Eco-Novel, Bee Quiet! Written to inspire the world to go green!

Chapters 4-6




 Chapter 4



Lily managed to focus on the solar panel project for the majority of the day even though she was now very nervous about the plan to go to the pyramid that night.


At 1:00 a.m., Sr. Rios, Alex and Lily arrived at the pyramid.  The glow of the car’s headlights was the only source of light.  The trapezoid shape protruding against the dark night’s sky had a very stark and forbidding presence.  Alex went to the trunk of the car and pulled out two big flashlights so that they could make their climb to the top of the ancient structure.  He turned them on then went to open Lily’s door to encourage her to come out of the car.  “Come, Lily, we need to go to the top,” Alex gently insisted.


She looked up at him with fear and apprehension.  “You know Alex, it seems like you may have done this before.  I don’t know what the hell I’m doing here.  This is so damn crazy!”


Lily put one foot out then the other.  Alex offered his hand.  She slowly extended hers and out of the car she came.  She could feel her knees shaking and her intestines falling.  “I don’t want to do this,” She protested.  Senior Rios came to her and put his hand on her back to give an encouraging pat.  He did not seem afraid at all.


Both men linked arms with Lily’s to escort her over to the ancient structure.  Lily’s mind was flying a thousand miles a second.  ‘This is not happening to me.’   She then glanced at Rios and Alex, and they were smiling.  She thought, ‘who are these people?  Why are they not afraid to go through with this?’  Her heart was pounding.  She felt like a lamb being lead to the slaughter.  Lily grew very suspicious of the whole unfolding scenario.  Her trust in her newfound friends was fading.


The three arrived at the base of the pyramid, and Sr. Rios sat down on the bottom step.  He signaled for Lily to sit beside him.  She stood there not knowing whether to trust him.  She was in a high fight-or-flight mode and began to think of running off.  She looked to the edges of the pyramid compound, and the only refuge offered was a thicket of jungle in the dark of night.  She could hear a variety of nocturnal creatures chattering among the plants.  Maybe she could wrestle Alex for the keys to the car, hit the main road and drive until she saw some form of modern civilization.


Rios, observing her petrified face, gently grabbed her hand and pulled her closer to the step to sit down.  With apprehension, Lily sat.  Rios signaled to Alex to turn off the flashlights.  He obliged, and they were thrust into total darkness.  Lily had never been so afraid in her entire life.  She looked slowly up the pyramid wall stacked behind her.  The sky was clear and the stars were plentiful and bright. 


“Esta bonita!”  Rios exclaimed with a smile.


Lily was very perturbed at Alex.  “Why aren’t you scared about this?  I’m terrified, and you and Sr. Rios act like this is a walk in the park.”


 “There are a lot of legends in the villages passed down from generation to generation of the ones from space helping us not harming us.  It is said that the ones from the sky helped the ancient Maya with agriculture; astronomy and space travel like we talked about.  They say that garlic, aloe vera and the cocoa plant are gifts from alien beings.”


Lily was stunned.  She was a true blue chocoholic.  She had been given a cocktail table book about chocolate one Christmas.  In the book, it explained that the cocoa plant originated in the very region where she was seated, and that the Mayan translation for the cocoa plant meant “food of the gods.”


“Alex, people all over the world love chocolate and garlic.  Aloe vera is very medicinal.  You’re saying that those plants are from other worlds?”


“That’s what the legend states.  We can’t go back a few thousand years and actually ask our ancestors.  We just take it as the truth.  Do you know this same style of pyramid exists in South America?  Have you ever heard of the Lines of Lima?” 


 “Yes, I have.  They are ancient line carvings in the ground that are the shapes of monkeys, spiders and even a spaceman-like figure.  They can only be seen by planes.  Some believe that they were created to communicate with UFOs.”


“You see, Lily, ancient people accepted and embraced the possibility of other life out there beyond our planet.  From the evidence left behind, contact occurred.”


“I’ve seen many things in the sky myself that I would consider alien craft.  That’s why part of me can believe that I’m sitting here waiting to be picked up by a spaceship,” Lily said with a nervous laugh.


“In the United States, you’re considered crazy if you say you’ve seen a UFO.   But here in Mexico, people see UFOs in the sky all the time, and we accept it more.  In fact, there is I guess what you would consider a cult culture springing up around the existence of other worldly visitors.”


Alex caught a twinkle of a light in the sky from the corner of his eye and pointed with excitement.  “Hey, look there.”


In the distance was a light bigger than the average star.  The three fixed their eyes on it.  Lily asked with a frog in her voice, “Is that what we are waiting for?”


They waited for a minute, and the object did not move.  Alex suggested that it was probably Venus rising.  After a few more moments of the object remaining stationary, they accepted that explanation.


 “So you’ve seen UFOs yourself?”  Alex asked Lily.


“Yes, I’ve had many sightings, as have my family, but you tend to keep it to yourself.”


 “I think your government wants to keep UFOs a secret because it’s out of their hands.  What can they do about it?  They wouldn’t be perceived like they are in total control of everything.”


“I know they know,” Lily said with authority.  “I was on my back porch one summer at about 5:00 p.m.  I looked up and saw this long, brown spiral coil motionless in the sky.  As soon as I fixed my eyes on it, it shot off like you’d take a rubber band, stretch it and then let it shoot away.  It was gone in a second.  So, I’m looking in that same spot wondering if it would come back.  Five minutes later, I saw a silver object slowly flying to the same exact spot where I saw the spiral.  After the silver object passed the spot where the UFO was, it released its exhaust.  I believe that it was a military jet that was sent to investigate what was in the sky.  I knew then that the government knows all about UFOs.”


“What about the UFO over Phoenix in 1997?  How can they deny that when tens of thousands of people witnessed that?”


“You know the official explanation was that they were military flares, but the object was estimated to be one mile wide and moved from southern Arizona up to Phoenix where it stopped.  So how do military flares travel a hundred miles from one place to another?”


Alex shook his head.  “Cover-ups, cover-ups, cover-ups!”


“In 1952, there were ‘pearls’ over Washington DC for a few days,” Lily recalled.


“What are pearls?”  Alex asked. 


“They are little white luminous craft that usually move in clusters, and they sometimes arrange themselves in formations.  My family and I saw a cluster of pearls one day, and it was as if they knew we were watching because they arranged themselves to form the Big Dipper for us to see.”


 “See, Lily, you’ve been holding out on me.  You know a lot about UFOs.”


She finally broke her nervousness with a smile and began to feel a little braver.  A hint of pride sparked at the thought that she was about to have an alien encounter.  “I think I’m a bit of a closet UFO buff.”


They shared a light laugh that helped to break some of the tension Lily was feeling.  She then closed her eyes and tried to center herself to calm down even more.  She took some long, drawn deep breaths and exhaled them slowly.  In her mind, she recited her mantra. ‘Go with God.  Go with God.  Go with God.’


