Eco-Novel, Bee Quiet! Written to inspire the world to go green!

Chapters 46-48


Chapter 46


It had been six months since the refit collapse and recoup.  Lily’s solar panel factory was extremely busy.  Solar panels were desperately needed, so the factory operated on three shifts to crank them out as fast as they could.  The factory had a variety of employees.  Many were from the neighborhood, and some were from other areas.  Lily hired Native Americans that she had met with Tuwa when they visited the reservations.  A few families from the Ecuadorian village that Lily aided were also working at the plant as well as Darfuri refugees.


One employee was very special to Lily, Mabel Jones.  During the time of the factory’s construction, Mabel was reconstructing her life at the drug rehab facility.  She was now clean and sober.  Lily employed her as shipping supervisor.  Mabel was able to get back on her feet and join the Green Revolution. 


Lily had already started the construction of additional plants in job-deprived cities.  She was rapidly becoming a solar panel baron.  She personally no longer traveled the world to install the panels, as she had to over see all of the factory operations.  A team was now established to handle the installation services to all of her customers.  She, however, missed the interactions with all of the benevolent people whom she met in remote places.  Her calling now was to make the world green and clean on a much grander scale, and she was proud to do that.


Lily had used part of her diamond money to finally buy a condo along the shores of Lake Michigan in a fourteen story high-rise building.  She was in her condo staring out of the window at the lake and listening to classical music.  She relished the happy thoughts that green energy was steadily taking over, and the planet was getting a little healthier with each day that went by.


“We are on the right track,” she said out loud.


Her doorbell interrupted her pleasant thoughts of a better world.  She walked over to the intercom,  “Hello, who is it?”


“Hi Lily.  It’s Sam.”


“What?  Sam!”


“Yes!  Surrrrpriiiissse!”


Lily buzzed him in.  It would take a few minutes for Sam to catch the elevator up to her unit.  She had no idea that he was in town even though they spoke on the phone nearly every day.  She missed him so much, and he knew it, too.  Maybe that’s why he was there for a surprise visit.


Lily’s heart always raced when she was in Sam’s presence.  The magnetism between them was powerful.


Sam knocked on the door.  When Lily opened it, she saw him hiding behind a big, potted floor plant that he brought as a house-warming gift.  He entered and placed the plant on the floor.  He then grabbed Lily and the two began to kiss passionately.  The pent-up tension from separation exploded into a torrent lovers-spin along the wall. 


Sam broke his lips away to say with panted breath, “Oh Lily, I missed you so much.  I can’t stand to be away from you.  You are in my blood.  I don’t want us to be a part another day.”


Lily was breathless.  The taste of his warm moist mouth, the fullness of his sturdy body in her arms glazed her eyes and flushed her body with desire.  What a delicious surprise. “Sam!  Oh, man.  I’m so glad to see you.  You’ve got me so deliriously in love with you.”


Sam held Lily tight and rested his face on hers for close intimacy.  “Lily, this has got to stop.  We can’t be a part anymore.  I can’t take it.  We are supposed to be together.  You know that.  Don’t you, baby?”


Lily shook her head yes, never breaking her stare into his eyes.


“OK then, come with me.”


He looked over and spotted the couch.  He took Lily’s hand and guided her over to have a seat.  He knelt in front of her putting his hands on her thighs.  She put her arms around his shoulders, and their eyes locked. 


“Lily, I love you so much.  I love your Soul.  You are my soul mate.  I can’t get you out of my mind.”


“I love you too, Sam.  From the time when I was in Africa, I think I fell in love with you.  I have wished for so long that we could be together.  But we’re so far away and busy.  I want you, but it’s like I can’t have you because of the distance.”


“Lily, that can all change today.  Love is too precious of a gift to waste.  It’s hard to find and when you get it, you have to hang on to it and not let anything stand in your way.  Not a continent, ocean or environmental crisis.”


Lily nodded in agreement as a few tears rolled down her cheeks.


Sam pulled a box from his pocket.  He opened it to reveal a cushion cut diamond engagement ring.


“Lily, my love, I do not want to spend another day without you by my side.  We can grow together, conquer the world together, live in each others presence forever, close the miles between us and become one.  Lily, please say you’ll be my wife.”


Lily had a huge smile.  “Yes, Sam!  Oh, I want to be your wife!  Are you kidding?  Oh, yes!  Nothing in this whole world could make me happier.”


Sam’s nervous fingers plucked the ring from the box, and he placed the ring on Lily’s finger.


