Eco-Novel, Bee Quiet! Written to inspire the world to go green!

Chapters 43-45


Chapter 43


Lily jumped through a lot of hoops to speed up the groundbreaking process to her new solar panel factory in Woodlawn.  The community needed jobs and the world needed solar panels posthaste.  In three months time, land was excavated and the foundation was being poured for her new dream come true.  Lily was at the site every day to personally oversee that the construction project was handled in a green and environmentally responsible manner from start to finish.


One day when Lily was at the construction site, she had an uneasy feeling.  She always knew to go with her gut.  She could feel that something was off kilter, but what?  She was conferring with the site manager over blueprints, and she could see from the corner of her eye a person slowly approaching her.  She turned her head in the direction of the creeping person and saw that it was Mabel.


Mabel was just as disheveled as ever.  Her face looked very gaunt and weary.  She was very weak and her steps were unsure.  Lily reached out to give a sympathetic hug.  Mabel collapsed to the ground right on top of Lily’s feet.  The construction workers rushed over to try and assist Mabel up.  She refused to stand, so they backed off.


“It’s OK.  It’s OK,” Lily said to the workers.  “She’s too worn out to stand.”


“Shall I call an ambulance?”  The foreman asked.  Mabel waved him off, with a  ‘no’.


“What’s going on, Mabel?”  Lily exclaimed.


“I haven’t had a fix in a couple days.  My body doesn’t know how to deal with that.” 


“Are you trying to quit?  Are you trying to kick the habit?” 


Mabel nodded her head, ‘yes.’


“You look famished and dehydrated.  Are you sure you don’t want to go to the hospital?”


“No, I just walked out of there.  I’ve seen you here work’n.  You didn’t ever see me because I was over there in the alley.”


Mabel weakly pointed her finger to an alley one block away from where they stood.  She was distraught and at the end of her rope. 


Mabel began to cry.  “I can’t make it!  I’m a die!”


“Mabel, the sidewalk here is no place for you to be.  I’ll bring you to my house so you can get something to eat and maybe take a hot bubble bath and rest up.”


Lily signaled to a couple of brawny workers to come assist Mabel to Lily’s car. When they got to Lily’s house, Lily had to guide Mabel up every step to enter her home.  They went into the bathroom.  Lily had Mabel to sit on a vanity stool while she drew water for Mabel’s bath.


“Mabel, can you take your clothes off so that you can take a nice bath?”


Mabel made a feeble attempt to disrobe.  Her shell-shocked state of mind rendered her with the emotional and functional level of a three-year-old child.  Lily had to take over and do for Mabel what she could not do for herself.  Lily managed to get Mabel undressed.  The odor from a body unwashed for weeks made Lily feel nauseous.  Flakes of dirt and dead skin fell from the soiled tattered clothes.  Lily held Mabel’s hands as she stepped into the tub.  All Mabel could do was lay in the water.  Lily grabbed and folded a towel to cushion Mabel’s head from the hard rim of the tub.


“How’s the temperature of the water?”  Lily asked.


Mabel’s eyes dazed and half closed gave one nod that it was OK.


Lily gathered Mabel’s clothes and placed them in the bathroom’s garbage can.


 “I have a sweatshirt and pants that you can wear while you are here.”


“K,” Mabel throated.


Lily grabbed a washcloth and put some liquid lavender soap on it.


“Can you wash yourself?” 


“I’ll try.”


Lily held the cloth, but Mabel did not have the energy to reach for it.  Lily then placed it in Mabel’s hand.


“Here, can you wash your face?’


The motion of Mabel’s nearly lifeless hands barely made contact with her face.  Lily knew that she would not be able to bathe herself as she had no strength.


Lily took over the task to bathe Mabel from face to toe.  Mabel’s hair was so matted that Lily suggested that the hair be cut down to the roots.


“I don’t care,” Mabel whispered.


“I really hate to do this.”  Lily took a pair of ordinary scissors from the vanity drawer and began to cut Mabel’s hair.  “I can have a beautician make it look more neater later.  In the meantime, I have some scarves and baseball hats that you can wear.”




Lily was done with what she could do to get Mabel clean.


“Are you able to stand up so that you can come out of the tub?”


“Don’t know.  I’ll try.” 


The two struggled to get Mabel to a standing position.  Lily helped her to towel off and get dressed.  She escorted Mabel to a spare bedroom.


“Here you lay down.  I know that bath took a lot out of you.  I’m going to the kitchen to fix something for you to eat and drink.  You need to get your energy back.” 