Sr. Rios gave Lily a quick bump of his elbow to hers to bring her into the moment.  She opened her eyes and saw Rios begin to stand looking up to the sky.  Alex was also standing.  Lily slowly pivoted her head up with her heart racing.  Descending upon them was a black disc about fifteen feet in diameter.  It made no sound.  It had no flashing lights.  It did not veer to the right or left.  It was very stealthy.  The center of the craft aligned itself five feet above the pyramid. 


The three stood in silence.  The air filled with the smell of burned metal, and the heat from the craft flushed their faces.  An indigo blue ball of light emerged from the underside of the saucer.  The ball was the size of a beach ball at the top, but it began to expand as it traveled down towards the trio.  When it reached the bottom where they stood, it pushed forward in a pounce and enveloped them in its blue hue.  A tingly sensation began to enliven all of the cells in the bodies of the now captive humans.  It was as if their brains were consciously aware and connected to each and every cell.  It was a very pleasurable feeling.  They started to feel very light and began levitating off of the ground and ascended towards the base of the craft.  A porthole opened on the underside, and the three were floated into the ship.


The porthole closed beneath them.  Their feet touched the floor, which was soft as if made of a foam or jelly-like substance.  The ceiling of the ship was low, only about six feet high.  They were in a circular room that was lit with a soft white light.  The ship ascended, and the pressure exerted against their feet felt like they were on a super express elevator going up.                 


 They could see around the room, smell the air and hear.  All of their senses were taking in the experience, but there was an added dimension to the room, a layer of atmosphere that was new to them.  There was a sense of peace or wellbeing.  It felt like an emotion that had lain dormant and was now being revitalized.  It permeated their bodies with agreement.  It was as if this were a vitamin that the body longed for, rarely received, but recognized.  The energy felt familiar and desired.  The vibe was an ancient memory that the body held a spot for, which it had hoped would one day be reunited.  Lily likened it to the sense of peace that she felt when she was able to engage in a deep meditation.  Her fear vanished, and she felt very welcomed by her otherworldly hosts.  Sr. Rios, Alex and Lily sat on the cushioned floor and relished the ship’s atmosphere.


They began to hear the faint sound of soothing classical style music.  It was weird how the sound just seemed to start relaxing the muscles in their bodies.  It did not harm them, but it was strange.  They instinctively felt compelled to lie down on the soft floor.  The more the music played, the more relaxed they got.  The floor’s surface was warm and conformed to their bodies. The experience felt like being in a womb.  The three were so profoundly relaxed that they were nearly unconscious of their bodies, and began to feel as though they were having out-of-body experiences.  At the crown of their heads, they felt an essence begin to radiate from the inside out.  Their consciousnesses were expanding.  They felt like blooming flowers opening themselves up to the glory of the Universe.  They were in a very sacred meditative state.


Welcome!  I am Indigo, filled their heads.  It was a voice not heard with their ears but from inside their minds.  The voice began to explain their newly acquired perception.


You humans have so many latent gifts that you have not yet evolved to know how to use.  I’ve assisted you in opening up a very dormant area of your brain where you can project and communicate your thoughts and feelings via your brain waves.  You call it extra sensory perception (ESP) or telepathy.  Some on your planet have developed this gift.  You will need to communicate with many different beings on our journey today and they with you.  All of our languages are different, but those to whom you direct your thought and vise versa will perceive the thought you think.  Yes, you can maintain private thoughts to yourself when you want.  But, if it is your intention to communicate with others, then that act of intent is what will open up your internal walkie-talkie, so to say.  Try it with each other.


The trio practiced thinking messages to one another and were amazed at their newfound skill.


Lily projected a thought to the blue light, Why are you blue?


I am a blue light, for this is the evolution of my spiritual journey.  My ancestors many, many eons ago were beings of flesh.  We developed the ability to distinguish the difference between our bodies and our Spirits.  We chose to concentrate our energies on magnifying our Spirits and then gained the skill to leave our bodies at will.  Being pure Spirit was more satisfying than being encumbered with a body.  Living as our authentic selves, which is pure Spirit, we do not need a body anymore.  You call a spirit without a body a ghost, but we have not died yet.  We have just chosen to emulate the pure essence of our Souls.  The blueness of my being is the light energy of my Spirit illuminating.


Lily looked at the blue light sideways in disbelief and thought, are you God?


What you call God we call universal, creative intelligence.  We believe as you do on Earth that God created the Universe and that there is a spark of God in all things.  Many people on your planet think of God as a big huge person sitting up in the sky somewhere.  Most beliefs from other worlds know God to be Energy ever flowing, ever permeating, and ever creating the Universe.  All beings have to put themselves into the flow of this great Energy stream.  When you meditate...when you go into your closet and shut the door, you begin to die daily to the flesh.  The things of the world become less important, and you begin to build up your treasures in heaven as the great ones from your planet have taught you. You too have a luminescent, radiant Light within you.  It’s just very underdeveloped. So, just because I am living my Light from the inside out that does not make me God.  But! I am expressing that spark of God, my Soul, which was once cloaked with a body.


All three had an innate understanding of what Indigo was conveying to them.  Indigo knew they wanted answers, so the blue being continued to explain.


I am just your initial facilitator here on the ship. We are on our way to a planet called Azibo.  It is located in the star constellation of the Big Dipper.  I am with a group of space travelers called Intergalactic Visitors (I.V.).  We are very deeply concerned about the declining state of your planet’s environment.  You will soon meet with your I.V. mentors who will escort you on the rest of your journey.


The saucer docked with a mother ship.  A door opened, which lead the trio into a larger room.  In the room were beings from other planets and galaxies.  Some were roaming lights just like Indigo; others had reptilian features.  A few presented like robots and androids.  The familiar traditional “Grey aliens” were also represented. 


From the corner of her eye, Lily saw tall figures walking her way.  When she turned her head to catch their full view, they appeared to be human.  There were three in all, two male, and one female.  They stood about six feet tall, had sienna skin tone, long flowing, straight, shiny, black hair and were cloaked in Native American-styled gowns.  They walked with a regal air about them, but not in a snobbish way.  It was a statuesque posture of self-confidence.  To Lily, they looked fully human, yet just slightly different.  The female approached Lily, and the two males paired up with Rios and Alex.  Lily’s two Mexican friends were relocated to another room.  Lily and the woman were face to face.


“Hi, I’m Tuwa,” the majestic lady said as she extended her hand to Lily.


 “Hi, I’m Lily,” she said as she shook Tuwa’s hand.


“I am with the Intergalactic Visitors.  We are a group of space travelers who have visited Earth.  Some of us have been watching human evolution for several millennia now.”


Lily was very mesmerized by Tuwa’s features.  Tuwa, having the powers of telepathy, responded to Lily’s inquisitiveness.  I am human.  My ancestors are the Anasazi from Earth.