“You’re mine now,” he said in a tongue-in-cheek manner.


Lily stood so that they could kiss and hug to seal the deal in their special moment.


When on Azibo, Sam had also visited the “Wise One” in the diamond pyramid as had many of the other human abductees, and he was given a diamond too.  Lily’s engagement ring was made from a piece of the gem.  Sam used the majority of the money from the sale his diamond to begin the construction of more hospitals and to dig water wells in African villages.


Lily and Sam had held their discipline from romance long enough.  They could not wait to get married.  A week after their engagement, they eloped to Sedona, Arizona.  There, a sacred ceremony in a small red rock canyon sealed their union.  They spent the rest of their week there consummating their marriage.


The married couple lived in the Chicago condo.  The pair had very compatible visions for their life’s journey together, and they learned how to cooperatively divide their time between various projects.  Tuwa was right.  Soul mates did have more creative energy between them to accomplish many goals.  Their marriage made them a world-serving powerhouse. 



Chapter 47


Sam was in the kitchen preparing a romantic dinner for his new bride.  He made an aromatic vegetable lasagna and put the final touches on the salad.  He had set the table near the panoramic window that overlooked the lake.  At Lily’s place setting, he had a folded love note waiting for her.  The candles were lit, the slow jams were playing in the background, and he was ready to get their intimate evening started.  He knew that Lily would be home at any moment, so he put the garlic bread in the oven.


Sure enough, within a minute’s time, he heard Lily’s key turning the door lock.  She rushed in very excited.  “Sam! It’s here!  It’s here!  What we’ve been waiting for is here!  This is sooooo exciting!  It will change the world!”


“Hold on honey, you sound like Paul Revere.  Can I at least get a kiss hello?”


Sam had never seen Lily so excited.


“It’s the VIVACE!”  She said.




“The VIVACE!  It generates electricity by using the natural currents that flow in water.  Just about any water can be used: rivers, streams, oceans …even irrigation systems.  It mimics how fish swim.”


“Lil, you are going to have to explain that to me.”


“It’s new, but it makes so much sense.”


Her explanation was interrupted, as she smelled something burning.  With all of her excitement, she had failed to notice that Sam had a wonderful dining experience waiting for her.


Sam rushed to the broiler.  “Oh, it’s the garlic bread.  I forgot about it, and I burned it.”


Lily looked around and saw the dressed table.


“Oh, Sam, how sweet!”


She walked over and gave him a big passionate kiss.


“Mmmm.  Life doesn't get any better than this.  I’ve got the love of my life, and now I know about this new green energy source.”


“Come, honey, and fix your plate,” Sam said.  “Then you can sit, relax and tell me all about this exciting thing that you’ve discovered.”


The two sat at the dinner table to enjoy their meal.  Sam poured some wine.  Lily was bursting to tell Sam about the VIVACE.


“Sam!  This is what the world has been waiting for.  You know, I believe in and love my solar panels, but I have to admit they are costly and technologically a challenge to make.  But the VIVACE is simply made, and it is as green and sustainable as you could possibly get.”


“Is it Italian?  It sounds Italian to me.”


“Yeah, I know in terms of music, but basically it’s an acronym for Vortex Induced Vibrations for Aquatic Clean Energy.  An engineering team from the University of Michigan developed it.  I think I’m a have to switch my business and get in on this.”  She began to enjoy her food.   “Mmmm, Sam, this dinner is very delicious.  You really did yourself proud, Hun.”


“Thank you.  If you’re happy, I’m happy.”


“The VIVACE is just the greatest thing since sliced bread.  I’m not kidding!  It can turn the world green in a hurry.”


Sam looked at her sideways with his eyebrows raised.  “That’s powerful.”


“Yes, it is in more ways that one.  It’s not as complicated to assemble as the solar panels and the wind turbines, and it can be hooked into existing power grids.  Instead of burning coal for electricity production, the natural movement of the water provides the kinetic energy to run an electric generator.  That’s what makes it clean and green.  It is eco-friendly too.  It won’t disturb marine eco-systems; in fact, fish may enjoy the excess currents that the VIVACE creates.”


Sam caught the spirit and the vision of Lily’s fervent excitement.  He put his fork down and began to ponder the possibilities.


“So, you say it’s easier to make than solar panels?”


