Eco-Novel, Bee Quiet! Written to inspire the world to go green!

Chapters 31-33





                                             Chapter 31


Lily returned home after conducting a solar panel installation conference.  She lay in her bed listening to the soft tones of the wind chimes outside of her open window.  The neighborhood children were outside playing.  The chattering noisy kids should have disturbed her time of peace, but it was actually reassuring that the children could laugh and continue some of their childlike habits despite the turmoil that was going on in the world.  They were the reason for why the green refit was necessary.  Hopefully, the adults in the world could pull together and succeed to ensure that the voices she heard would not be the last representation of the last generation of man.


Lily focused her attention on the psychic connection between her and Tuwa.

Tuwa, I need to see you.  There is something that has been on my mind, and I need your assistance.


The voice of Tuwa then pushed into Lily’s head.  I’ll be there soon.


Lily was enjoying using telepathy.  She had always wondered if phones could use airwaves to communicate with each other wirelessly and man was the creator of the phone, how come people couldn’t communicate from mind to mind?


Before Lily met Tuwa, Lily had a psychic connection with her friend Yvonne who lived in San Francisco.  They spoke every so often during the year.  But, if Lily would think about Yvonne, Yvonne would call and vise versa. Their thoughts traveled more than two thousand miles from psyche to psyche.  Man had the ability for telepathy, but it was forgotten, ignored, undeveloped and therefore dormant. 


Lily’s thoughts were brought back into the moment as she heard a few screams of terror from the kids outside.  She went to the window and saw a niterider saucer about twenty feet above the tree line.  Tuwa was on a disc descending down to the street.  After the disc made it to the ground, the niterider ascended up and disappeared.  Tuwa sent the children an intended thought for them to not be afraid and to calm down.  The thoughts acted as an ethereal tamer.  Once Tuwa’s feet were on the ground, she stepped off the disc, and the disc then began to laterally move along the sidewalk to retreat under the back porch.  As it glided across the ground, the kids were trying to jump on it and catch it.  Seeing this, Lily stuck her head out of the window.  “Hey guys!  That’s not a toy.  Leave that alone.”


Some of the kids followed the disc to the back yard.  Lily asked Tuwa if it was ok if the disc could be kept in the basement to keep it out of the reach of the children.  Tuwa O.K.'d it, and Lily went downstairs to the basement and opened the door.  The disc was already at the door, it entered and parked itself in the corner on the floor.


Lily returned upstairs to where Tuwa was waiting on the back porch.  Lily had enjoyed Tuwa’s meditation garden so much on Azibo that she tried to recreate it on the porch with some flowers and plants.  Tuwa offered a complement.  “This is nice Lily.  I see and feel the intention of this sanctuary that you’ve created.”


“Thanks, Tuwa.  I need some type of retreat where I could come home to recharge and rejuvenate myself.”


Some of the kids who were after the disc were still in Lily’s yard begging her to let them see it.


“Listen, kids, maybe later.  I don’t think there would be any harm in it, would there be, Tuwa?”


Tuwa shook her head.  “No. It won’t hurt them.”


“OK, maybe later you all can come back and ride the disc,” Lily blurted as she gestured for the kids to return to the front to play.


Lily and Tuwa sat together on the porch swing.


 “Would you like something to drink, Tuwa?”  Lily offered.


“No, I’m fine.  Thank you.  I felt what was on your mind Lily, and it is very disturbing.  You know, the Intergalactic Visitors have seen horrible atrocities here on Earth.   We don’t like it.  It saddens us, but our creed has mainly been ‘hands off’.  We always hold out for hope that man can learn to correct his own mistakes.  So you want to go to the Amazon?”  Tuwa asked.


“Yes, I’d like to go to Ecuador, and as far as I’m concerned, we can leave right now.”


“Wow, Lily, you’re ready to leave now?  Well, let’s grab the disc, and the niterider can have us there in less than an hour,” Tuwa replied.


“Thanks Tuwa.  I’ll go pack a small bag and let my folks know I’m heading off again.”