Lily looked at Tuwa in a perplexed manner.  “You are Anasazi?  They disappeared from Earth about 650 years ago without a trace.”


“Yes, I am a direct descendent.  I currently live on an Earth-like planet called Azibo.  That is where we are headed, and I’ve been assigned to be your mentor.”


“I still don’t know what is going on, or why I am here.  This is very weird to me.  Am I dreaming?”  Lily was beginning to doubt the reality of the situation. 


“Lily, you are here because you have a very special consciousness.  There is a light, or aura, about you that shows you are enlightened.  The Intergalactic Visitors and I are here to give confirmation to your world that your planet is dying.  The three of you are not the only ones abducted from Earth today and on the way to Azibo.  There are about two hundred others who will be joining us.  We want all of you to see our planet, and we also want to have a meeting with you to execute an intervention before the Earth’s climate collapses.”


“Yeah, I’m well aware of our environmental troubles.  That is why I sell and install solar panels and wind turbines to try and make the Earth a better place to live.  But most people just go on with their daily lives as if the toxic sky isn’t falling.  It is very frustrating, and most people are doing nothing to stop this pending eco-disaster from happening.”


“Yes, we know, and that is why you are here.  Normally, the Intergalactic Visitors have a hands off, no interference policy with the natural evolution of a planet.  But, we have seen many other planets self-destruct, and we do not want that to happen to your world.”


“So, do you have some type of pollution-vacuum or air and water cleaner that can help us out?  You are more advanced than we are.  It would be an answer to a prayer.”


“Lily, I’m sorry.  We are unable to provide that.  Your environmental challenges are human created; therefore, they must be solved by human means.  If we went in with a magic wand, so to say, to correct your problems, it would not resolve the consciousness and habits that got your world into the environmental state that you find yourselves in today.  Liken it to a baby’s need to stumble and fall in the process of learning to walk. You may take a few hard tumbles, but that is the only way to learn sometimes.”


“I understand.  Many environmental experts have been shouting from the rooftops for decades about the danger that the Earth is in, but no one has listened.  That’s the problem.”


“Those of you gathered here will be able to put your heads together for a solution.  We think that by letting our presence be known to the people on your planet, that maybe your world will take your crisis more seriously.”


“Isn’t that something?  We are so detached from our environmental matters that it’s going to take other beings from another world to make us realize what we are doing to ourselves.  I’m actually embarrassed by that.  You are on the outside looking in, and you can clearly see that we have a crisis.  Most people have blinders on and don’t see what we are up against.”


Lily got a glimpse of the back of Tuwa’s head.  The occipital portion of her skull was elongated.  Tuwa, picking up on Lily’s thoughts, explained:  “I am human, yet I have evolved differently living on a planet other than Earth.  On your planet, humans expend a lot of energy being outwardly focused on the things and activities of the world.  On Azibo, we focus more on developing our minds and magnifying the importance of spiritual awareness.  Because of that priority, our minds and consciousnesses have greatly expanded.  Our physical characteristics changed along with our mental and spiritual development.  My head is bigger because my brain has evolved into a larger size.  I’m also about one and a half feet taller than my Anasazi ancestors were on Earth.  This is mainly due to our diets and greater oxygen levels on Azibo.  My spiritual abilities have also enabled me to have telepathic powers.  Humans from your planet could have also evolved further if you weren’t so preoccupied with finite things.”


Lily knew exactly what Tuwa was saying.  She had devoted time daily for meditation and communion with God.  She had a burning question, but before she could get it out, Tuwa answered.


“Yes, we do believe in God.  I think Indigo touched upon that a bit for you.  There absolutely is a creative Energy in the entire Universe that is ever flowing and expanding all that is.  God’s bounty and beauty aren’t just limited to your planet.  When you look up from the Earth into the sky, you see countless stars.  That’s God’s radiant Energy far off into space manifesting as a star or galaxy.  There is order in the Universe.  The infinite intelligence of God makes it so.”


“It feels real good to know that God is acknowledged by beings that are not from Earth.  It proves the Isness’ of God.  Have you visited Earth before, Tuwa?”


“Yes, and I have visited you.  When I hide my unusually large head with a cap, I can walk your streets and blend in.  I’ve seen you in action many times, Lily.”


Lily was flabbergasted.  “You’ve seen me before?!  Were you spying on me?” 


“I see your Light.  You may refer to it as an aura.  I wouldn’t language it as spying, but rather, confirmation of whom we wanted to bring to Azibo.  We have chosen our abductees based on the Light they radiate.   There are many Lights under a bushel on your planet.  There are many sleepwalking people who are dead to who they really are as Spiritual beings.  Then there are people like you who let their Light shine.”


Lily’s mind took her way back to Sunday school when she was a child.  Her class used to sing the song, “This Little Light of Mine I’m gonna Let It Shine.”


“Lily, that means so much more than most people realize.  That Light is you.  This is why Indigo can exist without a body.  I long to get to that state of Spiritual awareness when I can express myself as nothing but pure Soul without the distractions that come with a physical body.”


“That’s really, really deep.  Most people on Earth would not be able to understand any of that, but I get it.”


“That is why you are here.  So, Lily, here is the plan.  I will be showing you around Azibo.  We will then meet with the Intergalactic Visitors and the other abductees to plan a strategy for how the Earth can avoid an environmental apocalypse.  After the meeting, you will return to your planet.”


“Why didn’t we all just meet on Earth?  I mean, I’m very excited to see another planet, but why have you all gone through so much trouble to bring us here?”


“It’s easy to travel between Azibo and Earth.  There are a few wormholes that connect our two planets, which makes us only twelve hours apart.”


“I’ve always heard of wormholes.  What are they exactly?”


“They are wrinkles and folds in space, shortcuts from one place to another.  Some wormholes are fixed in place and some are moving vortexes that can be guided and positioned between two worlds.  Think of them as intergalactic highways.  Because of wormholes, Earth is very heavily visited by beings from other worlds.  Every now and then, someone from your planet will catch a glimpse of a visiting craft in the sky.”


“Yeah, I know.  UFOs are what we call them.  I’ve seen many.”


“Real soon, Lily, no one will be able to deny our visitations when we arrive with you back to your planet.”

                                                 Chapter 5


Lily and Tuwa arrived on Azibo and boarded a small four-passenger air transport that could float with the agility of a hot air balloon and when necessary could travel in liner patterns and at high speeds.  Lily noticed Sr. Rios and Alex leaving the mother ship without any escorts.  They waved to her.


 “They have been here many of times just as their Mayan ancestors have before them,” Tuwa explained.  “They know their way around our planet, and they basically joined you to make you feel more comfortable on your journey here.”


“Those little fakers.  They set me up,” Lily said, smiling as she waved back to them.


Tuwa guided the craft to an altitude about hundred feet from the ground so that Lily could get a bird’s-eye view of Azibo.


As far as Lily’s eyes could see, there were green rolling hills peppered with an array of colorful flowers and green trees.  The landscape was veined with gently flowing rivers with hundreds of creeks that webbed off in every direction.


