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Elaine Carter has enjoyed a lifelong passion of writing poetry, lyrics, short stories and journaling. She has recently completed her first novel, titled, Bee Quiet.  

Ms. Carter’s creative writing energy is focused on invoking positive world change via the inspirational flow of her words. She prefers genres that are related to matters that improve the environment, uplift humanity, and offer remedies for social justice and animal rights/liberation issues. She is open to other genres as well.


Elaine writes with a depth of passion, creativity and integrity. She is articulate, intelligent and enlightened.  Laser beam focus and attention is directed to each piece that she writes, and it won’t leave her hands without being perfected.

If you have writing projects that require a creative touch with a mark of integrity, please don’t hesitate to contact this fervent writer.


Author/ Writer: Elaine Carter pen name: Simply EL

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"Helping to heal the world with the written word."

~Elaine Carter 


I love to write.  I am a published author, aspiring screenwriter, internet blogger and poet.  I thank you for this opportunity to introduce myself.


I wrote an eco-thriller, sci-fi novel titled, Bee Quiet.  I authored this book to inspire the world to go green.  Only 1% of the world’s population earnestly live green lifestyles.  That is not enough participation to effect a positive change to green the planet.  This book is my love offering to Mother Earth.  My intention is that the reader will be inspired to begin to engage in more pro-active environmental habits. Putting plant before profit, free reads of Bee Quiet are offered online at,  This book offers a detailed sample of my writing style.


I am an aspiring screenwriter.  I’m currently writing an eco-thriller spec script that I intend to shop around to Hollywood directors and producers.  Any introductions are greatly appreciated.

I also have conceptualized screenplays for four other stories/movies.  All of the stories that I write have make-you-think messages that revolve around environmental and social justice issues.  I do not include any gratuitous violence or scenarios that promote acts of malice.  The intention of anything that I write is towards the betterment of humanity, the planet and all of it’s inhabitants.  I am a conscious writer.


I have written articles for online magazine publications (Future Black Woman, The Infinite Field Magazine, Environmental Graffiti).  I have been a contributing blogger for Please check out my blogs here by hitting the blog buttom.


I am a poet.  Much of my poetry is from an environmental, animal activist and Spiritual encouragement point of view.  I call my prose, “Poetry For The Soul.” A few of my poems are offered here accessed by the buttom at the bottom of the site menu.

Thank you for allowing me to share my passion with you.  I am very dedicated and focused about creating the written word.  I’m sure that my writing samples meet a wide variety of creative expectations.  I look forward to more formal writing opportunities.

Peace and Green!