Lily went to the basement to release the disc.  A few moments later, the nightrider descended into the yard.  The observant kids saw the saucer’s return and ran to the back of Lily’s house.  Tuwa, in her pleasantness, greeted the kids and let them whiz around on the disc as promised.


Meanwhile, Lily was packing a few cotton tee shirts and shorts, water bottles and toiletries into a backpack.  She sat on the bed and became quiet and contemplative.  She could feel something welling up within her Spirit.  “Follow your heart,” the words from the Wise One pushed into her remembrance.  Lily went into the closet and found an old fanny pack hanging on a hook.  She retrieved her four-pound diamond from her hiding place and zipped it up in the fanny pack.  She put the pack around her waist and tugged at the strap just to make sure that it was secured.


Lily needed to say goodbye to her parents.  She heard them on the porch with Tuwa, so she went out to join them.


“Hey, I’m off to Ecuador,” Lily said with a strong stern look on her face.


Her parents instantly knew why Lily was going.


“Ma, you know I’ve been wanting to go there for a long time, but unfortunately my travels and my time have prevented that, but, I’m ready and able now.  We got Darfur squared away and secure.  Now it’s time for the rounds to be made to other places.”


Her mom was so proud of her.  “We know, honey.  You push the boundaries of the human spirit.  Every time I think you have accomplished a cause, you move on to the next crusade.”


Her dad chimed in too. “Yep!  You are not the type to sit on the back of the bus!  I’m proud of you.  If my lumbago wasn’t bothering me, I’d join you, sweetheart.”


Lily looked at her dad and chuckled. “OK Dad.  I’ll represent the family.”


“Back in the day, I protested!  I marched!  I fought!”  Her dad said.  “Each generation has to pay something forward for the generation that follows.  Some of the benefits that you enjoy today were made by my generation’s footsteps.  From that, we can be proud that the first black president is from our neighborhood.”


“Oh, I know, Dad.  A lot of your tenaciousness rubbed off on me by your example.  I’m a foot soldier for world justice now.  I don’t mind wearing the combat boots.”


Everyone exchanged hugs and kisses goodbye.


Tuwa and Lily stood on the disc and ascended into the saucer.  The saucer took off to begin its journey towards one of the worst environmental disasters in history.        


                                               Chapter 32                                   


The niterider traveled at a cursing altitude above the troposphere.   After forty minutes, the craft arrived at the outer limits of the Amazon rainforest.  It reduced its speed and descended slightly below the cloud level.  A portal window opened up.


Lily looked out and saw endless trees, big billowing treetops that looked like miles and miles of planted broccoli.  She saw the Amazon River meandering its way through the lush and bountiful landscape like a giant ribbon.  Every now and then, there were small clearings of trees where indigenous villages had settled.  The thatched roofs of the hut-like structures reminded Lily of Africa.


In the distance, Lily could see several plumes of smoke from different locations.  The smoke was coming from land that was clear-cut and burned for farmland.  On any typical day in the Amazon rainforest, bulldozers were hard at work knocking down the equivalent of fourteen football fields of trees per minute.  The lungs of the Earth were gradually disappearing due to this practice.  Clear-cutting was a tragic circumstance by itself, but it paled in comparison to what she was bracing her heart to face.


The saucer continued its course.  The world’s largest forest below began to look more chopped and ragged from their vantage point.  Shocked by seeing the carnage, Lily said to Tuwa,  “I knew people were clearing the land for farming, but that’s a lot of decimation!  Eco-systems and habitats can’t survive that. Twenty percent of the Earth’s oxygen comes from here.”


The foliage below looked totally unhealthy as most of the trees had brown or partially yellow dead leaves. Clusters of trees were dead.  There was a creek that was dammed up by logs.  The liquid being held back in the dam looked like some type of tar or black goo.  Lily knew what it was.  It was the contaminated waste openly left behind by the oil company who put it there.  Lily was alarmed to see dozens of such dams and open pits of this toxic sludge.  The people living in the area were trying to use homespun structures to protect themselves from the contamination.  No dam could protect them from the toxic vapors that permeated the air though.


