you tomorrow at the big U.N. meeting.”


Her friends proceeded to their evening’s events. Lily’s food had arrived, and she retreated to her comfy bed with her delicious dinner.  She ate in bed and flicked the TV on to try and find some mindless entertainment.  Her brain was on overload from the intense work of the past three months.  She seriously needed to unwind and de-stress.  She found the oldies classic TV channel.  For as long as her eyes would allow her to stay awake, she enjoyed The Andy Griffith Show, The Lucy Show and The Munsters.  There was always something about black and white TV that seemed to put her to sleep right away.  Rest she needed, and she slept for the remainder of the night.


                                                Chapter 30


Reporters from all over the world convened upon the grounds of the United Nations Building in New York.  Whether it was 12:00 noon in Alberta Canada or 8:00 p.m. in Madrid Spain, the world was ready to view the broadcast for updating the Green Refit Plan’s efforts.  The ticker banners in Times Square displayed estimated counts of how many cars in the U.S. had been converted from gas to electric engines and how many homes were on a green grid.  The Carbon Clock displayed an encouraging downward trend for CO2 levels.  The numbers were tangible validation that the Green Refit Plan was working.  Bee recovery reports and air quality monitoring had dedicated front-page sections in daily newspapers.


Reporter Waverly Thomas and his camera crew, Chang and Bob, were covering the U.N. update.  Since the Darfur rescue, many changes had taken place in all of their lives.  Wave had converted the basement of his home into an apartment.  There he provided shelter for a Darfuri lady and her two children.  When the refugee camps were disbanded, many countries granted amnesty to the displaced people of Darfur.  Some of the refugees stayed in their homeland where thousands of benevolent volunteers aided them to rebuild their villages and their lives.  There were many orphaned children during the time of terror in Sudan.  Chang and his wife adopted a child from Darfur to care for.  Bob made a pilgrimage back to Darfur to help with the rebuilding of villages.  The world was coming together in more ways than one.


The representatives from the nations of the world sat at their designated spots on the U.N. floor.  The perimeter of the room was crammed with world leaders and human Intergalactic Visitors members.  The media rooms were filled to capacity with cameras rolling.  A chevron spacecraft with the alien Intergalactic Visitors on board hovered ten feet from the top of the U.N. building’s roof.  The Intergalactic Visitors would be monitoring and participating in the meeting on an as needed basis.  Who would have ever imagined that the U.N. would have alien counterparts?


The United Nations President called the meeting to order. 


“Greetings to all who are present here at the United Nations Building and to the millions of you from all around the world who are watching this broadcast.  The world has involved itself in a Green Refit Plan to reduce the gases that have been deteriorating our Earth.  I am happy to report that our efforts are indeed turning down the carbon measurements in our atmosphere.  We are accomplishing the goals that we have planned and put into motion. 


“We can also celebrate that peace and stability has been maintained in the Darfur region of Africa.  Many of the persons who once resided in the refugee camps there have begun to transition their lives back to a sense of normalcy.


“Germany, Switzerland, Denmark and many other places all around the world have been making the green transition for years now.  They are the forerunners in getting their homes and business up and running with renewable, non-polluting energy sources.  Their plentiful solar panel factories have had ready supply to refit their countries.  They have also reached out to other nations with their green products to aid the rest of the world’s green infrastructure endeavors.


“Our effort to immediately decrease the CO2 output around the world has benefitted the bees.  The bees that are sequestered have shown signs of stabilization.  The hive collapses have reduced.  For the hives in other areas of the world, the Colony Collapse Disorder continues, but has slowed down.  This can be a sign that if the world continues the course of CO2 reduction they too may stabilize and make a comeback in time.


The meeting went on as many countries shared their learning experiences and successes with the world community.  Man had come together to work as one to save the planet from environmental disaster.  It was the most important United Nations meeting in the history of its establishment.