Lily put a sandwich, potato salad, grapes and fruit juice on a tray.  She brought it to Mabel, who with weak, shaking hands from withdrawal, began to eat.


Lily went back to the bathroom to clean it up.  She pulled the plug to the tub and began to sweep and mop the floor.  The bath water had drained, and a thick layer of dirt, hair, feces and skin coated the bottom of the tub.  Lily stood still and stared at it.  ‘What a metaphor,’ she thought.  The sludge was a representation of a failed capitalistic society. 


She took the dustpan to scoop up the cast-off remains and let the wet goop drip into the garbage can.  She used her eco-friendly detergents to finish cleaning the tub.


Lily went into the bedroom to check on Mabel.  She had taken a few bites of her food and drank all of the juice.


“You must have been more thirsty than hungry, huh?  You want more juice to drink?”


“No, not right now.  Thank you.  I don’t eat that often.  I get full real quick.” 


“So, you say you are trying to get clean now.  Do you really mean that?”


“Yeah, I do.  I’m half dead now.  My fight to live is getting weaker by the day.  I have one ounce of strength left to try and save myself.”


“There are no accidents in the Universe,” Lily whispered to herself.


“What?”  Mabel asked.


“Mabel, I think the Universe meant for our paths to cross.  There must be some grand reason or purpose that we have met.  I believe that.”


Mabel’s low self-worth spoke through her lips.  “I ain’t no good to nobody, not even myself.  I don’t have a purpose.”


Lily got very firm.  “Yeah, you do!  You just don’t know it yet.  My offer still stands if you want to go to that faith-based drug rehab center.”


Mabel laid there with her head resting on soft pillows and her body nestled in between the warm cozy covers.  It felt good to be in a real bed.  It gave her a sense of normalcy.  She had been so out of touch with “normal” living that the basic pleasure of being in a comfortable bed was motivating.


“I need to do something.  I really, really can’t keep going on like this.  I’m at my limit.”


“I can make the arrangements, and I’ll pay for it.  And let me sweeten the deal.  If you get clean, I’ll have a job waiting for you at the solar plant.  I’ll even help you to get situated in an apartment.  You can get back on your feet with the rehab program.  It will work, if you open your mind and heart to let it work.”


Mabel felt a pinpoint of hope for herself.  “I’ll give it a try.  It’s real nice of you to do this, Lily.”


Mabel began to tear up.  “Thank you!”


Lily was very empathetic.  “I’ll call now to make the arrangements.  You get some rest, and let me know if you need anything else.  OK?”




Lily made a few calls, and a bed at the rehab center would be ready for Mabel the next day.


In the morning, with the drive of hope, Mabel had the energy to take a shower by herself.  Lily packed a few outfits from her closet and gave them to Mabel to take to the rehab facility.  The two sat and had a good hot breakfast.  Mabel’s withdrawal symptoms were beginning to increase.  It was a good thing she had a place to go where she could get help and get started on her road to recovery.



                                                   Chapter 44



The Johnstone clan had put the word out on the street that more gas would be made available on a specified date and that they arranged for closed gas stations to reopen.  In the cover of night, gas station pumps were replenished and cars still fitted with gas engines, filled up their tanks with $8.00 a gallon fuel.  The boys were back!


When daybreak came, the streets were full of traffic, as people couldn't wait to get behind the wheel to resume some of their routines.  Police officers stopped to check the permits of as many cars as they could.  The bogus birthday permits were sold in packs that contained a false driver license that matched the date on the fake birthday permit. The packs were good for only a one-time use, and people could buy as many packs as they could afford.  The information from the forged IDs was intergraded into the state’s DMV system, so that when an officer retrieved the information it appeared legitimate.  It was too confusing for law enforcement to figure out on the spot which licenses and permits were real verses, which ones were not.  Clearly something was not right. 


The police and National Guard tried to control the onslaught of cars by closing down expressways and main thoroughfares.  Side streets then became the major arteries for cars and there just were not enough law enforcement officers to cover the hundreds of side streets.


It got out of hand very quickly.  Manufactures fed up with the restricted time given for electricity usage jumped in on the retaliation plan and began to operate outside of the refit plan’s time regulated parameters.  The CO2 began to spew again.  The general public wanted to get back to the pre-refit days.  They were tired of being inconvenienced by the refit constraints and wanted to resume their live-for-the-day lifestyles.  Just about all of the rules that defined the Green Refit Plan were ignored.  Old habits die-hard.