“Our planet is very rich in water, and each home has its own personal water supply.  The streams of water are also used for transportation.  Most plant life here is ten times the size of plants on Earth.  There is a tree that produces an almond type nut the size of one of your small cars from Earth.  Once the nut is cracked in half and the actual edible parts are consumed, the shell makes a perfectly waterproof, buoyant boat.  You will see many of these boats on the water,” Tuwa commented.


“That worked out well.  Your air is so clean here.  I don’t see any pollution lines hovering over the sky like on Earth.  I hate it when I’m looking at the traffic report on the TV news, and the helicopter takes a long view shot of the city, and the entire city is saturated in a nasty layer of pollution for miles around.  Here, your air is crystal clear.”


“We don’t use the type of polluting energy sources that you do on Earth.  Obviously, you and your planet know that the by-products from the exhaust of fossil fuels are killing your planet.”


“Yes, and it makes me very angry too!  That’s why I got into the solar panel and wind turbine business to try and change our dependence on polluting energy sources.  I’m curious though, how does this pod fly since you all don’t use fuels?”


“The atmosphere is charged with energy…everywhere, here on Azibo, out in the Universe and even on Earth.  We have a device that extracts energy from the ethers; this energy is then amplified, and that is our power source for many devices.”


“Tuwa!  We could use that back home.  It is what we have needed for a long time so that we can have a cleaner planet.  Will the Intergalactic Visitors be sharing some of this knowledge with us?”


“That knowledge is already present on Earth.  Many inventors have discovered energy extraction.  Nikola Tesla was one such genius who tried to share it with your planet, but he was ignored.”


Lily was a big fan of Tesla.  She admired him because he understood that every creature had a place and purpose on the planet.  He was the original visionary for environmentally sound electricity for everyone, yet he was ridiculed as being a mad scientist.  Now, nearly one hundred years later, the entire world’s population would have to feverishly work together to immediately undo a century’s worth of environmental damage from heavy fossil fuel usage.


“Yes, I know all about him.  I’m actually a fan of his work.  He was way ahead of his time as the inventor of AC current.   He also invented the Tesla Coil, which amplifies electrical current a hundred times.  The coil should have been refined and the resulting energy harnessed by now.  We could be using less energy from coal-fired power plants, and all of our environmental mess could have been avoided in the first place.  But with electricity being the commodity that it is, profit goes before planet once again.”


“There is so much that I need to talk to you about, Lily.  We’ll get comfortable at my home, and you will see the full purpose of why you are here.”


The exploration of Azibo was a way-out colossal experience for Lily.  It was so surreal that she thought that maybe she was actually dreaming and would wake up.  But all of her senses were saturated in the experience; she knew it was real.


Tuwa began to fly into more populated areas of the planet.  Lily saw round houses with beings out and about engaged in routine activities.  “Are these people I see human?”  Lily asked.


“Some are human and some are brethren from other planets and galaxies.  We are all very cooperative with one another, and we live very peacefully together.  We share one another’s technology and cultures.” 


Lily began to see a variety of other air transports flying about.  Inside them were many different beings.  There was one long transport that had a few humans that weren’t of the Anasazi appearance.  They had dark-brown skin, some were white and others had Asian features.


The two arrived at Tuwa’s home.  Lily made her way out of the transport and extended her foot for its first touch to the ground on a foreign planet.  Over her head was a humongous leaf of a philodendron-type plant.  The leaf was at least ten feet long and five feet wide.  The landscape was all beautiful and pleasantly fragrant with the smell of delicately scented flowers.  The air was light to breathe, and the temperature must have been a mellow seventy-five degrees. 


“Come.”  Tuwa prompted. “Let’s go into the house.”  The two walked among an Amazon-like landscape.  Lily could hear flowing water.  In a clearing, she saw a waterfall in the back of Tuwa’s house.  It towered twenty feet high and was ten feet wide, and it formed a stream that meandered around what appeared to be a garden of fruit and vegetables.


“That’s quite a natural water supply for your garden.  No wonder everything here looks like plants on steroids,” Lily joked.


“Yeah, we have learned how to work with nature…the right place for the right plant.  Come into the house Lily, I will let you sample some of the fruits of Azibo.”


Tuwa’s house had a strong resemblance to the rounded angular architecture of the ancient adobe homes of the Southwestern United States.  It appeared to be made from natural clay-like materials.  Big, chunky, colorful stones framed the window and doorway openings.  The ladies entered the threshold to the house.  Lily noticed that there was no door at the home’s entrance or any glass in the window openings.


Lily had to ask.  “There is no door here or windows.  Aren’t you worried about someone getting in?”


“We are of a different consciousness here on Azibo.  Those types of things don’t happen here like they do on Earth.”


Lily understood the meaning right away.  As she walked through the home, it appeared very sparse compared to the amount of furniture that most homes on Earth usually had.  There was a table made out of some type of colorful carved granite type material.  The chairs were sculpted from a substance not known to Lily, and had interesting carvings.  A bed-like structure and clay stove completed the living space.


Tuwa knew it was new to Lily, so she took the liberty to explain a bit about her home’s structure and environment.  “There is a tree that towers about sixty feet tall, and it discharges sap through special pores.  The sap is harvested by farmer artists.  It is pliable for a few days, and then it sets to a solid form.  The artists sculpt and carve the substance into furniture.  They make beds, lounge chairs anything you want, and they can even use your body to mold a custom chair for you.  Here on Azibo, we take a close look at nature first and what it has to freely give.  We then tailor our needs around what nature can reasonably yield.”


“Yeah.  Man has exploited many natural resources to the point of extinction of thousands species of plants and animals.  It’s so out of hand, and there seems to be no end to it despite what environmental groups and scientists say,” Lily shamefully stated.


“It’s simple,” Tuwa interjected.  “You treat your planet right, and it will treat you right.  There has to be a respectful balance.  Abuse your planet’s delicately interwoven order, and it will gradually cease to sustain your daily living needs.  It isn’t that the planet is being vengeful.  Earth’s demise is just the natural result of being exploited.”


Lily nodded.  “I understand completely.  I just wish more people understood that.  You can’t just take and take and take what you want and expect for there not to be consequences down the road.”


Lily was a bit sheepish to ask her next question because she had based her eating habits on what she felt was right.  Would her choosing not to eat meat be in line with the elevated thinking of her new mentor?  Intuitive Tuwa answered the question before Lily could purse her lips to form the words.


“There is a food chain on Earth that has manifested from eons of habits.  Some animals are revered and some are slaughtered.  The life force is the same in a lamb, dog, frog, fish alligator or human.  The value of an animal to a human is based on individual and cultural perspectives.  In some of your Asian lands, dogs and cats can be an easy meal.  In the western culture, cats and dogs are beloved pets and sometimes are substituted and cared for in place of actual human children.”