“Yes, and wind turbines, too.  It’s more economical to put together and cheaper to run.  It’s an answer to the world’s environmental prayer.  Others and myself, we’re doing our best to crank out the solar panels and wind turbines to meet the demand.  But it will take a long time before we can fulfill all of the orders that we have.  But the VIVACE could accelerate the Earth greening process.  Get this.  A VIVACE unit in the water that is two stories high and the size of an athletic running track could power 100,000 homes!   All the VIVACE needs is the movement of water currents flowing past it to operate.  The stronger the currents, the more electricity made.  We have thousands of miles of water dead zones all around the world.  Imagine if we put these dead zones to work, since life can’t be sustained there anyway.  It could be a perfect place to generate electricity for the world.  Then the air can really be cleared from all of the greenhouse gases’ smut that is choking our planet to death.”


Sam’s eyes got wide with excitement, and a huge smile came across his face.  He immediately connected to the VIVACE’s potential.


“Lily!  I can see where this can go.  So, let’s say a VIVACE device occupied a couple of square miles on the ocean floor in a coastal dead zone.  That could supply electricity for at least a million homes.  That would be incredible!”


“That’s what I’m talking about!  It is the holy grail of green electricity!  I mentioned dead zones only because there is no life there, but the VIVACE is safe to use in water anywhere.”


He smiled back and nodded.


“Sam, this is revolutionary!  We can get it started.  We can make it happen.”


Lily and Sam wanted to see the success of the Green Revolution.  The pair decided to make the investment to further introduce this technology. They wanted to sponsor a test site of the VIVACE in the Chicago River.


Once again, Lily called her friend Tre at city hall to aid her with permits from the Chicago City Counsel for a test site project for the VIVACE.  Since the mayor’s goal was to make Chicago a premier green city, the plan for a test in the river was unanimously approved.  Lily and Sam worked with the engineering team at the University of Michigan to install the VIVACE unit.  Electricity derived from the river, powered one hundred test homes.  The VIVACE was a success.  The news of the project spread quickly around the world.  Everyone wanted in on the new green, water electrical grid.  Chicago was chomping at the bit to be the first major city to turn totally green.  A five-mile section of the river was designated space for a city supplying sized VIVACE unit.  The VIVACE unit worked silently and effortlessly underwater.  Boaters and recreation vehicles continued with their aquatic activities without any interference from the submerged unit.  There was already an existing power plant along the river.  A simple connection between the VIVACE and the plants transformers was all it took to green the city of Chicago and many of the surrounding suburbs.


The power companies in Southern California, Arizona and Las Vegas were most pleased with the favorable outcome of the VIVACE.  They knew that the life of the Colorado River was winding down and soon would not continue to power the Hoover Dam.  Now, the endless coastal oceanic waters of California would be the new source of electricity for the entire southwestern portion of the United States.  Soon, other countries caught the vision too and began to manufacture VIVACE units and develop a green grid.  The Thames River provided the perfect place for the VIVACE to power up London.  The French used the English Channel to power its cities.  The Nile in its mystic splendor was a power lifeline to the African continent.  China had thousands of rivers that accommodated the VIVACE units.  The country was able to replace their countless coal fired plants with the clean energy of the VIVACE.  Even Linfen, the most polluted place on Earth, was able to clear its air thanks to the VIVACE.


Lily and other forward thinking investors saw the tremendous potential of the VIVACE to rapidly provide green energy to millions in the twinkling of an eye.  The infrastructure to get the VIVACE operational was less expensive to build than coal burning plants, nuclear facilities, solar panels and wind turbines factories.  The parts were very easily manufactured.  Lily scrapped the plans to build solar panels at her pending new factories.  Instead, she decided to build all of the parts needed for the VIVACE units.  Given all of the high number of factories manufacturing VIVACE units, within a short period of time, hundreds of VIVACE units were ready to go on line and re-power the planet with the cleanest and greenest sustainable energy that the world had ever seen.  The use of the VIVACE accelerated the progression of the Green Revolution. The Earth needed a green balm to sooth the world’s putrefied environmental wounds.  The consistent, constant abundant flow of water currents made the VIVACE a dependable avenue for electricity generation.  The VIVACE’s ability to rapidly integrate into existing power lines and grids made a seamless transition from dirty fossil fuel burning to green energy a nearly instant reality.


