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Simply EL's Bio


Simply EL's Bio









Personal Mantra:  Living in the flow of God’s plan


Name: Elaine  


Pen name:  Simply EL

I live my life very simply, and it is enriched and fulfilling.

EL is what my family calls me.  It is a nickname my sister gave me, a derivative from ELaine.


Humble beginnings

In the illustrious words of Steve Martin (I love you Steve) from the movie The Jerk, “I was born a poor black child.”   I spent part of my childhood growing up in Woodlawn on the South Side of Chicago near 63rd and Cottage.  In my tween years, we moved to an area just to the north called Hyde Park.  Hyde Park is an eclectic neighborhood with big University of Chicago influence.  The community has a wonderful multicultural inclusive vibe to it.  It was great growing up there, and I believe living there has helped to make me who I am today.




Current Domicile and Domestication


 I am a proud mother of two wonderful children.  They were both adopted when they were babies.  There are 1000s of children out there waiting to become sons and daughters.  Please consider the adoption option.


This N’ That

✿ Very Spiritual

✿ Extremely down to earth

✿ B-day:  Thanksgiving...I’m a turkey baby.

✿ Sagittarius 

✿ Straight and single

✿ Fave music:  Gospel, Jazz, Salsa, Old school R&B, Blues, Profanity-free R&B, Classical

✿ Fave all time group:  Earth Wind and Fire,

✿ Fave actor:  Denzel of course!  Fantasy:  Aww, I have to nix that, he’s married.

 Fave actress: Halle Berry

 Fave movies:  Hairspray, Westside Story, Dreamgirls, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Independence day, Wall-e, Philadelphia, Avatar, 2012

✿ Vegetarian.  I’m a vegetarian because I don’t like how animals are treated on factory farms.  

 Vegan with clothes, accessories and furniture.  That means no animal products used.

 Diehard Cubs fan:  


Spice of Life

Spending time with family, cultural events, art fairs and exhibits, concerts, salsa dancing, spiritual development, writing, traveling, walking, tennis, being a Green Soul’Jah


No test, no testimony

Twenty two year cancer survivor!  God is a healer!

AMEN!☆*•¸¸.•*¨`* ƸӜƷ. 




 Find me on Facebook:  Elaine EL Carter


I'm just goof'n.