Lily clenched and spoke through her teeth in anger.  “How dare that oil company leave this mess here!  They came, got what they wanted and just left it to fester and rot!”


Lily had researched this tragedy online.  She knew she was just looking at the tip of the big disastrous iceberg and that there were billions of gallons of this waste left behind by the big stateside oil company.  The villages in the area were plagued by epidemics of cancer, stillbirths, miscarriages, birth defects and high death rates from other horrible diseases.


Tuwa and Lily decided that the niterider would land discreetly down the river where the villagers could not see them.  Upon exiting the saucer, the pair were smacked in the nostrils with the strong odor of gasoline.  The hot humid air of the Amazon seemed to magnify the noxious potent fumes.  Tuwa had not quite yet gotten used to Earth’s polluted air.  Normally she had perfect mind and spirit over matter that kept her health in check and allowed her to look youthful even though she was about one hundred and twenty five years old.  Lily, for the first time since she met Tuwa, saw vulnerability.


“Tuwa, are you OK?” 


 “Oh!  Oh!  This air is horrible!  My eyes and throat are burning.  It is making me feel ill.”


This was Lily’s mission, and she did not want anything to happen to Tuwa.  “Tuwa, I’ll go to the village by myself.  You can go back into the niterider, and I’ll be back before dark.”


Tuwa covered her mouth and nose and gave a head nod to Lily.  Telepathically, Tuwa reassured Lily that they would be connected mentally.  She returned to the ship.


Lily was in the jungle about half a mile from the river.  The plan was to hire a boat to take her into the village so that she didn’t seem like she just popped out of the blue.  Lily was having difficulty breathing.  The fumes smelled like an open vat of gasoline.  It seemed to instantly take over her body.  Her eyes, nose and lungs burned.  She just could not believe the heavy saturation of the smell it in the air.  It reminded her of her future quest experience when she could not breathe.  Here people spent their whole lives in these fumes.  ‘This is a crime against humanity and a total shit dump on the Earth,’ she thought.


Lily pulled up her shirt to cover her mouth and nose in an attempt to filter out the air, but it wasn’t working.  It just made her shirt reek with the smell of gas too. 


She walked towards the river where rowboats were docked.  As she walked along the shore of the river, she could feel her feet sticking to the ground.  Carcinogenic tar began to cake in the treads of her shoes.  She was disgusted.


‘I’ve only walked about ten feet along this shore and already the contamination has latched onto me.  Damn, this ain’t right.’


It made no sense to wipe the shoes clean because everywhere she looked, she saw the remnants of toxic filth.


Lily made it to the river and boarded a small boat.  On the water an oil slick was clearly visible.  It’s greasy rainbow glistened and moved to the waves and wakes on the water.  This was the village’s drinking water, their water for cooking, cleaning, laundry and bathing.  Their water, a key ingredient for sustainable life was morbidly unfit for human use.


 ‘Damn that oil company for leaving these conditions behind for generations of defenseless poor people.  Just because the village was tucked away out of sight from the mainstream world, did not make these people less deserving of adequate, clean water for living.  It is a human right to at least have some clean water to drink and uncontaminated air to breathe.  Why don’t those oil company assholes bring their families here to live?’


Lily’s thoughts were boiling with madness.  She knew that the contamination there covered an area the size of Rhode Island. 


The man rowing the boat for Lily was a bit younger than her.  He was not exerting himself too much, and he had a pretty well developed upper body probably as a result of the rowing, but she could hear him wheezing.  As she looked at his stomach, she could see the strain of his diaphragm as it was working overtime to contract hard enough to fill his lungs with air that just did not exist in his world.


Lily saw houses ahead.  She had no idea where to tell the boater to let her off.  She would just have to follow her instincts.  There were more and more villagers visible along the banks of the river.  They were engaged in their activities of daily living drawing water from the contaminated river to wash laundry.  Some were filling pails and toting them back home. 