A variety of sustainable green energy producing sources were available throughout the world.  The wind turbines continued to spin on the plains, in backyards and on the tops of skyscrapers.  Geothermal heat extracted from the Earth provided power.  The crashing waves on the turbulent coastlines created tidal energy.  Solar panels glistened in the sunlight on top of roofs and at solar farms.  The VIVACE helped the Green Refit Plan by harnessing the powerful energy of water.  Homes and businesses were now energized by clean and green energy sources.  Factories were able to maintain their operations in a less Earth damaging manner. The refitted and newly available electric vehicles could now recharge on a totally clean energy grid.  The atmosphere was less smoggy and the world breathed better.  The bees made a recovery and showed signs of shedding the devastating effects of Colony Collapse Disorder.  The long time antiquated reign of the burning of dirty fossil fuels for energy was now over.  By paying attention to nature, the answer to the world’s environmental problems was solved.  The sustainable methods for energy production were prime examples of man working with nature instead of against her.  There would always be an abundance of free flowing currents in the Earth’s body of waters.  The sun had a few billion more years to shine.  The wind would continue to blow with Mother Natures established weather patterns.  The Earth’s core would always be a hot commodity for man to tap into.  All of these naturally occurring sources of energy worked in concert with one another to sustain man’s need for electricity.  Earth’s healing was now in full swing.


                                                   Chapter 48


Five years had passed since the future quest and the subsequent start of the Green Refit Plan.  The world was making an earnest effort to usher in the era of clean renewable energy, so much so that the world had 90% of its power supplied by a green grid.  The Earth’s resources were allowed to relax from man’s stressful pillaging.  A trickle down effect allowed natural habitats to revitalize, which in turn increased the ability for many species to exist in their God-given ecosystems. Many were making a comeback from the brink of extinction.  In fact, fewer and fewer animals, insects and plants were added to endangered species lists. 


The goal to turn down, then turn off, the greenhouse-gas, Earth-deteriorating engine enabled the honeybees to make a recovery from the Colony Collapse Disorder.  The methods of food production and animal husbandry were rethought and were more in harmony with the order of an animal’s natural habits.  People realized the impact of eating less meat for their health and the world’s improved environmental conditions.  The reduction of the super concentrated greenhouse gas methane was gravely necessary to prevent further global warming.  Less garbage in landfills and fewer new landfills also reduced atmospheric destroying gases.  The climate was now more stabilized and dramatic destructive weather was reduced.


There was a big sigh of relief that fossil fuels were no longer used to produce energy.  The world was on the downward side of the peek of oil anyway and the necessary renewable infrastructure was now in place.  That was the magic of harnessing energy from the sun, wind, geothermal heat, waves and water currents.  Nature had the ability to supply man with what was needed.


Parents could relax now that a viable world would exist for their children’s future.  The retooling, chemical reformulation to natural substances, the restructuring of habits and lifestyles was a labor of love from one generation to the next.  The refit sabotagers were put and held in their place.  The parent brigade was not going to allow profit margins of corporations take precedence over a clean world for the posterity of man.


     There were many bumps in the road along the way, but the human spirit of ingenuity persevered and prevailed.  Rewards consistently manifested in the new green world.  Health improved worldwide.  New and different green businesses expanded.  The human race had learned from their mistakes, as hind site was now crystal clear.  How did the previous conditions of a dirty world go on for so long without stopping to make corrections?  It was a new day.  The green refit mission was being accomplished.  Trees stood tall, flourished and performed their God given duties to rid the air of poisonous CO2.  The acknowledgment of importance of trees was so substantial that millions of new trees were planted all around the world.  Earth earned the affectionate nickname, ‘The Big Tree House.”


To celebrate the fifth anniversary since the future quest and the freeing of the Darfuris, special religious and civil services were held around the world.  The greatest pulling together of the human race for a noble cause, needed to be celebrated.


Lily and Sam prepared to attend The Fifth Anniversary services at the South Side Church of the Solid Rock.   The couple had adopted three children who were orphans from the refugee camps in Darfur.  They had moved out of their condo and into a roomy home to raise their family.   The Kings, Wiwas and friends were seated in the sanctuary waiting for the service to begin.


The choir entered the church singing as they processed down the isle of the church.  The congregation stood to their feet and began clapping to “Again, I Say Amen.”  Occupying an entire pew were Earl and Joyce King, Sam and Lily with their three little ones between them, and Mabel Jones with her children and grandchildren.  Mabel had been clean for five years and was reunited with her family.  The cloud of substance abuse had left her.  Her head was clear to regain her masterful business skills.  She worked her way up in Lily’s solar panel factory and was now managing supervisor over the entire Woodlawn facility.  Life was good.