Some progress had been made in the six months since the Green Refit Plan’s implementation.  But the benefits had not trickled down to the average citizen to make it worth their effort to maintain compliance.  There was no staying power.  The future quest was a distant and forgotten memory.  Some countries seeing the Untied States fall off of the plan followed the Yankee example and fell apart too. 


The public disconnected themselves from the responsibility to aid in the Earth’s healing and returned to what was normal and comfortable.  They failed to stretch their vision and intelligence to realize that they were compounding the environmental problem by quitting the plan.  The government tried its best to get the average citizen to comply with the refit plan, but officials were outnumbered thousands to one.    


A few riots broke out as the quitters had to deal with the diehard committed Earth changers.  To the disgrace of the human race, the Green Revolution was derailed.  The non-compliant citizens created a CO2 run away train.  The air became heavy to breathe once again and reached the CO2 saturation levels to those of 2009.


The human Intergalactic Visitor members gathered in Sedona, Arizona to meet.  They were outraged that the Green Refit Plan had collapsed.


“Can you believe this!?  How can we solve this climate crisis if people don’t follow through with the plan?  The air is already horrible again in most metropolitan areas,” one climatologist commented.


“People can’t make some adjustments in their lives to save their own asses?  Six months is not going to cure our environmental emergency.  It’s a long-term commitment.  Do people have to start dropping dead by the thousands in order to understand the seriousness of what we are facing here?” A fellow member said.


“It is already too late!  We only had one shot at this.  This was our Hail Mary chance, and now it’s blown.  It will be impossible to get back.  Maybe the Intergalactic Visitors can help us out with some type of solution,” Lily stated.


“No, I don’t think so.  They are hands off.  It was up to us to solve all of our problems,” Sam said.


Sam summoned Stony, who was in the Pacific Ocean off of the coast of Southern California.  On a niterider, it would only take him ten minutes to get to Arizona. 


Tuwa was already in Arizona on a reservation.  She sensed Lily’s angst and came to meet with the Intergalactic Visitor human counterparts.


Stony and other alien mentors had arrived to meet with the group as well.  Sam briefed him on the refit collapse.  Stony was not a very patient being, and he had a tell it like it is demeanor.  He freely expressed his disdain for human behavior. 


“How predictable!  Most of your people can’t even focus on a collective world crusade and give up a few creature comforts to save your own planet!  If you could only see yourselves, spewing toxins into the air and into your water.  We thought that man would pull together and get the Earth cleaned up.  This was your last and only chance.  The future of your species is damned and doomed!  A constant law in the Universe is for every action there is an opposite reaction.  Man’s actions over the past one hundred and fifty years have been an ever-escalating rate of pollution.  The Earth’s reaction is certain environmental collapse.  It’s been in your face for decades now, and you continue on with the polluting routines of life as if you are not in a state of global emergency.  Not only that, you add to the problem daily by increasing MORE greenhouse gas output. 


“Earth and humans are an interesting yet sad study for many interplanetary travelers.  A polluted world is reflective of polluted minds.  Sick in the head from unyielding addictions to stuff and literally from the toxins that you live in and create for yourselves.  You are willing to live daily in your own filth.  There aren’t any intergalactic asylums out there to snap you out of that mental haze.”


‘Damn!’  Lily thought.  ‘We’re the good guys, and we are getting cussed out.’


Lily had accomplished many things, but with Stony’s rant, she felt like a failure.  All of her efforts were useless because the majority of the world did not take the climate crisis seriously.  Her good deeds were matched to thousands of counter productive inactive deeds.  Now her fate and the fate of others who were green warriors was going to be sealed with the environmental sins of the complacent majority. 


Lily asked Stony a desperate question.  “Stony, where is God in all of this?  You all are more spiritually developed.  How come God doesn’t help us solve this problem?”


 “God gave man dominion over the Earth…NOT the authority to defile, decimate, deforest, destroy, disrespect and desecrate the Earth!  The collective human consciousness is that everyone wants to make a buck despite the disastrous effects it may have on the planet.  Profit before planet has been man’s modus operandi.  Man does not seem to care if other living species are going extinct a thousand times faster than would occur naturally.  These accelerated extinctions are directly caused by your poor environmental habits, and man has done next to nothing to give up his creature comforts to slow down the root cause of your planets demise. 