Tuwa had to laugh.  “We’ve seen the doggie swim suits, cheerleading outfits, tuxedos, wedding gowns and other couture clothing for pets.  Some pets lead much better lives than humans.”


Lily gave a guilty smile as she too had brought a pink ruffled dress for her cat, Mamita.  Lily relayed the story to Tuwa.


“My cat, Mamita, was patient the first time I slipped the dress on her because the cat didn’t know what was coming.  Once the dress was on her, she rolled around on the floor in a tizzy fit trying to get the dress off.  I took the dress off of her and conceded that maybe dogs were more patient to wear fashion.  After all, the dress technically was made for ‘small dogs’ as it said on the label.  So, any time the cat would see the dress, she’d run away.  I began to use the dress to discipline her if she was doing something naughty.  I’d show her the dress, and she would stop and run away.”


“That says it all, Lily.  There is unspoken language, connections and understanding between humans and animals.  It’s a vibe, a meeting of the minds.  Relationships, deep loving feelings are common between animals and humans.  What is the common denominator or unifying factor between you that makes those satisfying relationships possible?  Soul.  Animals are moving, breathing, and growing beings.  They have the right to their Soul’s evolution.  When animals are exploited, factory farmed and slaughtered by the billions, sometimes to the point of extinction, this interrupts their Soul’s path.  What if humans had to endure the horrific treatment that man inflicts on animals?  Believe me!  The Intergalactic Visitors have fended off many invaders who wanted to come harvest humans to make you the center of their BBQ.”


“What!”  Lily exclaimed.  “Man eaters are real?”


“Humans are a rare delicacy on some planets,” Tuwa replied.


The ladies walked to Tuwa’s garden.  Lily was amazed at how large the fruits and vegetables were.  Most were larger than watermelons.  Grapes were the size of baseballs.  Because Azibo was seven times the size of Earth, its days were longer and the plants were exposed to more time in the sun.  A trickle down effect occurred in the food chain.  The energy the plants absorbed from the sun provided superior nutrients to the beings that ate from the bountiful natural harvest.  This was the reason why the Anasazi were taller than most of the humans on Earth.  Tuwa selected a variety of fruits for Lily to sample.   She went into the house to cut them.


Lily began to taste the fruits.  She took a small cut of one of the grapes.  As she bit into it, the juice flooded her mouth with a sweet, flowery taste.  It was delicious, she thought.  Chunks of melon that resembled passion fruit were her next taste.  They were sweeter than any candy that she had ever had.


After further food tasting and more conversation, Tuwa wanted to show off Azibo, and they also needed to get ready for the Intergalactic Visitor meeting.


Lily and Tuwa got on board the transport, and were once again leisurely cruising above Azibo.  Lily saw what appeared to be paintings on the ground below them.  “Wow, that’s so beautiful!  Are those paintings?” 


“No, those are fields of flowers that are intricately planted to be art when seen from the sky.  From up here they look like paintings.  Some of them are equivalent to five miles long.”


Behind some of the mountains, Lily could see large, dark stony towers that glistened and sparkled in the sun.  “What is that?”  She asked very excitedly.


“Those are diamond stalks.  We’ll go take a closer look.”


The transport zoomed over and got within five feet of a diamond stalk.  Lily was face to face with a sculptured, perfectly cut, cushion diamond the size of a bed pillow.  “You have got to be kidding me!”  Lily exclaimed breathlessly.  “Is that a real diamond?”


 “Yes, it is.” 


It dazzled. It sparkled.  It arced rainbows.  It blazed with brilliancy.  There were dozens of diamond stalks in the field.  Some were a hundred feet tall.  Artists sculpted the diamonds in their natural setting with all sorts of designs.  There were many transports flying all around the stalks sightseeing and admiring the enormous gems.


“I think the biggest diamond discovered on Earth could fit in the palm of the hand.  These are huge, and so very, very beautiful.  How do you keep thieves away?” Lily asked.


“The consciousness of stealing does not exist on Azibo.  The geology for the formation of these rocks is different than Earth’s.  Boulder-sized carbon fragments solidified to create these huge diamonds, and there are diamonds here that are even bigger than the ones you see.  We’ll go see the diamond pyramid.”


“What!?  A diamond pyramid?”


Tuwa slowly began to exit the diamond stalks.  After a fifteen-minute ride, a giant diamond pyramid began to enter Lily’s field of vision.  In her estimation, it was the size of the biggest pyramid in Egypt.  It was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen in her life.  She was stunned and could only stare in wonderment.


“Let’s land and take a closer look,” Tuwa said.


She landed near one of the corners of the pyramid.  Weak in the knees and dizzy in the head, Lily stumbled out of the transport and tilted her head as far back as it would go to accommodate her view of the height of the monolithic structure.  She needed sunglasses to help her eyes adjust to the sparkles of fire and light that were rapidly hitting her retinas at warp speed.  The pyramid wasn’t built stone by stone, as were the ones in Egypt; it was one solid diamond carved into shape.  At that moment, Lily could say, neither think nor feel anything. 


Tuwa stayed in the transport so that Lily could have a personal experience with the diamond pyramid.


After more than a half hour of staring, Lily began to walk around the enormous base of the pyramid, observing millions of reflective lights with each step she took. She had walked two full sides of the pyramid, and as she turned the corner to begin the third side, she saw an opening at ground level.  ‘Don’t tell me I can go inside,’ she thought really wanting to but not believing this was all real.


She stepped near the opening.  A straight passageway led to the center where a small, hundred-square-foot room occupied the space.  In the middle of the room was a being sitting quietly in a meditative lotus position.  Lily entered and began walking down the long hallway.  She felt tremendous energy envelop her whole body.  It was so powerful that it flushed her face and made every cell in her body tingle.  The energy was agreeing with everything within her being.


She reverently advanced her steps to the center of the pyramid.  Before her was the oldest person she had ever seen in her life.  The individual had deep, deep wrinkles.  The eyes were barely visible from the droop of aged eyelids.  A slivered view of the eyes sparkled with fiery life.  The person sat shrouded in a beautiful woven, colorful blanket.  Even though this person was very old, the legs were still able to position into a lotus posture.


The presence of this being was powerful.  Thoughts pushed into Lily’s head.


Welcome, Lily.


Lily was so overwhelmed she could not speak.  She bowed her head respectfully intrigued as to who this very old human was.  Like most beings on Azibo, thoughts were picked up, and a telepathic response was offered.


I lost my ability to speak a long, long time ago.  I am an Ascended Master from Earth.  I arrived here many, many, many centuries ago.


‘Oh my God!  Oh my God! Could you be…?’  Lily thought.


 It’s in every one of us, Lily.  It is the Flame that is ever lit in the Soul of all living things.  It can never be extinguished.  It is the Creative Force of the Universe.  It IS you!  It is me! It is called by many names of diverse tongues from world to world and galaxy to galaxy.  It is your Power to do greater things.  It is the Energy that goes before you to make the crooked places straight and the rough places smooth.