As the villagers got a glimpse of Lily, she got a few, ‘What in the world are you doing here?’ looks.


Lily was used to it and knew that once they understood that she was there to offer help, they would warm up to her.


A home up ahead had many people outside mingling in fervor.  Lily indicated to the boater that is where she wanted to go.  She exited the boat and gave the guy a sizable tip.  She then cautiously and meekly began to walk towards the house.  Lily stood out like a sore thumb.  As she approached, everyone stopped what they were doing and stared at her.  It was a very awkward moment.  She put her limited Spanish to work.


“ Estoy aqui a ayudar.  I’m here to help,” Lily offered.


An older lady, who had some type of boils or sores all over her face and arms, came over to Lily.  “Estas aqui para el nacimiento del bebe?”  She asked.


The only word that Lily understood was bebe.


Tuwa's thoughts pushed into Lily’s head.  She wants to know if you are there to help deliver the baby.  There is a young woman giving birth right now in the house.


‘Oh my God!  What did I walk into?  I can’t really stomach looking at a birth right now.  I already feel sick from this smelly air.’


Tuwa offered encouragement.  Lily you can do it.  You are destined to be there.  Go into the house.


Lily politely gestured to the elder, ‘may I go in?’


An agreeable nod was given, and Lily walked into the one room house.  A lady in her early twenties was lying on an old tattered mattress.  Her legs were spread a part, displaying a baby’s crowning head at the opening of her vagina.  She was screaming in pain while members of her family were preparing to make the delivery, as there were no doctors, midwives or nurses available.


Even the indoor air was heavy with the smell of gasoline.  There was no escape.  Lily heard a chorus of wheezing, gasping and raspy breathing coming from everyone in the room.  All lungs were compromised and in distress.  The village was just not fit for habitation, but the people had nowhere else to go and no funds to help themselves out of their situation. 


In the few moments that Lily had been in the home, nature had its way, and the baby was pushed forth into the world . . . a girl.  She was very small, pale and limp.  Lily was not sure if the baby was stillborn.  One of the attendees began to slap the bottoms of the baby’s feet and jiggled her to invoke a cry response.  The baby remained silent.  Another lady picked the baby up and put her ear to the baby’s chest. 


“Yo olgo el carazon palpitas!”  She exclaimed. 


They jostled the baby and used a few small rags to clear the amniotic fluid out of the newborn’s nose and mouth. 


Finally, the baby heaved in a deep breath and let out a small squeaky cry.  Her first breath assaulted her brand new delicate lungs with toxic fumes.  Her crying became more and more vigorous as her lungs searched for oxygen.  It was her birthright to be able to breathe in a healthy dose of clean air, but all her world had to offer her were noxious fumes complements of the big oil company.


Two women attended to the mother with the delivery of the afterbirth and getting the mother cleaned up.  Another woman prepared to bathe the baby so that she could be presented to her mother.  A teen girl came into the house with a basin of water drawn from the river.  Floating on top of the water was an oily rainbow swirl.  A cloth was dipped into the water and the amniotic fluid was washed from the baby’s face and body.


Lily’s heart sank.  'Her first bath on her newborn skin was with contaminated water.  This is a crime!'  Lily thought.  She did not blame the people, because it was the only source of water that they had.  Lily was angry that she had left her backpack on the saucer, and she had in it clean bottled water that she could have shared.  Lily looked across to the mother.  There was some tearing of the vaginal wall during the delivery.  A basin of river water was also used to clean up her tattered wounds.


‘The mother could get an infection and die with the contaminated water used on her open tissue.’


Lily had been a fly on the wall during all of the frenzied activity.   Tuwa was one step ahead of what she knew Lily would ask for.  Via telepathy, Tuwa informed Lily that alcohol, water and other supplies were on the way.  Tuwa had to go to a nearby town to retrieve them and would drop them off behind the house so that the baby and mother could be properly attended to.


Can we take them to a doctor?’  Lily asked Tuwa.