 “We, the Intergalactic Visitors, have come here to try and help organize the world with an emergency action plan to quickly stabilize your environment.  Your true to heart green warriors are too few in the world.  God’s law is free will too … free choice to follow his laws or not to follow his laws.  But!  There are consequences for choices.  It appears to me as an outsider looking in that man’s choice is mass suicide.  You all are trying to gas yourselves to death, and you are taking out as much biodiversity with you as possible.  You all have your own saying:  “God helps those who help themselves.”  Instead of decreasing bad habits that got you in this crisis in the first place, your care-less habits increase daily.  How is that showing God that you are trying to be the solution to the problem?  Man could have come together, worked together, rejoiced together in saving your world form certain disaster made from YOUR own bountiful destructive hands.  But NO!  You all are in a deep sleep to who you really are spiritually.  Your collective psyche is so entrenched in your manufactured things that your stuff has become your God.  All the razzle-dazzle ‘got-to-haves’ are the graven idols of the twenty first century.  You love your ‘stuff’ so much that Earth and generations be damned because in this moment you don’t have the will or staying power to give up things.  Your things have power over you to the point that you would LET your planet die to keep the covenant with your things.  Your attention and focus is on the outer and not on magnifying the Flame of God at the seat of your Soul.  If the majority of the world lived from that authentic place, the world would not be in the state of emergency that it is in right now.  There would be more love and concern for other living species.  Man would be more benevolent to each other in a perfect spiritually centered world.  There are a lot of you out there who do care and have put aside the worldly must-haves to reduce your carbon footprint which IS the mark of the beast.”


Stony’s last statement hit the human attendees like a ton of bricks.  They were stunned.


“What?!  The mark of the beast is our carbon footprint?  We thought it was 666.  Some even thought the barcode was the mark of the beast,” Sam said to his mentor.


Stony explained his statement.  “Every twenty minutes the very last living being of a species dies off into extinction … the very last one.  No more of it’s kind to ever be seen again on this Earth.  God’s bountiful expressions of diverse life wiped out forever!  It’s extinction directly correlated to man’s collective STOMP on the world.  Man is the beast that burdens the world.  Man has the nuclear devices that can destroy this planet a thousand times over.  When you left Azibo, you all saw the remnants of planets that self destructed when they went nuclear.  Humans are sitting around looking and speculating when and how Armageddon will happen, and you don’t even realize that Armageddon began about one hundred and fifty years ago when that first puff of saturated artificially created CO2 vapor exited from the newborn machines of the Industrial Revolution.


“The weapons of mass destruction are the devices that convert heavy laden fossil fuels into the deadly CO2 that is destroying the world.  What?!  has been more destructive of the biodiversity of land, water and sky in human history?  Your factory smokestacks and vehicle tail pipes are the devil’s nostrils by which he exhales his deadly poisonous breath for the entire world to breathe.  You all are looking for some big single dramatic event to occur to signal Armageddon, but it has been happening right under your noses for several generations.  Quietly yet steadily insidiously wiping out life from the Earth in an accepted haze.  This haze has duped man into believing that industry and economic progress has greater value over the sustainable condition of the environment.  The checks and balances on the ledgers of your accountants’ books are more important than maintaining the delicate balance of the planet’s sensitive ecosystems.  Your CO2 habits have caused the extinction of hundreds of thousands of other Earth life forms.  Now the Angel of Death is knocking at man’s door.  Now man, the executioner, wants to be pardoned.  Why should God save man?  Man has lived high on the hog of fossil fuel gluttony.  Man had the chance to cooperate with the world emergency refit plan and let the world relax and rebalance.  But, you couldn’t do it.  The majority could not stick to the plan.  Man wants what he wants when he wants it and to hell with whatever interferes with that, even the interference of his own children’s future and the survival of the human species.


“I have been here for two hundred years.  I have witnessed the rise of the Industrial Revolution and the direct resulting fall of your world’s sustainability.  It makes me sick that humans have allowed the destruction of the environment to get this far out of control.”


Stony looked at Sam and the others.  “You represent the good guys.  You have wanted to make a positive change in this world to rescue it from the self-inflected greenhouse gas death chamber.  But your species as a whole has failed in its rescue attempt.  I am closing the files on this two-century study, and I am going back to my planet.  I am going to come back in thirty years, and I’m sure your extinction level habits will have caught up with you.


“To Sam, and all of you here, I will extend an invitation to you to leave with me tonight and journey with me back to my planet.  You all are dedicated Earth crusaders.  We should clone all of you into a massive green warrior army.  But!  We have a hands off, no interference rule.  You all are going to have to wake up your fellowman and energize them into action to change habits and get this place cleaned up!”