The church's Sunday service proceeded in it’s usual manner with the singing of hymns, prayer and love offering collection.  As Rev. Franklin took to the pulpit, a baby began to cry.  The mother was trying her best to quiet the child and stood up to begin to leave the sanctuary.  Rev. Franklin stopped her.


“Sista, you don’t have to leave with the baby.  Let’s hear him cry.  Let’s rejoice that we have new life, for this is a new day.  It could have gone wrong and slipped the other way.”


He and the congregation began to clap.


“We are here to celebrate the fifth anniversary of two events in this praise and worship service.  One was the future quest that gave us the grim vision of how our world would be without babies.  That’s why I say let’s hear him cry.  His lungs are full of good air, and he represents the continuance of man’s existence.


“We are also here to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the Darfuri’s Independence Day.”


Everyone stood to their feet and applauded.


“Amen!  Yes, Lord!  Many of you in our congregation have adopted families from Darfur.  And, as I look out on our congregation, there are quite a few new members from Africa here.  I tell you what.  Can we have all of the people from Darfur come up here near me?  We need to give ya’ll a special blessing.”


About one hundred twenty people stood up to go to front of the church.  Lily and Sam escorted their little ones to go receive their blessings.


“Praise the Lord!  Praise the Lord!  How are you all doing?”  The Reverend asked. 


Several responses were given with bright smiling faces.

“Good!”  “Great!”  “Wonderful!”  “We are very happy to be here.”


“Many of you stood the test, and now I know many of you have a testimony.  You have experienced many atrocities, and we pray every day for your healing.  Praise God for the families that stepped up to help you along the way.  Most of you are now in your own homes and are making a new life for yourselves.  Glory to God.  Let’s just take a moment to bless you a little bit.  Church!  Please stand to your feet and stretch forth your hands towards our brothas and sistas here.  Send them you love and your energy.


“Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for breaking the shackles that once held these Souls in bondage.  You are a way-maker, and a liberator.  If we keep our minds and hearts on you, you will direct our path to where we are needed to ease the pain and suffering of our fellowman.  Jesus said, ‘Love thy neighbor as thy self.’ Lord what’s good for me is also good for my brothas and sistas.  This Earth is yours Lord and the fullness there of.   The boundaries of countries were erased and freedom and safety were made manifest to these weary Souls.  Thank you, Father, for the families that opened their hearts and homes to nurse the shell shocked and the battle scarred minds and bodies back to health.  Of ourselves, we could do nothing.  It was your love and grace Father that guided us to allow your will to be done through us.  Evil cannot last in your Holy Presence, God.  You made the rough places smooth for them.  Yes, Lord!  You made the crocked places straight for them.  Yes, Lord!  Now, they are on the path to recovery by your grace and mercy.  Keep them always in your loving care, and we will too always do our part to be our brother’s keeper.  For love is truly the greatest gift that we can share.  May your light, love and power always surround and protect them Father.  Always watch over us.  Praise your name Father, praise your name.  And we will always give you all of the glory and honor, Amen.”


The Darfuris returned to their seats and were greeted by their host families.


“My sermon will be short today because this is a praise and worship service.  We are going to spend some time singing, doing a little Holy Ghost dancing and praising the Lord for all of the good things he has done.  Once I say amen after my closing prayer, Charley over here can get that organ to pumping out some tunes so that we can get our praise on.


“The Lord is my strength and my salvation, whom shall I fear?


“The children’s Sunday School classes are joining us today in our praise and worship service.  We are including them, because they are the ones that we have been working so hard for to green up the planet.  So, please indulge me, just a little bit, so that I can breakdown the sermon to a level where they can understand and get something out of it too.


“I was watching Bob the Builder the other day with my young son.  You know, the cartoon that comes on PBS?  And I love Bob’s theme song; “Can We Fix It? Yes We Can!”  It’s so affirmatively positive.  I love the fact that it’s a good wholesome, non-violet cartoon that teaches some life lessons.  I like Sponge Bob too. Yep, I admit it,” he said tongue in cheek while the congregation chuckled.


“Bob the Builder doesn’t let anything stand in his way.  This is what the children see, and this is what they learn.  The world has had the challenge of creating a clean world.  There were many environmental issues that needed fix’n’.  The world acted together to meet these challenges head on.  We still have quite a ways to go, but at least we are on the right track.  We are working globally to get our planet to a healthier state.  We had to ask ourselves even though the road may be rough and tough, can we fix it?  Yes we can, and we have.  Despite the seemingly big obstacles to get green habits into our lives, we did it!  The Lord was our strength to work through our hearts, mind and bodies to bring about environmental salvation for the Earth.  We were in fear of the tremendous obstacles that faced us.  But he that over cometh shall inherit all things.  There is a solution to every challenge.  God works through people with ideas.  That’s called inspiration when God is speaking to you.  When your mind is open, God can come and drop some knowledge into your head.  We are using new technology that allows us to have a cleaner world.  With a challenge also comes a remedy.  We just have to be open and receptive to it.  Everyday people had to stand up and say ‘enough is enough.’  I want my children to grow up and be able to live in a clean world.  I will sacrifice some of my creature comforts for the next generation’s survival.