Lily was honored, and in awe.  Tears of passion fell from her eyes.  She was in heaven basking in this Wise One’s beautiful energy.


The Wise One continued expressions to Lily.  You are a beautiful expression of Soul.  You have cared deeply for others and for the Earth.  That is why you are chosen to be here.  I have met and I will meet with others from Earth who will join with the Intergalactic Visitors to collaborate on a plan to remedy Earth’s challenges.  Your planet is in great peril.  Man is accelerating her destruction.


The two sat together silently.  The energy flowed between them, and it was very unifying.  Lily smiled with deep appreciation. 


The aged sage began to move to stand.  Lily quickly got up to offer walking assistance.  They linked arms, and commenced on the grandest, most honorable walk of Lily’s life.  Outside of the doorway, a transport pod, Tuwa and several beings were waiting. 


When they arrived to the opening of the pyramid, all of the beings gave respectful greetings to the old sage.  An entourage of caregivers swiftly aided the Wise One into the pod.  Lily felt regret that they had to part because the energy was intoxicating. 


Sensing Lily’s thoughts, the ancient one redirected her thinking.  Lily, IT is in you, too.  It has always been with you, and It will never leave you.  All you have to do is just magnify, magnify Its presence within you.  Let It radiate out from you to flow out into your world and the Universe.  You are the Light of the world.  Let, Let! Your Light shine!  I have something for you, Lily.’


The aged hands reached down near the seat and pulled up an object wrapped in a swatch of beautiful woven cloth.


Lily was summoned to take it.  Once in her hands, she could feel that it was very heavy.  She began to peel back the cloth.  Inside was a huge heart-shaped diamond.  Lily was paralyzed. 


I carved this diamond.  It is a way for me to express my creative energy, and this one is for you, my dear. Remember that your Soul out shines everything including this diamond!   Always follow your heart, the Wise One conveyed to her.


Stunned, Lily’s lips quivered, “Thank you!”


The Wise One gave Lily a gentle head nod, and the pod slowly pulled away.


Lily and Tuwa boarded their transport.  “Lily, we need to go to the Intergalactic Visitor’s meeting.”


Lily was still shell-shocked holding the four-pound diamond in her hand.

“This is so unreal,” she whispered under her breath.


“The Wise One was a master diamond sculptor and has created hundreds of sculptures and has given away most of them.  You see, on Earth, the value of a diamond has a price tag.  Here, the satisfaction and joy is in creating the masterpiece and giving it to someone who genuinely would appreciate it.  That’s our reward, the energy exchange that we feel when we create and give.  The Wise One could see that you were pure in heart, and the gift is a symbol of the energy that you emanate,” Tuwa commented.


“Yes, I can understand where you’re coming from, and I know how plentiful diamonds are here, but this diamond in my hand...the size and flawlessness doesn’t even exist on Earth!  It just overwhelms me.”


Then something Lily had learned as a child popped into her mind making the experience come full circle.


“When I was a child, I was told to be a G.E.M, meaning ‘go the extra mile’.  Be a G.E.M to be kind, loving and to help others.  I guess I’ve tried to live my life like that, and now the wisest person I have ever met, sees that in me and has given me a gem as a gift.  I’m just deeply honored.”


Lily thought further back to when she was five years old in Sunday school class, and made a beautiful glittery cross out of Popsicle sticks. “I made this sparkling cross when I was a kid.  I had fun making it, and I was so proud of it.  I hung it in the window of my room and watched it sparkle in the sunlight everyday.  When you’re young, you know.  You’re intuitive…in tune with your pure Spiritual Self.  It’s when a child begins to become assimilated into the world, that those innocent pleasures become buried and distant.  Children get regimented real fast once they hit school age and are immersed in what’s important to society rather than what’s important to individual Soul development.  On Earth, as a child, you die daily to the spiritual side.  As, adults, you then have to reverse it and die daily to the clutter that keeps you from your spiritual side.  So, I can understand the satisfaction that you can get from just creating something.


“Becoming like little children makes a lot of sense to me now.  I see my nieces and nephews monkeying around on the floor being themselves and having a good time just expressing their energy in the moment.  I joke with my sister, and ask “what if we just busted out with flipping on the floor or began to roll around just for the hell of it at our adult age?”  People would think we were nuts.  When I think back on my childhood and all the very spontaneous fun I had playing, using my imagination in very fanciful ways, I entertained myself for hours and had great pleasure in doing it.”


 “Yes, Lily, I agree.  That Light gets put under a bushel very quickly in Earthly societies.  Here on Azibo and other worlds, the focus is always on how your energy can flow into something creative.  We get the greatest satisfaction from allowing this expressive energy to flow through us.  That’s our ‘high’, if you will.  It is because God is Energy ever flowing.  God made the Universe that is ever being created and expanding.  So, we just pattern our lives on just this simple fact of directing Energy in creative ways.”


Lily had just been on Azibo for just a few hours, yet already she was learning many Spiritual lessons.

                                                 Chapter 6



Lily and Tuwa arrived at a beautiful, lush garden amphitheater.  There were thick rows of colorful flowerbeds with carved out pods for seating.  One section had a pond that was an accommodation for beings who preferred to relax in water.


Many entities were gathered and mingling.  Lily was emotionally exhausted.  She had been abducted, landed on a foreign planet, met alien beings and was given an extravagant gift.  She really wanted to lie down and rest to try to recover from all of the activity.


Tuwa realized Lily’s flustered state of mind and offered a remedy.  “Lily, let’s get some fruit juice.  It’s a blend of berries and fruits that have originated from Azibo and other planets.  To you, it will taste very sweet and tropical.” 


They went to a special grove where refreshments were offered.  The juice was served in a big hollowed-out berry.


“When you’re done drinking the juice, you can eat the “cup.”  The antioxidants in the berry will help to revitalize you and give you a big boost.” 


Lily took a sip of the juice, and the flavor coated her tongue with lively sweet and tart tones.  “That wakes up your mouth!”  Lily exclaimed.  “But it’s very tasty.”


Tuwa signaled to Lily,  “Let’s go relax in this section near the Gingko trees.”


Lily looked over and saw a variety of beautiful trees that were indigenous to Earth. 

“Do these trees grow here naturally on Azibo?”  


“We have taken every plant that grows on Earth, even extinct species and have cultivated them here. 


A red flag went off in Lily’s head.  ‘ Why are they growing our plants here?  Is something going to happen to the Earth?  Is our home worse off than we know?’


Tuwa had picked up telepathically on what Lily was wondering.  “That’s what this gathering will determine.  But just the same, we love all of the diversity of life from many worlds, and we like to enjoy a variety of beauty here in our environment.”