The human member knew that Stony was right.  The world refit attempt only lasted for a few months.  The inconveniences out-weighed the world’s desire to fix the climate problem.  How could they get the majority of the people to retry and complete what they had started?  There were millions of people still out there executing tasks for the refit.  Their spirits were steadfast and focused.  But for every dedicated green warrior there were about a thousands others who failed to do their part.  The world was already at the cusp to the point of no return where the run away train of total worldwide climate meltdown was a few short years away.


Lily’s emotions were totally deflated.  She turned to her mentor.  “Tuwa.  Is this it?  Is man really at the end of the road?”


Tuwa tried to offer Lily some comfort.  “Stony was quite enraged.  I can understand his frustration because he has seen man go from horse and buggy to space shuttles.  He just doesn't like it that your world is about to collapse, and there is no self control or staying power by the majority to do anything about what is happening.  All of you here are some of the most brilliant minds on your planet.  We will just have to try to come up with a plan “B”.  Why don’t we take a break for now, rest, and then all regroup in the morning.”


Everyone agreed to rest and tackle the problem with a cleared head the next day.


That evening Stony’s spacecraft emerged from the Pacific Ocean near Catalina Island.  Stony and his fellow species of Earth observers flew off into space.  Only three human Intergalactic Visitor members, who had no family ties, joined the space travelers back to their planet.  Sam’s mentor was gone.


Many of the Intergalactic Visitor mentors for the human members were present at the Sedona meeting.  The aliens had come to the consensus that their presence was a deterrent for humans to progress towards sticking to the Green Refit Plan.  The mind-reads that they conducted revealed that most people thought that the aliens would provide an environmental bailout.  They informed their human members that they too would be leaving Earth the next day.


“So, all of you are going to skip out on us?  We will really be left to fend for ourselves,” Müller said to his mentor.


“Even those of you here with us partially view us as a security blanket.  We have just been passive observers over these past few months.  We feel that people are more laxed to take action because they think we will ultimately rescue Earth.  We cannot interfere with the evolutionary or the de-evolutionary outcomes for what you collectively have set into motion.  You will have a better chance at compliance if we leave.  Through your consciousness we will know what is going on.  Today will be our final time together,” Müller’s mentor stated.


The human Intergalactic Visitor counter-parts felt hopeless.  The world did not listen to them before, and now they knew that the world as a whole could not stick to a world saving plan.  It seemed impossible that the green plan could be reinstated and enforced.  The world did not have the discipline or the drive to stick to it.  That was it for man and the other inhabitants of the world.



Chapter 45


Lily, Sam and a handful of other Intergalactic Visitor members discussed the situation over breakfast.


“Everyone on the planet was future quested.  We all experienced where the world is headed if we don’t eliminate greenhouse gases and reduce our gouging on the Earth.  The entire planet knows what is at stake here. The decline and decay of the environment is silent but collectively lethal and is accelerating every day as people all over the world continue to release more toxins and pollution.  The aliens have come to wake us up, and we still have our heads stuck in the sand with the environment collapsing down on our butt.  I don’t blame Stony and his crew for leaving.  Maybe man is a lost cause,” Lily commented.


“Oh, Lily, come on!  There is a growing movement towards saving the environment.  We can’t let the refit dropouts defeat our efforts to green the planet,” one member commented.


“I’m just so damn frustrated that the majority of people just don’t get it, and I understand there are thousands of new environmental and social justice groups out there who are trying to effect a positive change. Those groups may only represent 10% of the world’s population.  That leaves 90% of the world still not doing their part to help mend the wounds,” Lily said.


“The world economy has been on the verge of collapse for years now.  Manufacturers are afraid of going out of business. Our whole Western society is based on consumption. The refit was not about taking away business; it was about switching the energy source to make manufacturing cleaner.  The refit was also to expand the possibilities of reusing recycled material so that natural resources could be preserved.  Yes, people are stuck in their ways of doing things and are resistant to change.  But, businesses that have gone green have had record profits by customers who want Earth-friendly products and services. There is a market for that!   It’s a matter of redesigning and overhauling business practices to make them green, not to eliminate businesses.  More businesses need to realize this,” a fellow member said.


“Of course, I’m one of them.  My solar panel plant is as green as it can get, and I’m very proud of that.  I know there are people out there who want the totally green lifestyle if businesses will provide it.  This is the necessity for the future.  There is already enough manufactured stuff in the world to last for decades. The problem is it’s in landfills as garbage,” Lily said.