Remember, Lily, free will.  If she wants to go we can help her.  She and her village were future quested just as the rest of the world, so they may trust us, but we would have to take them in the niterider far away to find medical help.  The challenge is that within a hundred mile area here, there are five other women in labor who will experience the same thing.  It has been happening here for nearly forty years now.  We can help those in need, but the lack of medical care and contaminated conditions is a chronic problem here.


Tuwa, I’ll take the supplies now for here, and we can make the rounds to the others.


Lily and Tuwa transported other laboring mothers and newborns to medical facilities.  At the end of the day, Lily's emotions were dejected and spent.  She knew that something drastic needed to be done.


Lily forgot that she had the diamond in her fanny pack attached to her waist. Her attention to the gem popped the acronym into her mind . . . G.E.M. go the extra mile.


She knew it was an abominable atrocity to leave the people of the Ecuadorian villages in the toxic environment.  


 “Can the nightrider go the distance from here to take us to Mumbai in India?”  Lily asked Tuwa.


 “We can go where ever you’d like, Lily.”


“I want to visit the diamond trading markets there.  I have a big score to settle.”


 “Let’s go get it done!”  Tuwa exclaimed


Tuwa was in tune with what Lily’s intentions were for the diamond given to her by the Wise One.


In two hours time, they arrived in India at the world’s largest diamond district.  Lily demanded to speak to the head person in charge of a prominent diamond brokerage firm.  She presented her huge heart shaped gem.  A team at the firm inspected it with all sorts of gadgets.


“This diamond is flawless!  The size has never ever been seen before!  Where did you get this from?” The team barraged Lily with questions in amazement.


“I got it from Azibo.  That’s where Tuwa and all of the other Intergalactic Visitors are from.  I want to sell this diamond.”


“Its size is beyond any diamond that we’ve ever had to put a value on.  It is cut perfectly, so to piece it off would do this work of art an injustice.  I’m sure I’ll have to get multiple investors in on this.  I don’t think one person could afford to buy this on their own.  Let me see what I can do for you.  Do you mind if I photograph it so that I can send photos on the Internet to prospective buyers?”


“That’s fine.”


The diamond’s image traveled around the world in light speed on the web.  Interest in the exquisite stone rapidly caused bidding wars.  At the end of the day, Lily was a multimillionaire.


Lily opened up several international bank accounts and divided up the funds.  She had big plans.


                                             Chapter 33


Because of the depressed financial markets all around the world, land and real estate was very cheap.  Lily returned to the Amazon and in a few weeks time had purchased ten square miles of the rainforest.  The location was far from the environmental disaster of the Ecuadorian villages.  The land was green with streams of clear water flowing through it and was the perfect place to relocate the villagers.


Lily gathered the help of the Intergalactic Visitors to assist her in immediately transporting and installing solar home kits to her newly purchased land.  The solar homes were prefabricated and ready to assemble.  Electricity was instant once the sun shined upon it.  It would be temporary housing for the tens of thousands of environmental refugees who lived in the uninhabitable toxic land.


Lily returned to the village where she witnessed a new life come into the world.  ‘Never again will another child be born into such hideous circumstances!' Lily exclaimed in her mind.


Lily asked Tuwa to send a telepathic invitation to the villagers.

Tuwa complied.


You no longer have to drink unsafe water, breathe toxic gas fumes or have your skin burned and pocked by toxic chemicals.  There is a land prepared for you that is clean and free from contamination.  Everyone can come with us to your new home.  We have temporary housing right now, but at least you won’t have to spend another day on this offensive land.  We have volunteers who will soon come from all over the world to help you to settle in and to establish more permanent communities.  We have special transports from Azibo that can take you to your new home right now.  If you’d like to go, gather your things and head to where the spacecrafts are docked.


A vision of the new homestead was given to them after Tuwa’s mind speech.


The oil barons came and sucked the black gold out of their homestead.  All the inhabitants got out of the deal was forty years of living in a toxic wasteland. The villagers were in a frenzy gathering their families and portable items to head for the waiting spacecraft.  At last they were rescued!  Lily and Tuwa would also make the same offer to other neighboring villages.