Tuwa gathered some silken moss and prepared a pod for Lily to rest.  Lily sat in the pod surrounded by natural cushioning that cradled and supported her body in comfort.  She had her berry juice in one hand and her diamond in the other.  The juice was like a nerve tonic, and she could feel her body surrender to total relaxation.


“We have some time before the meeting begins, so take a rest now,” Tuwa suggested.


Lily was so comfortable and serene that she fell asleep.


About an hour had passed, and Lily sensed someone hovering over her.  As she opened her eyes, a small brown figure with dreadlocks took out a small flute like instrument and began to toot it in her face.  He looked familiar to her.  “Kokopeli?”  She said, perplexed.


Tuwa was chuckling.  “Yes, it is Kokopeli.”


“He’s real?!”  Lily asked, trying to further awaken and get her bearings. 


“Yes, he’s a real prankster and a seed spreader.  His species was instrumental in planting most of Earth’s vegetation here on Azibo.”


“I thought he was a Native American myth.”


“Most myths and legends are based on real figures and events.  Sometimes the story gets muted and distorted as it’s passed down the line,” Tuwa explained.


Kokopeli kept tooting and buzzing around Lily. 


“He’s full of energy… kind of a pest,” Lily observed.


 “He wanted to meet you and awaken you as our meeting is about to begin.”


“OK. What an alarm clock you are, Kokopeli.”


Kokopeli gave a couple more toots, smiled, waved, and scurried off.


Lily sat up a bit and smiled.  “That was real cute!  He’s a real person…thing…being.”


“His species are little jesters, but they are master cultivators of plants.”


Lily could see that the majority of the seating in the auditorium was now filled.  As her eyes continued to adjust to the distance, she could make out what she perceived to be other humans. 


“We have gathered many brilliant minds from Earth to meet here with us today,” Tuwa said.


Lily stood up to focus her gaze.  There were about two hundred humans, each paired with an intergalactic being as a personal mentor.  The humans were perusing their surroundings, greeting and talking among each other.  Lily began to walk toward the others.  She passed a few recognized Nobel Peace Prize winners, scientists and intellectual professor types.  Her fellow humans reached out to shake her hand and to say hello.  They seemed very glad and amazed to be on Azibo.  There was a group of humans gathered in a circle of conversation.  One of the men, whose back was to her, looked very familiar from behind.  He was tall, dark-skinned, had a close trimmed Afro and what she deemed an African shaped head.


“Could it be?”  She whispered with her heart racing with hope.  “Oh, please, God, let it be...boy, this would be the best day of my entire life if that’s Sam.”


She tentatively approached the circle.  Those facing her reached out their hands to greet her.  As she stood side-by-side with the dark man, Lily turned her head to look up, and he turned to look into her face.  A burst of joy overcame them, both with smiles shining bigger than any diamond.






They embraced each other tightly.  “Oh my God, Sam, you are here!  I can’t believe it!”


Sam cradled Lily’s head in his hands and repeatedly kissed her forehead.  There was a fantastic, binding energy flowing between them. 


“Lily, when you had to leave the hospital’s inauguration, my heart sank.  I felt so empty without you.”


“ I didn’t want to go.  I had to head to Mexico, and all of that led me here.  It’s been crazy…nuts since I last saw you.”


“I was out behind the hospital checking the pump to the well, when this light in the sky was over me.  I didn’t hear it come.  It was just suddenly there.  All of this energy began to pull on me, and I was sucked up into a spaceship.  That was my last memory until I was brought here.  Then I met Stony, who is my alien mentor.  He has been filling me in on why I’m here.”


“Your mentor’s name is Stony?”


“Yeah.  You know they have this telepathic thinking going on, and when I saw him, he had these great big teeth that looked like they were made of stone.  So, he thought to me that I could call him Stony since I guess that was what I related to him.”


“Oh Sam, this whole experience…I feel like I’m dreaming, like I need to wake up and snap out of it!”


Sam looked at her adoringly.  “You are so real to me.  This feels so good.”


Tuwa gingerly approached the couple.  “Love is the greatest attracting force in the Universe.  You two share the same frequency, the same spiritual nature and life purpose.  The two of you can accomplish more goals efficiently together than a part.  The energy of soul mates is quite powerful.”


Lily hugged Sam a little tighter.  “This is the best day of my life.”


“Come, you two.  The meeting is soon to start,” Tuwa said.


Sam and Lily clutched each other at the waist and walked over to the pod where Lily had catnapped.  They sat together cuddled up.  As they gazed out into the garden auditorium, they saw a few dozen other couples nuzzled together.


Stony approached.  His presence was a little startling and unsettling to Lily.  Her mentor was human, gracious and very lovely.  Sam’s mentor looked like a stone skeleton with human-like features.  His face was dominated with huge molar teeth that looked like blocks of chiseled stone.  Then it came to her mind what he resembled.  He favored some of the wall carvings on the pyramid in Chichen Itza.


What’s up? Stony’s thoughts pushed into Lily’s mind.


Lily raised her eyebrows and was taken back a bit.  ‘What’s up?  He asked me?  How’d he pick up that lingo?’  She thought.


Stony looked at Lily, and via telepathy answered her question.  I’ve been based off the coast of California near Catalina Island in an underwater base.  We’ve been monitoring everything that’s been going on in the human world for a few millennia.  I guess I’ve picked up a few catchphrases that I hear all the time.


Now the more pressing question that Lily had was, “What do you mean you’re based in California?”


Stony was happy to answer.  We have a deep underwater base in the Pacific Ocean.  We see and know everything that happens on the surface.


“You’re not human or of the Earth, but you live in the ocean and you spy on us?”  Lily, questioned.


Let’s say it’s scientific observation, which is part of the reason why we are all here right now.


Stony sat next to Sam and Tuwa sat next to Lily.  “There will be many languages spoken today representing many worlds,” Tuwa explained.  “The intention of the speaker will be relayed to you telepathically so that all present can understand.”


The garden auditorium was filled with a diversity of beings from all over the Universe.  The invited humans represented every race, continent, hunter-gatherer tribe and society on Earth. 


The meeting began.  All were comfortably seated and relaxed in their pods.  This was no stuffy boardroom meeting.  Indigo rose above the center of the crowd.  His thoughts pushed into the heads of the gathered.  We will begin this meeting with our usual Universal prayer to attune our spirits to the Great Spirit that is in all of us.  The auditorium fell silent.  The alien mentors instructed their protégés to posture their minds into quiet meditation.  Because the Intergalactic Visitor members were very spiritually advanced, they were able to magnify and radiate their Spiritual essences instantly.  The vibrations emanating from them balanced the atmosphere and created a very calm and peaceful feeling among Earth’s offspring. 


We are one. We are instruments of thy peace. Guide us and use us to help heal the planet Earth, Indigo telepathically broadcasted.