Sam chimed in.  “The bottom line is we have no choice left but for the whole world to go green.” Sam paused and looked at Lily in a very solemn way.  “I hope to be a father one day.  But how can I in good conscious bring a child into this environmentally unstable world?  I mean what kind of conditions would they be living in ten or twenty years from now, if they are able to live at all?”


Lily looked at Sam deeply into his eyes and felt the intentions of his emotions.  She thought that her right to reproduce was jeopardized by a toxic world.  She recalled the toxic umbilical cord blood study by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) that reported there are two hundred toxic chemicals present in babies when they are born.  Children come into the world already tainted with the spoils of man’s bad habits.  It made her think of the book by P.D. James The Children Of Men, a story about when humans could no longer reproduce.  Could our everyday toxins alter our bodies’ chemistry to the point of mass sterility? It was already happening in some species.  It could catch up with man too.


“Again we go back to the question left on the table yesterday,” Lily said. “How can the world be salvaged since people won’t cooperate with the refit mandate?  We are almost at the point of no return, and we do not have the world’s full cooperation to live green.  We have forsaken ourselves against God.  Stony was right, our dominion over the Earth has been disaster to the Earth.” 


Tuwa came to Lily to offer a few comforting and soothing strokes to her head and back.  Sam also came over to hold Lily in his arms.  A room full of the world’s most brilliant geniuses fell silent.  Despite all of their best efforts, the world continued to have blind eyes, deaf ears and duped noses to the green changes that needed to take place.  It would take an act of God to turn the minds of the world, green. 


Being witness to the heavy, bleak defeated mood, Tuwa offered her human family questions to ponder for the answer.  “What does everyone have in common on the face of this planet?  Regardless of race, color, nationality, culture, religious beliefs; what is the common denominator in every living thing in the Universe?”


The silence remained for a moment. Müller offered, “All living things are created by God.  You, our intergalactic mentors, have confirmed that and are in agreement that God created all that is.”


“Yes, that is an absolute universal truth,” Tuwa answered.


“It’s that spark of God within us all, God’s Infinite Energy that animates our lives.  It’s our Soul.  Our Soul is that part of us that can make sense out of chaos,” Lily stated.


“That’s general knowledge.  Most people know that. We all know we have a Soul, but how does that solve our climate problem?” One member commented.


Sam had the full answer.  “Our Lights are under a bushel.  We have migrated away from the realization of who we really are. We are asleep and have been outwardly focused in the world trying to keep up with the proverbial Jones’. The world needs to wake up! Our collective slumber has caused the manifestation of a dirty world. 


“Our need to get satisfaction from all of the things of the world has created a cycle of consumption and the ruin of the Earth’s resources.  There are so many lost Souls sleep walking in the wilderness of materialism making the things of the physical world their total reality.  Soul satisfaction and fulfillment does not come from manufactured stuff where moth and dust can destroy and thieves can steal. These graven idols will fail us every time.  Things are fleeting.  They are here today and gone tomorrow.  People may get a little satisfaction, but then become bored, and then something else is needed to take the things place.  Pretty soon, everyone will need an endless assembly line of pacifying things coming at them to keep them happy.  Multiply this by 6.5 billion people and what’s left for the planet to give?  The world can’t keep supplying the material resources to fill man’s forgotten empty Soul.”


Sam’s psyche became heightened as he began to come into this own deeper realization of what Soul really meant to him.


His human colleagues postured themselves into more relaxed positions.  They were inspired by Sam’s reflective words and were beginning to understand the bottom line root cause as to why the world has allowed and accepted the current declining conditions. 


Sam continued his reflections. “Manufactured stuff adds nothing to the Soul’s magnification.  All of the frivolous, nonsense that people continually and exclusively give their attention to act as perpetual distractions that keep the Soul’s Light under a bushel. 


“Deep true everlasting happiness and satisfaction comes from Soul/God. Soul is with us every second of every day. It is easily accessed at anytime with prayer, meditation, acknowledgment and visitation.  Soul doesn’t cost a dime but is abundant in payoff via the Fruits of the Spirit.  Life has to be lived from the inside out.  In this way, the things of the Earth can be enjoyed, but not be the all and end all.  Only Soul/God is all-and-all.  Soul IS your everything.  It is the life that courses through your body in which you live move and have your being. Without Soul there is no you.  But who can think about Soul in a world full of outer distractions?