“So, here we are five years later.  The world has made many accomplishments to improve our global environment.  The majority of the world is enjoying the benefits of clean sustainable energy sources.  All of our cars are now either refitted with an electric engine or we are driving electric cars.  To complement our supermarket purchases, most of us have our own vegetable gardens or we are co-oping with local farmers.  Our food is now all organically grown.  What were we thinking to spray poison on our food? We did it to save a buck and to make farming easier by letting the chemicals do most of the work.  But, God’s natural way is always the best way.  Now banned are all of the toxic chemicals that we can’t even begin to pronounce, which had been in our food and everyday products.  When God made this Earth, he gave us every good thing that we needed.  Why would we chemically alter and take away the purity of what God gave?  It’s like a slap in God’s face that says it wasn’t good enough in its natural state.  Now, formulas that are used for our everyday products are more agreeable to our bodies and the environment.  We are eating less meat.  This has cut down on the methane gas that was really wreaking havoc with the Earth’s atmosphere.  Everybody is recycling, reducing and reusing now too, so the methane gas is also reduced in landfills. 


“So, the world woke up and has changed poor environmental habits.  Disaster has been adverted.  We have an on time God.  Yes, we do.  We can enjoy cleaner air.  Lung diseases are now on the decline.  The big brown cloud that hung over Los Angeles for decades, has now disappeared.  The visual horizons of the world are now clearer, since we have gotten rid of burning oil and coal for our energy.  Now, the power from the flow of water, the sun, heat from the Earth, and wind are the clean and sustainable sources for our harnessed energy.  It’s a new day … a glorious day that may not have come had we stayed in ecological ignorance.


“The Earth has had time to relax and catch a clean breath.  The bees are making a comeback.  The Colony Collapse Disorder came to a halt once we stopped cranking out that Carbon Dioxide.  That was one scary future quest scenario.   Because if the bees would have gone extinct, surely we would not have been too far behind them.  So, we came together as a planet and ultimately rose to the challenge to fix what needed to be fixed. So, to the children here today, I have to say, I would have not been able to live with myself if I had stayed inactive and let you down. The world now is yours to grow and flourish.  Dream your dreams big because you now have a world that can support your existence. Always remember the Lord is your strength. His power and might course through your veins everyday.  You live move and have your being in Him.  There is nothing that you can’t do without God on your side. God will always have your back. 


“Let us pray.  God our Father, you strengthened us when we felt weak.  You held us up when we were to surely fall.  You girded our efforts to save this glorious world that you gave us from your bountiful hands.  At one point we let greed and profit margins dictate to us how we were going to treat our planet.  For the path that we were going down would have ended it all.  And we would have had to stand in shame guilty before you, Father.  And you would have asked us on our Judgment Day, ‘What was so important that you had to have, that it would be to the ruin of your home?  How could you put the things of the world before me?  How could you be lead in blind complacency to go along with the Devil’s plan for world destruction?’ 


“Father, we know you as a God of second chances.  Now we can come clean to you and say ‘Forgive me Lord for my part in causing your abundant life to go extinct.  Forgive me for polluting your clear, clean rejuvenating water, the staff of life.  Forgive me for seeking my satisfaction from the material things of the world.  God, you are the only satisfier of the Soul.  There is no God substitute.  I now rededicate my heart, my mind, my eyes, my ears, and my hands to care for the every good and natural gift that you have created.  Use me Lord.  Show me the way.  Let every year of the future that we progress into be cleaner and greener than the one before.” 


“And Lord, always keep in our hearts that we are our brother’s and sister’s keeper.  Love is supreme over everything.  If there is love, there can be no hate and all of the malice and menacing deeds that come with it.  From this day forward, we will make a vow, a covenant with you to always put you first, God; to do onto others, as we would have others do unto us.  We will treat the Earth, our one and only home that you so lovingly and graciously gave, with respect.  This is our promise, our sacred covenant with you Father, God.





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