The gathered remained silent for ten minutes.  Some of Earth’s scientists had never believed in God, the Holy Spirit or acknowledged any spiritual side of themselves. Their minds were oriented to concrete matter that could be measured, touched, tasted or heard.  They had not known or experienced the beautiful flow of an intimate spiritual experience.  To them, there just was no scientific proof of God.  But in those precious moments of silence, immersed in the presence of Spirit, the unbelievers knew, yes!  There is a Great Spirit.  Yes! God is my mind, my body, my Soul. God is my all-in-all.  It was so good and spiritually orgasmic to them that they just wanted to sit there and soak up the heavy vibes of Spirit.


All the unbelievers ever had to do in any one moment of their lives was to tune into the frequency of God; go into the closet of quiet and shut the door on the chatter and clutter of the noisy world.  All they ever had to do was LET God’s still small voice talk to them.  LET the imprisoned splendor of the Spirit of God whom they lived moved and had their being in every moment, radiate from that ever lit flame in the seat of their Soul…let God’s presence radiate into a passionate Spiritual fire within them.


The Intergalactic Visitors, knowing that this was a special awakening moment for some of the earthlings, remained in silence for a few extra moments as Souls were being reunited and mended.


Indigo gently returned the focus back to the intentions of the meeting.

We are all from many different galaxies, different solar systems and are from many worlds.  But though we are of many different expressions, our Souls, our Life Force is of the same Spirit that created this entire vast Universe in which we all live. Yes, humans, we, too, believe and know that God has created all that is.  That unifies us all.  That is why we are all here today.  We now consider all of you here from Earth to be part of our Intergalactic Visitor association.  


The humans in the audience began to clap in appreciation.


Indigo continued to facilitate the meeting.


We have brought you here to Azibo to expose you to the beauty of this planet. Your mentors have shown you hospitality.  You weren’t brought here by accident. You are some of the great minds, scientists, Earth healers, spiritualists, from your planet. 


The biggest challenge that the Earth faces as all of you know is your rapidly declining environment.  This we do know for sure and you do too that within your lifetime, the Earth will no longer sustain life, as you know it.


There was wholehearted agreement from everyone present.


“What can we do about it?” An acclaimed climatologist posed.


We know that all of you have been beating the drum of warning for a long time only to be ignored by most of Earths inhabitants.  We want to help as backup, but we want all of you here to come up with a plan since it is your planet. If you accept this challenge, we would like for you to go back to Earth and ruminate over it for a few days.  Go visit with your families and inform them of your visit with us.  We will all meet up in a location that the majority of you vote on.  We can come back here to Azibo in a few days to meet, or we can meet at one of our many installations that we have on Earth.


  “What do you have on Earth?” An attendee asked.

We have a few underwater bases all around your planet.  Our biggest base is in an Atlantic Ocean trench near Puerto Rico.


“You are living in our waters?  You have residence on our planet?  How come you have never made yourselves known to us?  It’s incredible!  Fantastic!” An inquisitive woman asked.


We are observers.  Normally, we don’t want to interfere, but your planet is dying from self-inflicted wounds.  The majority of your world’s occupants are just going on with life as usual.  That’s why we are now doing this intervention.  We won’t provide a course of action for you.  That will be your collective decision.  We gathered you here on Azibo so that you can see how your planet could be without all of the toxins.  Let this be your inspiration, your example.


The abductees discussed among themselves where they would like the next strategic planning meeting to be.  The consensus was to meet at the underwater base near Puerto Rico in a few days.


The visitors spent their last few hours on Azibo gazing upon the planet’s natural unspoiled beauty and deeply inhaling the clear, clean air, then it was time to begin their trip back to Earth.   They said their goodbyes to their intergalactic mentors.  All of the abductees were taken to a docking station and boarded a huge mile-long boomerang shaped craft.  The ship was specifically designed to carry several hundred humans.  The craft had internal stabilizers that erased the effects of the enormous G-forces on the human body.  Even though the boomerang would be traveling at unimaginable warp speeds, the gravitational effects on the body would be equivalent to a bus ride across town.


The riders had high back seats and five point harnesses.  The journey home would just take a few hours, as there was a connecting wormhole between Azibo and Earth.  This superhighway had existed for tens of thousand of years as an instant and direct route.  This day, however, a slight detour would occur.  Since the Intergalactic Visitors had the captive attention of Earth’s best, a field trip was planned.


The craft entered a wormhole.  It traveled for the equivalent of two hours at blinding speed. The vehicle then slowed down and veered off to the right connecting with another wormhole.  The spacecraft reduced to a slower speed and eventually emerged in a foreign solar system.  A telepathic message filled the minds of the passengers.


  This solar system has three suns and more than a hundred planets.


The walls of the ship morphed from being solid to clear and gelatinous so that the voyagers could see to the outside.  Before them were dozens of heavenly spheres.  All colors were represented; blue, orange, purple and red planets dotted the horizon.  Some worlds looked solid, some looked gaseous.  There were a multitude of sizes.  The abundance of worlds was wondrous to see.  The three suns formed an almost-perfect equilateral triangle in the center of the planets’ orbits.  The gravitational pull of the suns caused the planets nearest to them to spiral in circles, giving the appearance of three pinwheels in space. 


A few passengers had cameras with them at the time of their initial abduction and had captured pictures of Azibo, and they began snapping shots of this fascinating solar system. The enormity and the unfamiliarity of the vision before the human’s gaze really fascinated them.  There was a frenzy of excited conversations.


The ship began to enter what the humans perceived as an asteroid belt.  Outside their windows, they saw various sizes and shapes of rocks floating past the their viewing portals.  The ship then stopped in front of a mega chunk of asteroid debris.


The knowledge of what was before them was dropped into the human minds.


This shapeless, jagged, distorted mound of a rock was once a thriving, perfectly made planet.  Many of you already know the devastating effects of nuclear weapons.  We thought you might like to view some actual planets that evolved, as yours has to discover nuclear technology.  The inhabitants of these worlds began to war with one another using their nuclear weapon capabilities.  Neighboring planets launched nuclear attacks on one another sending nuclear projectiles into volcanoes that traveled deep into the planet’s core.  When the nukes exploded, big chunks of the planet’s crust were blown off. What most of you thought was an asteroid debris field are actually the fragments of these planets. Darkened, featureless, misshaped rocks remain as hideous, morbid memorials to three worlds that all pushed the button leaving nothing else to fight over.


The fevered excitement fell silent.  There before human eyes was the vision of nuclear destruction.  It was far worse than anyone could imagine.  Most knew that there were enough nukes on Earth to blow it up hundreds of times over, and the hands of the atomic clock were currently set at two minutes to midnight.  If all of the nuclear weapon buttons available on Earth were pushed in crisscross global retaliation, what would be left of the planet?  Maybe the Earth would be blown up and exist only as space dust.  Is this the ashes to ashes and dust-to-dust that the Bible spoke of?  The reality of the destroyed planets was very sobering to each human witness on the spaceship.  With sickened stomachs and trembling hands, the impromptu photographers snapped the most important pictures that mankind would ever see.