“When our attention and intentions are focused on Soul/God, then the transitory fleeting things of the world become less important in our lives.  Man can then realize that the need for a ceaseless assembly line of stuff leading to our doorstep is no longer necessary.  The superficial gives way to the supernatural, dissatisfaction gives way to Soul-satisfaction.  Emptiness is fulfilled with spiritual substance. When individuals can reconnect to their Authentic Selves in the core of their being, then the world can truly have a chance at change. Until man can derive satisfaction from the inside out and reduce the need and desire for stuff for fulfillment, there will be no rest for the Earth and zero chance that the climate crisis can get turned around.  We need some soldiers for taking charge and making the green change happen.  We need Soul’Jahs, people who live from their Soul for God (Jah). . . . . Green Soul’Jahs.


“Man has a choice.  We can either be the last generations of man, or we can become the Earth-greening generation.  The choice is ours right here right now. This century is barely a decade old.  As we have all experienced in the future quest we’ve got about fifty years left or less before the last one of us disappears forever from Earth.  Man is not excluded from becoming extinct and our karma demerits are more than accumulated for that to be our end.


“We have a green change-over that must take place right now.  We started it under a world law, and it needs to be completed.  We need everyone living today to do their part. This is not a situation where only a few can volunteer, step up and take dutiful responsibility.  The greening of the Earth is the responsibility of every breathing Soul (and reader) who occupies space.  If you don’t like the world that has been inherited thus far, what do you think it will be like in 5-10 years from now if we keep with our mass inaction?  What will our children have to deal with?  It’s time to get cracking out there on the environmental battlefield.  We won’t let the weak collapse the Green Refit Plan.  We are going to have to be the green foot Soul‘Jah’s now to make the changes that the Earth needs”


Tuwa intervened.  “I have an idea of how you can communicate with the world.  If you do it by a broadcast, people generally look at it, get the information but don’t think that what is being said applies to them.  We have another tool for communication that we can offer… individual holograms.  This can be our last offer of help to you before we all go back to our respective planets.”


“That sounds good,” Sam said.  “How does it work?


“What we’ll have to do is to gather all of the human Intergalactic Visitor

 members and have them put together what is desired to communicate.  We can make full body holograms of each member who can then speak to people one-to-one.  It may be more effective to get cooperation.  You’ll even be able to speak to the quitters and people who never started.”


The plan was executed.  All of the human members were made into holograms and their image appeared that night to each individual on the planet over the age of thirteen with this message:


“As you know the Green Refit Plan has failed and millions of people all around the world have ended their compliance.  These mandates were not to take away individual freedoms.  The plan was for us collectively preserve what planet we have left that is not contaminated.  The plan was intended to be an insurance policy for sustainable resources for the children living now and for the generations to come.  We have to get back on track because this is our only shot at turning climate change around.  We have to be the Earth greening generation.  It is our duty.  It is the condition of the time that we are born into.  We have to make it happen.  We are in crisis mode.  Inaction is not an option.  Children are depending on our perseverance.  This is real.  It is not make believe.  On the surface, the sky is blue and the clouds are white.  But, chemically there are deadly alterations happening that is causing the extinction of species by the hundreds everyday.  Living beings can’t continue to exist in toxic environments. The health of humans is compromised from the poisons in the soil, water and air.   We are the only ones who can stop our habits from ruining these natural resources that we need in which to live.  We can’t give up now.


“I’m speaking to you one-on-one to appeal to you to get back to recycling, reducing and reusing.  Get back to eating less meat.  These two combined lifestyle changes will help to reduce methane, which as you know is a lethal greenhouse gas to our environment.  We can’t drive the gas-filled cars en masse any longer.  The refit is to begin to turn off the coal burning power plants and factories to cut down on CO2 production as well.  If we keep going like we have been, the wealthiest employers in the world will be the undertakers, cemetery plot-diggers and casket-makers.  We have all been future quested.  We all know what we are in for.  Our resources and climate will collapse.  We have the ability to stop it right now.  If you are eating food, breathing air and drinking water then you absolutely have the responsibility to press forward and live a green lifestyle.  This is the only option when living on a dying planet.  Otherwise all will be lost, and we won’t be able to get it back.  Each day of inaction that goes by is another day lost and another day for the environment to get worse.  So, stop letting those negative naysayers and spin-doctors twist your head and aid them in their plot to continue to ruin the Earth’s resources.  Dig down deep within yourself and grab hold to some staying power for a worthy cause . . . your life.  If you think your life is not worth living or saving, then keep the course of inaction of the refit rebels.  But if you want to live and have your children live to thrive in a cleaner world that will support their future, then let’s get back on track.  Stand up and be a Soul‘Jah for the environments rescue and emancipation from our toxic habits.  The world needs you to be a Green Soul‘Jah someone who loves God and the Earth.  A Soul’Jah who will do what it takes to help the planet thrive and renew.  The Earth needs your mind, hands and feet to facilitate the ushering in of the Green Revolution. No war was ever won without a battle plan.  The refit collapse may be a lost battle, but let’s get back in it to win the war against environmental terrorism that has been unchecked for so long.  Mother Earth is chemically abused, and we must aid her rescue.  So, let’s get it started again.  Let’s stick with it until our goal for a cleaner world is accomplished.  Soul’Jah! You have the muscle, intelligence and fortitude to make it happen.  In the end, you can stand tall and proud and be saluted for the mission being accomplished.”


After the one-on-one holograms, people all over the world had something to really think about.  Choices had to be made.  Does one continue to side with the refit rebels and backslide into habits of mass inaction to pre-refit levels, or does one decide to switch the method of delivering creature comforts that reflect better habits which are healthier for the planet?  Time would tell.


Little by little, the gas powered car activity reduced; more recycling bins were filled for pick up in the alleys and at curbsides.  Restaurants, hotels, hospitals, school lunch programs and everyday citizens began to enjoy more vegetarian meals.  Natural, chemical free products became the dominant and preferred choices of consumers.  Homeowners routinely line-dried their laundry in the sun and had dedicated sections in their yards just for vegetable and fruit gardens.


The young people understood the importance of the Green Refit Plan.  It was their future that was on the line.  Elementary, high school and college students pushed and pressed their parents for refit compliance. 


Parents realized that their entrenched habits of consumption and waste had to stop as those lifestyle choices would indeed leave a much harsher world for their children to live in.


Parents banned together and formed green activist groups.  They were not going to sit around and allow corporate agendas and profit margins decide the fate of the Earth.  They took charge and progressed the green agenda towards becoming a reality.  No big CO2 breathing corporate bullies were going to pick on their kid’s future. 


If the ship is going down, the kids are saved first.  Parents were serious and dedicated with all hands on deck to physically change and clean the world.  They realized cleanliness extended beyond the four walls and foundations of their homes and expanded to included the world.  The sustainable necessities of life needed to remain intact for their children.  Just as parents develop super human powers to lift a car off of a crushed child, super human determination was to lift this massive environmental burden off the children's future.  


Parents began to teach their children sustainable lifestyles. You don’t need five pairs of gym shoes.  One pair will do until a replacement is warranted.  Excessive consumptions consume the life out of kids’ futures.  They learned to live on less, have what is needed versus getting everything that they want. When six billion people get everything they want, it kills the planet.  The vision was caught.  Living more humbly built fortitude, strength and character and in the process, cut down on tantrums.  The value was put back into shared moments and satisfaction of accomplishing goals as a family instead of adding more stuff to substitute a good family feeling.  Paying it forward added to the Earth’s viability bank for the kids’ future use. 


In the United States, Native Americans came from their reservations and into the world to teach the ways of living in harmony with Mother Earth.


Lily had remained in contact with the Native Americans that she had helped in Arizona.  Native Americans from all across North America had met as a group with various tribes to form a Green Renaissance Committee.  The Native American Nation would join the Green Soul’Jah movement.  The Native’s traditional ways of living in harmony with nature worked for thousands of years. They were proud of their heritage and experience in agriculture. They knew how to bring balance back to the Earth via their traditional ways and wanted to share this with the world in the time of the refit collapse.  It was their time to rise and come to the forefront once again to take care of the lands that were once theirs.  In the time of the births and deaths of ten generations, America went from being lightly treaded upon and naturally cared for, to being stomped on, disrespected and chemically altered. They could feel Mother Earth’s angst.  They went into cities, and taught courses at community centers, colleges and churches. They got off the reservations and resumed positions as caregivers of Mother Earth.


As the old fossil fuel energy sources were phased out with the new green renewable energy sources, people began to realize that they weren't missing out on the true joys of life.  The quality of life actually improved with better health.  There was a sense of security that the children could live, grow and have a future in a sustainable world and that the pride and satisfaction that the greatest challenge in the history of the human family was being restored.